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Christmas Eve Service and Tummy Upsets

Well, Ken, Zander, Emanuel and I were all a little ill today. I ended up throwing up quite a bit last night and Ken had a horribly upset stomach. Emanuel was just extremely tired until tonight when he got diarehha and a bit of a tummy ache, a bath and a couple diaper changes and he is out to the world. We were up most of the night with him though. Zander was a little tired today but is doing much much better.
Christmas Eve service went well, the boys made it halfway through the sermon before they wanted to go to the nursery. Emanuel was a little surly but ended up falling asleep. The twins have had a horrible time going to sleep tonight. No nap (they went to mom’s this morning so I could have a long back and Ken and Emanuel sleep in the livingroom) and then Ken let them stay up longer than I would have liked after dinner. Hopefully presents tomorrow will perk everyone up.
I have the tree all set up, the gate down and the stocking filled and I am more than ready for bed. So if I am not online tomorrow MERRY CHRISTMAS. I am planning on taking a ton of pictures anyway. Fingers crossed and prayers said we all feel better in the morning. Had to be the eggs in the stir fry…

Brand New Tooth in a Tiny Mouth

The mystery of Emanuel’s horrible moods around sleep time has finally been solved! Emanuel is the proud owner of a brand new tooth – his very first one! Sharp little bugger, we gave him some of the homeopathic medicine that our pediatrician gave us for teething and it seems to have worked. Hard to believe he is not even 11 months old and already a tooth. The twins were over a year corrected before they got their first and neither Ken nor I had teeth before a year old. He is such an over achiever!
We are basically ready for Christmas. Ken and Jeff made one more attempt to get Wiis. Sadly they were unable to  get any… for the second week in a row Zellers did not have any. Almost seems like staff was buying them up but who knows. Hopefully Ken and Darryl (while Jeff is gone home) can get one after Christmas.
Zander is back on his seizure meds, thank goodness we finally have the money for them. Spendy things, however soon after giving them to him he threw up poor little man. I hope we are seeing the end of these colds/flus.
Ken’s foot seems better though he had to relocate his two toes (are you cringing as much reading this as I am typing it?) UGH UGH UGH. Thankfully he is walking virtually normally though the twins seem to always run into THAT foot.
Hopefully you are all ready for Christmas. Enjoy the birth of our Savior. God Bless…

Angels, Packages and Christmas Cheer

I am beginning to learn that it is the sweet, simple things of life which are the real ones after all.
—writer Laura Ingalls Wilder
We got our package today from my dad and his family. In it was something to open right away – 3 lovely angels who when you clap sing two carols! I took out the tablecloth my grandpa had made for me (mom’s dad) and put it across the back of the couch and put them up there between our two card hangers. More presents under the tree and more cards in the mail and 3 sleeps to go!
Friends of ours (whose name I will withold for now until they tell everyone) found out they are pregnant today! Not their first. What a terrific Christmas present – congrats you guys! So I guess I will have to go through my drawers and find all my new baby patterns so I can make one for this baby. Ken’s boss’ wife Sharon wants me to make one for her older child Emma – I had made a Precious Moments wall hanging for their son Ethan when he was born… so after Christmas I will have to dig out my patterns.
The kids are feeling better today though cranky and disiobediant. We are having a huge problem with Zander throwing toys when he is angry… not at anyone – he is really careful of that but still not good. It does not help he is as stubborn as Ken either. At least we are hearing more and more words each week – we still have not heard back from the speech therapist – we missed Monday with the kids being sick and Ken called and left a message on her machine this week as next Monday is Christmas.
Ken works tonight and then tomorrow we have to clean up as much as possible, He is also taking the week after Christmas off – so if you are in the neighborhood… drop by. We would love to have company or go out in the snow or something. Staying in the apartment is rather claustrophobic after a while.
Tomorrow Ken and Jeff are going out in the morning when the stores open to stalk the mighty Wii. Hopefully they wil be successful, I know Ken is really looking forward to playing on the new tv.
Other than getting ready for Christmas there really is not that much going on. Lots of chores tomorrow though. Keep safe everyone!