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Spring Rain

The weather is awful, the twins are grumpy, Emanuel keeps spitting up and me – well I have managed to actually keep rather upbeat!!! Yesterday I made a new friend playing WoW and had one of my characters join the guild she is in. (She has 3 kids and a 4th due July 4th) On the 28th of this month GST is supposed to send out a nice fat cheque for the money they took from us during this whole mess up with Ken’s status. In July we will get our regular Child Tax deposit… YAY. AND yesterday I got my notice in the mail that my Student Loans are back on Interest Relief for another 6 months!!!! One less thing to worry about though I am running out of time on that.
So light at the end of the tunnel FINALLY !!!
Ken found out yesterday that his boss was wonderful enough to make sure that he did not end up on call. The two other people in the office make conciderably more than Ken (they were the owners of the company that was bought out by the company that they all now work for) and the supervisor/boss felt that unless Ken made more money (please God PLEASE) he really should not be on call. And the company owner agreed YAY. So maybe this will bring Ken one step closer to a raise as well as someone has brought to attention that he makes so little. We are hoping for a substancial raise as basically any more money and we lose our subsidies (healthcare, etc and our Child Tax goes down) which would offset the new money coming in. Right now a nice fat bonus would be best – pay off some of our debt but not change our monthly situation. Oh well optimism right???? And joy that he is NOT ON CALL!!!! WOOHOOO
Emanuel is finally willing to play in the Jumperoo for longer than 5 min without me right in his vicinity. So I am able to get a little more done in a day but I still get my cuddle time. It is so cute to watch him jump and move those little feet like he is walking. I can hardly believe it has almost been 4 months. The twins at this age were just 2 months corrected and not doing anything at all. It is so novel and a little sadĀ – to me he seems to be growing up so fast. It is funny out of the 3 of them Emanuel has the most of my manerisms. He looks to me first for comfort whereas the boys would go to either of us. It is nice to be needed so much though at times a little frustrating .
I am just glad the weekend is about here. My mom is coming over to watch the twins so we can take in our mountain of bottles and get some chores done. I think we are going to have to find another babysitter soon since she has much more of a life now that she is dating Doug (the new boyfriend – we approve LOL)… I am so over protective… but I think we may contact the church and see if they have any ideas. Something to think about this summer – right?

Time Time – Can Someone Spare Some Time?

Time flies by, time’s a wasting… if only I had more time. Could you imagine if time was an actual sellable commodity? What a fortune one could make if they could bottle up the seconds and minutes and sell them to the people who cannot get everything done in theĀ 24 hours we are allotted each day. What would I do with extra time? Read more, have longer baths… find a new hobby? The weekends seem to drive home my lack of enough time. Before I can get everything done that I want to it is over. You blink and it is Monday and I am back to days with the kids and Ken at work. I really miss looking forward to school break LOL
To think it is almost June – it is like a mantra in my head – GET EVERYTHING READY FOR JUNE – our busiest month of the year – December has nothing on June. I can get ready for Christmas by September if I really wanted to – planner I am. Neurotic – maybe

Church, Brunch and Some Terrific Friends

What a wonderful day we had today. Alan and Xinny (Emanuel’s godparents) and their daughter Isabella (our goddaughter) came up for Church, brunch and a nice long visit. It was so much fun. Esther slept over on the couch and after a late night at Boston Pizza for snacks and drinks with Ken she slept in and came out for brunch.
Xinny, Isabella, Esther, Emanuel and I all went shopping at Walmart where I found a reasonably priced light projector for the baby. A vrtech Nighty Nite Nature Light. It plays classical music, nature sounds and light patterns on the ceiling. I was going to get a Winnie the Pooh one but with this one the light is adjustable.
I cannot get over how well the twins do with Isabella. They were excellent sharers and Isabella was totally fascinated with Emanuel. They are all growing up so quickly.
Isabella is my little darling girl. It is so wonderful to be around girls for a while. To have TWO girl-friends around this weekend – I feel so lucky. Hopefully we can plan to get together more with Xinny, Alan and Isabella now that they have a car and the weather has improved. We will definately see them next month – baptism, my birthday and Isabella’s FIRST birthday!! June is such a busy month… don’t forget Father’s Day and our Anniversary.