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Sleepy Afternoons

First off – no word from the lenders yet… Though our broker is talking with Ken’s folks and we are keeping what Ken called Realistically Optimistic. The boys and I are more than ready to move!
Yesterday was a bit of a rough day. Ken stayed home sick – some sort of stomach bug. He was not vomitting but feeling ill so it was more relaxing and keeping his mind off of it. He came out on our walk to the post box and we swung by the fruit stand to get some plums. Then this afternoon since he was laying down but awake he let me go down for a nap – I slept for almost 3 hours! It felt so good! Course then last night i just could not sleep through the night… I kept having bizarre dreams and waking up. I managed to jerk my hand while getting ready to use some mouthwash when one of the kids screamed and ended up with it on my face, a bit up my nose (bleck) and one drop in my mouth – amazingly enough NOT my shirt – though after that I had NO interest in putting more in my mouth. Yup, one of those days!
The twins had a blast at my mom’s last night playing in her little swim pool with the neighbor kids but they are covered in mosquito bites. Today we took our walk to get mail and then go the long way home. 30+ min of fighting with Zander and then to get home and find that they were not a bit interested in sharing toys. Thank goodness all 3 fell asleep relatively quickly, granted that means the twins may be up earlier but they have been so GRUMPY! Emanuel was up at 10 to 6 himself so has been running on empty since around 9:30. I wish I could figure out a way to get him to sleep longer… that reminds me I still have to fix the dividing curtain we have up in our room since Ken somehow managed to SIT on it and tear two of the button hole like things we have it hung on hooks by. I swear these 4 keep me hopping!
I finally finished my mom’s Christmas present so am able to start one on linen. I love working on evenweave and this one is quite fun – lots of words and backstitched pattern not so much blocks of colour. I think I am procrastinating going back to Precious Moments – especially since I have had two requests for them for Christmas.
We have a busy weekend coming up. If the weather co-operates I would like to take the kids to the splash park Saturday morning, get in a short nap and then we have a birthday party to go to. Sunday is my birth DATE not sure what Ken has planned and since mom has Monday off we have to go downtown so I can pay for our storage unit. Because of the 1st being Canada Day and all I have to get her to drop off our rent the following week for us on her lunch break. It is just too far to walk with all 3 kids.
Life just seems to be speeding up! We have a birthday party 3 hours from here and a scrapbooking party in the city on the SAME DAY! And then the weekend Ken is to be gone is a family gathering on my mom’s side AND her birthday… so much going on and we have to pick and chose! bleck. Oh well at least the weather is mild… now if I could get potty training kick started again…

