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Frosty Thursday Thoughts

Last night we finally got our "Valentine’s Day Take Out"… it was delicious. I had my grocery list all itemized and organized and we zipped right through shopping with enough time to stop at Walmart. I did not get my aida cloth this week, though I did get a frame for one of Emanuel’s 8X10’s and a corner trimmer to do all the wallets. We picked up Zander and Gavin’s 3yr 8X10 and wallets at Superstore so I was able to get them all trimmed and labelled, next week I will order Emanuel’s.
Ken got all the decorations from Emanuel’s party down last night, tonight I need to get him to put the last string of ribbons up to hang up the last of the birthday cards. Our bedroom is rather tidy now finally and I think I actually have the kitchen under control. Now I need to work on the dining area and the bathroom. It is just really hard to clean up with the kids running around. Emanuel is, for short periods of time, standing on his own and crawling and wall walking into EVERYTHING. We tried yesterday but were unable to find covers for the corners on the filing cabinet. He is just about eye level for alot of more dangerous areas. I cannot believe how quickly he is growing up!
I am amazed how hard the twins have fought naptime lately – they are tired but yesterday it was almost 4 when they finally passed out and I had to wake them up to go to my mom’s today 3:30… they need the nap but I think it will be easier when we can spend our mornings outside. The weather is just not co-operating. We went from melting to ice again UGH. I am pretty sure only ZANDER slept today too!
I got quite ambitious today – did dishes, even made muffins, granted mixes… but I did it! Now for dinner tonight… I think I will get Ken to help me and make chicken ceasar pitas. We are about out of bottled water so I am not sure if I will make lemonade tonight. Both Ken and I are tired of Pepsi again. We go through stages where you really want it and then BANG nope. I really wish we had the room for one of those water dispensers with the hot and cold.
I do not have much to do tonight, maybe a bath and a good book… that does sound good!

Aches, Pains and the Joys of Raising Boys

Today the twins went to their first dental appointment, because they were shy it was more of an orientation where they sat in Ken’s lap and the dentist talked to them, gave them stickers and new toothbrushes. So no pictures and another appointment scheduled for the 22nd of March. They were so impressed by their new brushes I had to let them nap with them. Until their next appointment we are supposed to lay them down once a day and take a damp toothbrush and brush their teeth like you are supposed to so they get used to the idea. It cost us $8.00 each and we do not have to pay again for the next appointment. I guess the dentist said the most times any kid has had to go back until they were comfortable enough to sit for the appointment is 5 times – generally it is no more than 2.
Tomorrow is our weekly shopping, after my big run on Saturday it should be nice and quick though we also have to go to Walmart. We have decided to have our special take out tomorrow night. We are also going to finally take down the decorations in the livingroom – the balloons are still surprisingly full but it is time. Ken also had to deflate Emanuel’s helium balloon for me to put in his memory box. The twins are still going to my mom’s so we are not going to make it to the scheduled twin group meeting. There has not been one in months but I think a couple of the moms are going to start trying to make it. Until Ken’s toe is healed we really cannot risk having him watch after the boys while they and other kids are running around, plus it is our only free night. I have to try and remember to go to the storage unit to get the Learning House and drop off more bottles. Man is Ken going to have his work cut out for him when his foot is healed.
This afternoon was a little rough. I waited too long to take Motrin for my cramped legs and side (monthly ugh). After supper Ken called my mom and had her come over and watch the kids while I napped and he did some work he had left over. It was really nice, then I was able to have a nice long soak.
I ordered the twins’ wallet pictures and the 8X10 to replace their 2yr old one on the wall. Next week I will order Emanuel’s and then all I have to do is type out my letter to go with them and wait on the reprint of Emanuel’s potrait package. I think I have a pretty good idea who all is getting which pictures.
I really need to get to the city to go to Michaels, there is only one place in town that sells DMC floss and it is almost 3 times more expensive… that and I need to get some scrapbooking supplies I cannot get here. I don’t think we have any plans to go though. Bah.
According to Ken that website I mentioned previously that we are going to use to sell pc parts (well Ken is doing basically all of it) should be up very soon. I will post a link when he gets it up. Hopefully it will help us out a little financially. His toe is also improving, once it stops throbbing when he does any extended walking around he is going to try going back to night shift.
Thursday we have the book lady coming again. That will be nice for the boys. Emanuel has been slowly trying the milk, still not happy with it but he takes a sip here and there. He does LOVE the cookies though. Hard to believe how fast our baby is growing up!

