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Sunny Thursday… FINALLY

We got a lovely envelope in the mail today with a note and a cheque from Ken’s folks. Money for the twins’ and Emanuel’s birthdays! As well as a little belated Christmas cash. The timing is wonderful. I was able to pick up a nice tv table (like you see on tv – the Table-Mate) and we can buy the twins nice scooters or trikes when I was a little worried about us having the extra cash in May for them. So mommy and daddy got them the helmets and Nana and Baba the wheels! Not sure what we will get Emanuel.
The twins went to the dentist again today – this time she got a rather good look. Zander has a spot on one tooth that could be the beginnings of a cavity – it looks like it was with one of my back molars – it grew in weak. But if we brush it well with flouride toothpaste we should not need to take him in for a filling YAY. They need to go back on May for the actual cleaning, hopefully that will be the end of it.
Emanuel is basically walking around at times… he still prefers crawling though. He is clapping and waving and laughing and today made and almost "more" sign – more of a clap but copying what I was doing! He is so alert he was copying the reading lady today she was so impressed. Our last session is next week! Today she even brought paints and brushes though only Zander was willing to try Gavin just watched. We are really going to miss our boo time once a week. She is planning on us decorating eggs and her bringing some plastic ones to hide. Ken is planning on being here for that last session. Luckily our coming to the end of the program coincides with the weather perking right up. It was so cute when she waved her arms like a butterfly and Emanuel did too. Unlike the twins he LIKES playing patti cake. The other two are so stubborn and really not into that kind of play or pretending. Such different personalities.
We got some sad news this week – one of Karyn’s goldfish – Larry died! He was ANCIENT for a goldfish (I think she got him early in university) and got HUGE. So now it is just Bob swimming solo. I have debated getting some fish – maybe I will this summer, some neons or something to liven up the place. Man do I miss having a cat!!! I need to visit Christine and meet her newest edition… she now has FOUR!
Poor Emanuel, when the book lady was here she was blowing up balloons and letting them go to whiz around, Emanuel’s hand started to shake after the second time and the third he decided to cry!! Poor liitle man, though once she blew him up a little one to smack around he was ok. Just hates them whizzing around and that loud sound I think. She was so worried she had traumatized him. Though when one of the boys went to squish one I smacked my hands over my ears and turned away before I caught myself! I just HATE the popping of balloons!
It has been a wee bit of a stressful day, kids were grumpy and Ken and I have been discussing our plans in general. Money, family, problems amongst our friends…same old same old but still add to that teething Emanuel and we are tired. Hopefully some sleep tonight and a weekend with Ken and the boys will perk me up!
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Teeth, Noise and Parental Frustration

I have noticed today more than ever how NOISEY the upstairs neighbors are… banging around and thumping, when the heard of elephants left the building I could finally hear blessed silence… it felt almost unnatually quiet! For most of the day I thought it was just too much noise in the apartment but NOPE those people upstairs — so rude!! There was a loud fight late last night again and some of their noise today was loud enough and abrupt enough for the kids to notice. I know we are a little noisey in here but Ken and I try to be very respectful of the fact that there are other people in the building. I don’t need 100% silence just the feeling that they are TRYING to be fair to the rest of the building.
Poor Emanuel threw up yesterday. He has been cutting another tooth this week… a large one off to the side. Painful! So he has had extra naps and messed up sleeping patterns, poor little guy takes teething hard.
The twins are still fighting me on naps, playing nicely, eating properly… ok basically EVERYTHING. They got into their dresser at the beginning of naps and tore the plastic covers on the few formal gowns I have hanging in their closet to shreds. I am worried about finding all the plastic pieces (it is that flimsy clear almost like wrap stuff) but Ken is to vacuum tonight. Hopefully that will get it all up.
I got the nicest package yesterday. One of the moms in one of the twin egroups I am a member of sent me a book she had extra and thew in a box of fruit snacks and 3 adorable Easter cross stitch patterns!! I have already started on one of the little eggs. They are kits with generic though good quality floss so I sat down and matched colours with DMC floss so I can do them again later. I want to do an egg for each of the boys. My mom said she would help me finish them up.
I got a call tonight from a guy who I went to high school with. He hunted me down through Right now they have it opened up so you can see stuff you would normally have to pay membership fees to see. I did not see a ton of people I recognized but it is still rather neat to peek around. He is in touch with some people I am no longer in touch with so who knows maybe I will catch up with some other old friends. I wonder if anyone ever comes upon my space or my family site or anything and takes a peek. I did after all only hyphonate my last name.
So an interesting and frustrating day. Hopefully tomorrow will go more smoothly, I am going to try and have the twins play playdoh (messy!!) and then do some cutting and pasting, maybe get down their more difficult square puzzle and then by the time we are done everything with a nap in the middle Ken should be home and off we go for our usual busy Wednesday. Keep your fingers crossed for us!

