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Shopping and Hospital Visit

First thing in the morning we got the call with the time for the MRI – 9:30am! Yikes… So I got as much done tonight as possible – I think we are just going to wake them up, dress them and then off to the hospital since Zander cannot even have water at that point and feed Gavin there. What a way to spend a Thursday…
I called the number for the bra site – I am a 30G!!! Yikes… I would assume I have always been told 34 since that is generally the smallest sold in many of the bra stores but it does explain why the bands always ride up my back. It does mean I will have to go with a 32F for now until the site gets in the new smaller banded nursing bras. I can’t wait to order a new one – even if it is still a size off… maybe it will help my back.
I got my forms for interest relief on my student loan yesterday… I am running out of time on that one – hopefully our finances will improve by next year when I am pretty sure I will have to start repaying them. The interest on them is supposed to be pretty bad so we may have to do a loan, combine our debt and do it that way – I will definately let Ken research that one out.
Tomorrow after all the medical stuff we are going to Toys’R’Us and getting Emanuel a Jumperoo if they have any in stock. The little man is always bouncing around when he is not snuggling or playing on his floor toy. Not sure WHERE we are going to put it in the livingroom though LOL. We have to get a little bit of shopping done since the price of gas is so high (1.03!) so just going to the hospital and coming back means not trips to the city until Emanuel’s check-up later in May.
Ken bought a movie yesterday so tomorrow I also get to drop in Old Navy and find a spring outfit. While I am getting back in shape basically none of my old clothes fit – I am simply a new shape. I finally have nice rounded hips … so I am not going to fit many of my pre pregnancy pants.
So off to the city tomorrow and then the weekend is looking pretty free – no visitors planned… maybe we will go out and see someone or just go for a walk who knows?

Countdown to MRI – 2 Sleeps

One more day until the MRI… tomorrow night I have to repack our main diaperbag with extra toys and snacks for Gavin. Thankfully with toys and food he should be content for the 2 hours… it is going to be hard dealing with the morning routine. Zander is not to eat in the morning OR have any milk! YIKES
Ken measured me tonight and according to the website instructions I am a 30-F (DDD)! from a 34 DD… I am going to call the 1-800 number and talk it over with one of their reps and do some research into what bra brand I will have to go with. The bra I was looking at STARTS at 34!!!!
I brought out the breadmaker this week, the house has been smelling like fresh bread for two days now – heavenly. I sent a loaf with Ken to work but he was the only one in today… he did make a nice dent in it though
We had a wonderful almost 2 hour walk today. All the way to Blockbuster and then back stopping at Tim Hortons/Wendys and the Dollar Store. We had to get chicken for the boys since all the bakery items at Tims contain EGGS! And I got some nice pages and stickers for my scrapbooking. The weather was wonderful though a little gusty. I did figure out that if I leave the flap down on Emanuel’s carseat and put a blanket like a tent over the whole thing he is happy and fine to be in the seat. And we brought snacks for the twins… I need to find some sort of a toy they would enjoy in the stroller. The stuff they have had in the past is too babyish for them now.
We have been rather frustrated with the twins’ behavior lately. Gavin especially has been irrationally screaming at bedtime – makes me think that the only difference between "good" parents and "bad" ones is that the "good" ones admit they feel overwhelmed and upset. At least I hope so as this week with the added nerves about the upcoming MRI I have felt rather overwhelmed, but I know that I love the boys and do my best by them. They ARE good boys – Zander this week learned how to put his own pants on (almost by himself) and has wanted to help with EVERYONE’S diapers and Gavin has taken to coming by and being very kind to me and Emanuel, even cuddled with Ken tonight.
Now if only I could get some more sleep LOL

A Friendly Gesture

Early in the morning for me to post I know but I have to share a very wonderful gesture. After all this mess with Family Allowance putting us behind a ton of cash, yesterday one of our fellow twin moms and one of her daughters came by with a bunch of food for us! Her husband works for a catering company so they get it cheap or free… but how kind of them. They brought us a HUGE ham and a box of chicken breasts along with alot of other bits and pieces. What a help for us right now. It is just so wonderful to know that people care about you and want to help out when they can. It felt so good to be reminded of friends who care about us.
We are counting down the days til we go to the MRI – Thursday is coming up VERY quickly and I am nervous about it… Ken says not to worry – but I am a MOMMY what else can I do BUT worry? LOL