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Saturday Sniffles

Last night Emanuel slept half the night in the crib… while it is still in our room I must admit I felt a little sad. Of course he woke up very upset that he was NOT in the bed with us and so was returned to our bed after he ate. Still it really means that he is growing up to me. We added barley cereal to his diet today. We could not get his usual Milupa brand so had to try the new brand in Superstore – Beech Nut. I am definately going to go to Walmart and check for the Milupa barley the next chance I get.
Another milestone for the twins – we put their boosterseats at the table and put away one of the highchairs – the other is remaining out for Emanuel to eat his cereal in – much easier than what I have been doing, simply feeding him sitting on the floor. Those two really are getting grown up.
I really wish I could throw this cough. It is getting to be quite agrivating and I am already tired of the taste of Halls. I am not yet desperate enough to go to Fisherman’s Friends. Ken now has a sore throat and is feeling under the weather. Thank goodness we still have another week until photos at Walmart.
This morning the individual who does hearing tests at Public Health called – we are finally able to get that follow up appointment for the twins – the 4th of November. Hopefully this is not going to result in a need for tubes in their ears. Since Ken has the week of the 30th off and Emanuel’s 9 month appointment is on the 3rd this should not be a problem to get the boys to. What sucks is that Zander’s follow up with neurology is on the 7th! So Ken will have to miss half a day of work in the end.
Well, Ken is out running some final errands before his friends get here and as soon as he gets back with lunch I am eating and taking a nap. Hopefully a couple naps and early to bed on Sunday will set me to rights before too long into next week.


The costume my mom made for Emanuel is way way way too big. It is cute but we are planning to save it until next year AT LEAST. So I called around town today – man I should have picked up one of the many costumes I saw in South Carolina ARGH lol… but I did manage to chase down a costume that Ken has picked up! $5.00 – who can quibble ?? So what is Emanuel going to be………. wait and see hehe.
The weekend is finally here – Ken and I are looking at alot of cleaning to catch up on still since I have been ill all week. So much laundry!!!
Hard to believe next month Emanuel is 9 months old!!! Christmas is right around the corner. Yikes … I really have to corner Ken and get our decisions made about what we are going to do giftwise. I think we are going to get the twins scooters. They are affordable and the boys loved them when they tried them out and about with my mom. I do believe in order to get ones that are 20.00 each we need to shop online. I know that we are going to get Emanuel his big walking toy next month – early and so give him some smaller toys to open at Christmas. Add to that his birthday for which I am searching for the right party set (I will post links to the ones I am chosing between another day)… I really want to get the next few big events planned out so I can just relax over the holidays – YAH RIGHT!

A Quote To Remember…?

I had a really good quote come my way through email:
I must say, I hate money, but it’s the lack of it that I hate most.
—writer Katherine Mansfield
Is that not the truth. Money truly is a thorn the side of MOST people. I know Ken and I have to deal with a lack of it constantly.
Today is going better than yesterday though I am really ready for a nap. Hopefully I will be fine by next weekend when we have to do family pictures. No guarantees we will get 3 little smiles on those.
Wow not much to say – Karyn came and visited us yesterday, the twins are almost over their colds and Emanuel kept us up most of the night again last night. Tomorrow we have to do all the cleaning being sick and dealing with all the news since I have been gone has left undone. Ken is having his party Saturday which I think I mentioned. He turns 29 on the 23rd!
Now that Ken is home I can get that nap in YAY!