Milk, Fingerpainting and More…

Ok I totally had a – wish I had my camera at the ready – moment (yes amazingly enough I DID NOT have my camera out and ready !!!), yesterday we tried giving Emanuel his first taste of homo milk. I got another straw sippy cup only green instead of purple, put some milk in it and handed it to him… YUCK he took one sip made this AWFUL face and almost threw the cup away! It was hilarious. We had to convince him that his water cup had water in it he so did NOT trust us! Apparently it is mother’s milk or nothing but water right now, I figure I will start adding it to his cereal so he is at least getting some and then try the milk in a cup a little over time. It was just too funny!
Sadly we did NOT make it to church yesterday. At midnight Friday night we could still hear who we assume was Zander chatting away to himself – perfectly happy, so he woke up perfectly TIRED. Emanuel had an uneasy sleep waking up fully around 6 am – Ken got up with him then and then at 7:30 I took over. By the time 10:30 rolled around Emanuel was asleep and church was at 11:15. Instead we all went out to Walmart to look at Emanuel’s pictures…
Is life ever simple? Turns out he blinked in the PACKAGE SHOT! Ack… so our cards (the 40 I ordered) my 5X7 with wallets around and my free 8X10 were fine, the package – well I really do not need a bunch of pictures of a baby who looks DRUGGED! At least we do not have to go back and do another set. Instead she is taking one of our other poses to get printed as the package and since the shot she chose was our free 8X10 she is ordering me another 8X10 (free) of a different pose as well! So all in all not horrible, it does mean our pictures are going to be sent out later than I would like but oh well! I still have to get our 8X10 of the big boys (to replace their 2yr on the wall) and the wallets I took of the two together and Emanuel alone printed out since I KNOW the package is not big enough for all our extended family AND friends. So it looks like March – not too bad, after all their birthdays are in February only.
Today we had Emanuel fingerpainting for the very first time! We took pictures and video it was great fun, luckily I stripped him down to his diaper only since he got it on his legs, chest, even his diaper. We had him fingerpaint on a white paper and then after he was done he painted on the brown paper taped to the picnic table so I plan on keeping that and using it on a scrapbook page. With the pictures we took of course. Zander and Gavin still refuse to so I think I may look for some paintbrushes for them.
It has been a busy day of firsts, he also had his first Mumm-Mumm cookie (rice based cookie) and though at first he did not know what to do with it he really caught on quickly. Another cute moment and I DID get pictures… and video!
Sadly the two little chirpy birds that you shook to make noise got ruined in the wash last night, while we were out today we looked everywhere for them – the twins got them when they were wee things from Karyn’s parents… I have not seen any anywhere. They were more than a little upset about them getting wrecked, I think it was going through the dryer, at least this is a good time for them to be wrecked, Easter stuff is coming out so if a store is going to have them it would be now. I am not planning anything major for Easter this year… I know that Ken’s folks always do baskets and the like in Minnesota but since the boys do not get much sugar or chocolate I think I may just get them each a little Easter toy or book. I do have to get my usual Easter cards for each of our godchildren though.
Ugh Emanuel has picked up the high pitched screech when he runs out of snacks in his cups or trays. Now I wonder where he learned that… Gavin… we are trying to get him to use the baby sign for "more" but no luck yet. Or even say "more" that would be brilliant!
I lucked out when I stopped in at one of the dollar stores in town – somehow they had gotten in some older cross stitch patterns for $2.00 a piece! I got 3 Christmas and one of two kids in a garden. Go figure! I still need to go to the one downtown to get some scrapbooking pages for Emanuel’s birthday and see if they have a curved corner trimmer for photos. We got some wallets sized over Christmas that were trimmed like that and it looked so nice, I think I remember seeing one at the store downtown but I KNOW Walmart has one, just I would think it would be cheaper at the dollar store.
It has been nice having Ken home for a long weekend (today is Family Day). He is doing much better over time, we are able to get out a little more before his toe starts to throb, and when he is sitting he is not in any great deal of pain. I am not sure if he will eventually go in for another x-ray or what but there does not seem to be any visible swelling or bruising anymore. Sucks that he has to go back to work tomorrow. If only we could all of a sudden win a billion dollars and then BAM he could stay home… yah right! My mom has been gone the whole time to Saskatchewan. Luckily she is home again way before Wednesday. I am debating if this Wednesday we may not just take Emanuel swimming – we have a ton of groceries, I imagine it should only take me minutes to get the items I need for the meals for the next week so that would leave lots of time to either go visit or if the pool is open – swim. I think if I am CAREFUL my bikini should hold up. That is definately something I am going to get after I am all done having kids – a really nice FITTED bathingsuit with LOTS of support. I would love to go to one of those stores that only sells swimwear and get one of those pricey numbers. Just not right now.
Hmmm so much to do everyday I just feel like I cannot keep up. We are going to make a big push this week to get the apartment tidy so we do not have to worry for a while – well we can hope right? At least we got the kitchen basically done tonight.