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Chills With No Thrills

Last night was absolutely NO fun. I started the late afternoon with chills, all bundled up and FREEZING. I meant to play WoW with my friend that evening but after around 2 hours I just could not sit up any longer… off to bed leaving Ken to deal with all 3 kids! I slept for 2-3 hours and then woke up in a sweat. Thankfully I feel quite a bit better today. I absolutely HATE being sick… even breastfeeding is difficult when your skin feels like pins and needles (for me whenever I am sick my skin gets VERY sensitive). At least this bug seems to be burning through quickly.
Halloween is quickly approaching. We are still planning to go to Alan and Xinny’s¬†to celebrate. My mom let me know earlier this week that she has Emanuel’s Panda costume completed. The plan is still to have the twins dress in soccer and basketball uniforms that Alan and Xinny had bought them during their honeymoon in China. We even picked up full sized matching balls. Though the two of them always seem to gravitate to the same one at the same time. Hopefully we will get some nice pictures of the 3 of them. I can’t wait to see how they dress up Isabella.
With all 3 kids and myself sick housework has fallen by the wayside. Ken is having his birthday party on Saturday Рjust a couple of guys coming over for beer and gaming, but I still want the place cleaned up. There would not be so much to do except the place was a small disaster when I got home on the 12th. My 3 boys baching it LOL.
So much to do so little time…

Monday Megrims

It has been an off day… all 3 kids are definately sick. Emanuel especially is having a rough time of it with his runny nose. We are dosing them with cough syrup – the twins are really hacking at night, and trying to keep the fluids coming. Emanuel’s appetite has dropped for cereal a little but he is still a pro at breastfeeding. It is so nice to be wanted LOL.
The weather is … well WINTER all of a sudden – we woke up to snow on everything. Course it melted by the afternoon but I do believe we are seeing the beginnings of winter. I just hope it is a rather mild one this year. We plan on taking the boys out to experience it more than we did last year while I was pregnant. I have a snowsuit for Emanuel that I got on sale at the end of the last season. The twins we are going to go and check at the consignments stores before we spend the big money on new ones.
We also got some rather sad news that friends of ours who will remain nameless are seperating. It is a weird feeling that we know someone in that situation – all adult and significant. Are we truly growing up? I honestly thought that having kids would be that turning point… weird what milestones appear that do carry significance. Of course having the kids was a big milestone but this is another one that is a little more unsettling. We just hope that we can be supportive of both of them and be there if and when they need us.
The twins had speech today – they tried Play-Doh. Apparently there was alot of creative play going on. Amazingly enought Zander has taken to saying GO GO GO lately. And they have been hugging each other. Tonight Gavin was tickling Zander while Ken changed him. It was so cute. They are so affectionate all of a sudden – it is so nice. My boys are growing up!
I think we are going to have to spend the cash and get the standing toy for Emanuel now and find him something affordable for Christmas. He is just dying to stand up on his own. We saw one at Superstore for $30.00 Cdn. We do have enough Pamper’s points to order him a toy for shipping costs only – so that may work for Christmas. We have to finalize our gift list this week and get planning on when and what cookies we are going to make. I want to get this all done in advance since we are not sure of where we will be what days. Where does the time go ???
So life is ever fluid… I just hope the ride will continue to be a fun one… or at the very least interesting.

Scritchy Throats and Runny Noses

It looks like everyone but Ken is getting sick. All 3 kids have runny noses and my throat is well on its way to be scritchy. YUCK
Ken has to pick his two weeks holidays yet… not that we can afford to do much but it will be so nice to have him around. Hugs and cuddles on demand ALL DAY. Hehe
I went through my mail and was quite happy to see that my mom’s sister in law and my dad’s aunt wrote me back with some info about the family history. I still have gaps to fill but am well on my way. The hardest is going to be my dad’s dad since he and his sister have both passed away. I am hoping to not have to go to a geneology site to get the info I need since most of the ones that actually are useful cost money.
Time for bed for this Daddy’s Girl. Hopefully to feel better tomorrow.