After Glow from a WONDERFUL Day Out

I had one of the THE BEST days for months yesterday. Karyn had sent me and Emanuel an invitation to a day in the city transportation included and we chose this Saturday. She came over the night before to hang out and we left the next morning. The only downside was that Ken forgot to put the stroller into her car when he installed Emanuel’s carseat so we had to carry him around more than I would have liked. He is getting HEAVY!
We went all over South Commons – Michaels, Claire’s, Old Navy, we had lunch at Ikea and shopped at Toys R Us… went to two used bookstores (Emanuel slept through that) and visited a botanical garden (they had a special display of tulips and daffodils!). We spent a couple of hours just hanging out at Karyn’s looking at old pictures and eating some of the yummiest pitas and red pepper dip… MMMMM next time Karyn comes up I am going to beg her to bring more!!
I did rather well shopping – got a set of 4 bowls, 4 small plates and 4 dinner plates at Ikea for $3.00 plus some little plastic plates for the boys (only 3 or 4 dollars), at Michaels I got MOST of my floss I needed (all but one) and some letter stickers… we went back after dinner and I got a 12X12" folder and some foam stickers for the boys. We didn’t buy anything at Claire’s – we sort of realized we are too OLD for that store *gasp* and at Old Navy I was too picky and only got a onesie for Emanuel (I will have to put up a pic of him wearing) though Karyn did get a lovely coat – so professional and best of all ON SALE! Toys R Us I spent more… I got helmets for the twins ($10.00 a piece) for when we get them their scooters or trikes with their birthday money and got Emanuel a nice little Gagou Tagou outfit (green and blue with frogs) for Easter and 5 pairs of socks. He also got a new toy that stacked and could be rearranged. I got myself a Scooby Doo movie – only $6.99!! Definately have to remember those were there I know at least one little girl who is in love with Scooby Doo. I only found one regency book at the used bookstores but better than nothing.
We had those delicious Ikea meatballs with tiny potatoes and gravy for lunch. Supper was Arby’s. The only thing I did not get that I wanted was an Orange Julius (to eat that is). I was disapointed to not find any clothing that I really liked but we had fun none the less. Maybe next time.
Today we missed church, Ken let me sleep in and then he went and had a nice shower. We spent most of the morning letting the twins play with their little brother – they actually seemed to have missed him!! After my bath we made a run out to Superstore. Got each of the boys a little chick with a bell in it to replace the chirpy birds they had for years. $1.50 a piece is quite the deal. I also got the current Cross Stitch magazine. they are almost $10.00 a piece at the store but around $40.00 US for 2 yrs! Ken is not so sure we should but I KNOW I would use at least one pattern out of each magazine if not more. This season’s one has at least 2 I want to do – a checkerboard and Easter baskets. I need to get mom to finish them but they are cute… that and a baby sampler for a baby girl… we’ll see what people have this year.
One thing I have noticed today is the the boys are conversing more and more between the two of them and the sentances even have a word or two of ENGLISH in them – but not to anyone else ARGH. That is the frustration, they are happy to practice talking between the two of them just not with US. Oh well in time right?
So it has been a rather busy weekend, a fun one. The twins are a little grumpy tonight and Emanuel seems to be teething, but not a center top one like I thought would be next, one more to the side?? So another nap and basically the assurance he will be up EARLY tomorrow… although maybe he will be nice and sleep until 7??