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Birthdays, Shopping and Quiet Sundays

Turning 27 actually was rather fun. Ken took us all to the city where we shopped and went to West Edmonton Mall. We met up with Alan, Xinny and Isabella and later Karyn. I managed to get a new outfit, some books, and some scrapbooking pages. We had dinner at Tony Romas. I was amazed at how well all 3 boys did at the mall and in strollers for so long.
Today we had a nice quiet day. Zander did managed to pull the dresser over almost completely on top of himself. Luckily it hit the crib. So this week before Ken leaves for Montreal we have to bolt it to the wall – thank goodness the apartment was not painted before we moved in. Our fridge is also leaking water. The freezer is not working properly so we had to plug in our deep freeze…. hopefully someone will come in tomorrow and fix that.
This week Ken and I need to try and get as much cleaning done as possible. I am still feeling a little overwhelmed with the idea of being home alone with all 3 kids. I really cannot push the stroller with the baby carrier, but Karyn may be coming for a whole day if she does not get the librarian job in the city – we all hope that she cannot make it over for her sake. I will have to have mom come over and help me out on her day off too – she can watch the big boys and let me have a nice nap .
Hard to believe we are seeing the end of June. Next month is my mother’s birthday and then August 1st Pop’lar books where I used to work is celebrating 20 yrs and Janice is having Curious George there. I can’t wait to see how the boys react to him.
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Two Year Old Blues

I have quickly come to the realization that two year olds are no picnic. Althoug raising my children has become the most worthwhile endeavor to date… as well as the most frustrating at times. It is much like talking to brick walls.
Ken has finally gotten his dates to be in Montreal, Quebec – July 3-6. I am a little overwhelmed with the idea of being home alone with all 3 kids for such a long span of time. Unfortunately it is looking like my friends will all be working during that time and not able to come and spend a day with us. We are going to see how difficult it is for me to use the chest carrier and push the double stroller soon. The issue is when you push up hill or lean on it to get over curbs you tend to lean with your chest on the handle – at least I do. That means I may not be able to do it. But we shall see…
I am really hoping that in the near future we can get the boys to mind better but I am thinking that is a pipe dream. What is the most infuriating is that you cannot help but KNOW they know what you are saying and CHOOSE to not listen. But I guess that comes with the territory of having kids… right?
I am still trying to convince Ken that since we will not make it to the zoo ON my birthday that we should take that day to go into the city. I have to get the next size up in sleepers for Emanuel and some items from the Body Shop… but gas is so pricey UGH. Oh well… the weather is cloudy and muggy and sad and just a little – so am I – the post Daddy’s Girl blues I guess hehe.

Upcoming Birthday

Birthdays are such a tricky thing – I am sneaking up on my 27th birthday! Now what makes them tricky is the reaction the individual celebrating it has. For some each birthday marks a receeding youth, another reminder that you are not as young as you used to be or wish you were. For others it is a movement to maturity (generally that feeling stops when you hit legal drinking age – 18 here in Alberta LOL)… myself, it is a reminder of how blessed I am. For 27 years I have loved, learned, had moments of joy, moments of pride, moments of loving and being loved. Of course I have also felt disapointment, anger, sadness, loss, fear… but the good and the bad together – that is truly living.
In fact in the past 6/7 years I have fallen in love, got engaged, married, had 3 lovely boys… Friday we celebrated our 5th anniversary, the weekend before our third son was welcomed to the church…
Of course there has been plenty to NOT be happy about… my dad lives far away – where I know he is happy but I miss him dearly, my grandfathers both died the year before we got married… I was especially close to my dad’s dad. Days have been long, times have been tough but I have grown… I truly believe we are the product of our lives – but WE have the ability to take those experiences both good AND bad and shape who we are… the question at the end of the day is whether or not we like the result – and if we do not the lovely thing about life is that we can make new deicisions and improve on the person we are.
In the meantime I just keep telling myself THEY WILL NOT BE TWO FOREVER LOL