A Pleasant Surprise

I finally have a moment to myself and am awake enough to take advantage and catch up on what happened this past weekend. Saturday was Ken and my 6 yr anniversary and this year it was Ken’s turn to plan. He contacted my mom over a week ago to take the twins over night which she of course told me about even though Ken said NOT TO… so I knew about that in advance but he was silent on the dinner plans and all just told me to pick out a nice outfit and something decent for Emanuel. We even went so far as to go to LaSenza on Wednesday and pick out a NON nursing bra! Emanuel is down to just lunchtime feeds and starting this week we are going every other day with the intention of finally weaning him completely. This is sooner than I had planned but he is grazing me with his teeth which is getting painful and really is willing to cuddle and bond with his straw cup of milk or watching one of his videos. Anyway…. Saturday morning we went out and ran some errands, in the afternoon everyone EXCEPT me had a nice nap and then we started getting ready. I was completely dressed and the twins were all but ready, Ken was working on getting out of the shower and kept avoiding talking about getting Emanuel ready… all of a sudden our downstairs door buzzer goes off – it is KARYN come to babysit EMANUEL!! Now THAT was a surprise! We did not mention it to mom since I think her feelings would be hurt but since the twins were sleeping over and Emanuel would have to come home at night (he is also a VERY light sleeper and too little to bunk on the floor like the twins did) it would not have worked for her to take him anyway.
He still would not tell me where supper was so we drove to the city just the two of us (so quiet!!) and got there early for our – get this – reservations! Since when has Ken made reservations?? We went to this little place called The Creperie┬áit was so romantic with little dinner for two type areas and candlelight and quiet music. We had appetizers and chatted and then I had a delicious Chicken Cordon Bleu crepe, I even had a drink something called a Fudgsicle. It was so wonderful to spend almost 2 hours eating and relaxing! On the way home we stopped at the liquor store for beer and a cooler and then visited with Karyn for a while before she headed back to the city. Her parents were in town from Saskatchewan so they stopped by here for a while and played with Emanuel. I guess he was wonderful only a little scared of Karyn’s Dad (he IS hugely tall) and cried once when she lay him down for bed. We only had to wake up with one kid on Father’s Day so I got up with Emanuel and let Ken sleep in til 8:30 when I had to go to bed to sleep off my stomach ache from the little I DID drink. (that’s it I am DONE with drinking and that is the first time in YEARS !! How bad is that!) Mom dropped the twins off around 9:30 – I guess they did rather well too bedding down in mom’s sewing area in the livingroom. So all in all a TERRIFIC anniversary.
We did pizza on Father’s Day and tried to let Ken relax as much as possible. Now the next event for our family is my birthday since Isabella’s is going to be celebrated on the 1st of July. There is a birthday party planned for two of the Davey kids (Ken’s ex-co-worker’s family) on Saturday which I think we are going to as well. As usual Ken is in charge of planning my birthday so I am not sure what is going on.
In regards to moving – well Ken says our mortgage broker is waiting on some lenders and seems optimistic… I am being guardedly optimistic myself and joke with Ken that the best gift of all for my birthday would be a mortgage so we could go to the open house and see where we are going to live. I am just reminding myself over and over that it will all work out in time. We just have to continue being patient.
Ok so potty training is NOT going anywhere. We went to a different trainer – one without the cool feel and it is caused them to simply NOT care. So back to the cool feel and hopefully trying of undies. I just wish we could get this duplex thing sorted out… so much is going on right now I feel so all over the place and I swear the kids are using that to their advantage.
We went a round about way back home from posting letters today and stopped at the fruit stand down the alley from our house. I picked up blueberries for the boys – granted not BC but still mmm and a fruit treat for me. The guy there was really nice and had a pretty good selection. He opened one of his candy containers for us to try… sweet, the boys liked it maybe next time.
So all in all it has been a busy few days!

Moments are Worth the Hours of Stress

You know when I get to the end of the day and really think it through I realize they are happy more than it feels during the day – this morning Emanuel gobbled down his cookie and Zander noticed while they were watching Little Einsteins and came over to him and said "cookie?" and gave him a piece of his! and then he asked him "more" and proceeded to share the rest… it was so sweet – course an hour later he stole a toy from him yelling NO BABY but it was a sweet moment!!
I have a new short term goal, I want a spanking free day – I know I cannot avoid time outs and squabbles and fighting and probably yelling on my part but I would love to not have to spank. Today alone I went into their bedroom while they were napping and Zander was climbing a bookshelf… he knows better – they are so smart, I am just hoping that I can work doubly hard and get them to understand that being good is not a bad thing. I think I can do it – this morning Emanuel slept until 6:30 and then I got another 20 min relaxation on the floor before the twins got up. Granted they got up grumpy but it is a start!
Mom and I took the kids to Subway yesterday and the boys would not sit in their seats while I ordered. I said to the servers I truly do not raise them in a barn and they said no they are boys and cute it is not that bad. You know I needed to hear that! One woman even said she thinks boys are the BEST. Funny how sometimes just a quick moment can make you feel so much better (or in some cases horribly worse)… like a stranger smiling at someone. I need more of these moments in my life right now I think.
I have become caught up in a new anime – I blame Ken – Bleach! So many episodes and we are only in the 20’s though it is killing me that there is no strong romance. I guess I am just a romantic at heart.
So life is pretty much same old same old… crappy weather means we stay inside, Ken is at work in the city and I am working on yet another Christmas present. Here’s hoping tomorrow is sunny both outside and inside our little home!