Archive | August 2006

The Ingenuity of Youth

Can someone explain to me how Gavin figured this out? I went into the bedroom yesterday to check on the boys at naptime due to some rather loud noises and what do I see? Gavin with his crib blanket flicking it out at the shelves to knock a toy down and then move it close enough to the crib that he or Zander could grab it!!! He is 2 1/2!!! For goodness sake – do I need to strip their room bare?? If only they would talk so I could ask him how he came up with that LOL.
Otherwise Emanuel is napping again – he is a sleepy bunny today but we have gotten in some cuddles and play. Now if we could just get a new van…

Giggle for Today

So I don’t really have anything to share except that we are enjoying our sattelite greatly… but I had to post a link to yesterday’s Real Life. Check it out.

Subtle Shades of Joy

Today we are expecting our new satelite dish! YAY… yesterday Gavin’s Godmother Christine came over for the day. She had to leave before Ken got home from work but we managed to take a nice long walk around town stopping off at his office and going to AUC bookstore! I got the cutest hodded grey zipper up sweatshirt for Emanuel for our trip south. There was a wonderful sweatshirt in my size but it was BRIGHT VIBRANT PINK! So really NOT me. I must admit I am a blue girl to the core. It was so invigorating visiting with one of my most dear and closest friends.
We did miss our nap yesterday and by the evening the twins were a wreck… Emanuel had another very difficult night and I was up in the middle of the night with a sour stomach – a combination of too much birthday cake and missing alot of sleep. I am feeling better this morning though I could use another 12-24 hrs of sleep. LOL not for quite a few more years I am afraid.
I have been doing some research on the travel restrictions. You are not expected to remove your shoes to go through the x-ray as well as compact strollers and put them up on the belt instead of simply pushing them through the metal detector. So I need to practice compacting the darn thing while holding a baby since you are not to hand your infant off to ANYONE. I am excited about the trip but still feeling some trepidation about flying – happily Emanuel and my passports arrived yesterday YAY.
So though I feel worn out and a little ill (darn tempting cake BAH) my visit with Christine and walk around downtown yesterday has made me feel alot more… human hehe.