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Dog the Bounty Hunter – Arrested !!

I was watching A & E today… Dog the Bounty hunter was arrested for going down to Mexico to extradite a man (American) who had raped many women – 86 counts charged! (Luster, 39, was convicted in absentia of 86 counts, including multiple rape charges connected to assaults in 1996, 1997 and 2000.) Drugged and raped and tortured. It is illegal to bounty hunt in Mexico. Yet this man was down there quite possibly doing the same to Mexican women. It is hard to believe that Dog, his son and brother should go to jail for stopping such a cruel man. This man, in his absence, was convicted for 124 yrs in prison. What do you think???? Did anyone else see today’s special? Dog: The Family Speaks.

Condominiums, Townhouses – the Canadian Dream??

Ok so we are falling for what for us could be termed the "Canadian Dream"… the owning of property – but in our case an attatched building. Neither of us have ANY interest in exterior maintenance… Now comes a couple of problems: #1 – we don’t have a heck of alot of money – ok we have like NO money and 3 kids and debt… and #2 – we did see something we liked and when Ken called about it – even the ones barely framed are SOLD SOLD SOLD!! ACK… it is a seller’s market right now, but Ken figures it is best to get in on buying before the market really gets outrageous. That, and 5 people in a 2 bedroom apartment (I kid you not), even with the twins sharing a room (their lot in life I am afraid) is undeniably CRAZY so we need to find a bigger – thus more expensive – place anyway! The idea being that a mortgage payment would most likely be comparable to that of a bigger place. Why not right? However the agent Ken talked to said he didn’t have ANY condos or townhouses for sale – so Ken is going in tomorrow to chat with him and then check out the 5 other realtor places. So, who knows, maybe we will luck out sooner than later – course it DOES depend on financing (the big scarey unknown – you know??)…We MUST have no less than 3 bedrooms — ooh and a REAL kitchen – not just a hallway with a stove etc. — maybe even TWO bathrooms (oh the bliss). So right now it feels a little like a pipe dream… but I have faith in Ken – I know he will try hard to get the best for our family.
The twins had their second speech appointment which went better than last time. I really think we are on the right track.
Two weeks and 2 days and Emanuel and I are off to South Carolina and a REAL vacation!!! Can you feel the excitement??? hehe

Rainy Days

I think it is safe to say fall is here – we have had rain basically every day for a week. I swear the twins’ moods have gotten more and more defiant the more it rains. Gotta love 2 yr olds.
Tomorrow the twins are off to speech again. Hopefully she will have some more advice for us. There is some progress but it would be nice to have an "instant fix" LOL.
Ken and I were driving around Saturday when we were running errands (the twins were with Grandma Anna) and came upon a new development of condominiums… we are actually thinking that since we have to spend more to get a larger place as soon as possible perhaps it would be in our best interest to find a place we can buy?? Like Ken said it is not a question of what we can afford but how hard Ken wants to work for what we want. Second job etc. Who knows, I am trying not to get my hopes up, and Ken is going to work on it. We definately need more room though – it makes me a little edgy to imagine another winter in this apartment with not only the twins but a baby who is working out crawling. So please keep a positive thought/fingers crossed/a prayer said for us.
The cold the kids and Ken had has finally caught me. So I should wrap this up and head off to bed.