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A Remember Situation…

I don’t think I recounted a particularily unsettling experience at Superstore a couple weekends ago. Karyn was up for a visit – we all went swimming… when we got done we went over to Superstore to get food and groceries. Karyn was in the express line and we were at one of the regular tills. There was an elderly couple behind us and we had all 3 kids sitting in the cart. She leaned over and asked the regular questions – is Emanuel a girl or boy, are they all ours, how old are they and then asked if we were planning another, of course I said we would love a little girl – this is where it got weird! She proceeded to tell me I should keep having babies – For CANADA! That we do not need any more Muslims or Arabs in this country that we need more people like Ken and myself (I so wanted to turn around and say you mean AMERICANS?) and that the country is over run with "those people". Thank goodness Ken was there to nudge me and say "shhh wait til we are outside" when Karyn came over to help me pack our groceries. I was so amazed – this sweet looking granny spouting off such nasty foul ideas… I honestly hope either she has no kids or her kids and grandkids are too intelligent to buy into her horrible ideas. I guess you just expect such sentiments to be dead and tabled. I raise my children to be colourblind… to not care about religion… I want my boys to love people for who they are not what they look like or believe. Like Aunty Esther – they do not see a girl from Kenya they see their beloved Aunty… or their God-Sister Isabella – she is not half asian to them – she is their best girl. I will have done well by my boys if I never hear such a foul idea as there are too many of "them" in this country. Canada is multi cultural – we are enriched by it, there is no US and THEM there are Canadians… I want to be proud of my country and the people in it and women like that make it hard to smile.
Well after that I have little or no to say… mom met us here after 9 and we took the kids and mom’s now deaf dog downtown. I was able to get beads for a nursing necklace for my cousin’s baby, stickers for their card, something to eat at Subway, mailed my US Father’s Day cards and even stopped and picked up a book at the local religious bookstore. Sadly it is damaged in the back so I need to return it and await a replacement but at least we got out and about. It was cool but did not rain and Emanuel fell asleep on the way home so was a pain to get to nap. He can now reach down to his dresser drawers so if something is sticking out will try and empty it out as well as get to all the stuff on top of the dresser. The empty tylenol bottle is now awol. It was clean and all but now I have NO idea where it is under his crib.
Still no word on the funds for buying the duplex… I know all this uncertainty about housing is adding to my sensitivity to negative comments both online and in person. I am working really hard to try and feel myself, the fact that Ken and I are spending lots of time together is helping as is the support of some awesome online friends. I also took some time today and last night and am making MYSELF a quick stitch. Which really is a nice feeling – something I am going to keep. I got all my Father’s Day Cards done last night – very simple but I like them. So I am having some positives it is just uncertainty over shadowing them… I promise tomorrow – HAPPY post!

Ugh Blah Bleck

You ever have one of those days?
I recounted something Ken said that was off colour on one of my egroups and then ended up having two of the mom’s not impressed with it – so I wrote an apology as I really did not mean to offend anyone but included something in that that was commented on so I apologized again. Course then they say don’t worry – thicker skin and all that but I felt I needed to say sorry in case it was more than that. UGH So foot in mouth disease seemed rampant on my end. Oh well… sometimes you just can’t win right?
We took the boys to the splash park on Saturday, turned out the twin group thing was on SUNDAY I got the dates mixed up – figures! But it turned out to be a lucky mistake – Sunday around the time of the gathering the weather was horrid and it got cancelled. The boys had a blast with or without people we knew and we plan to go back again. I got some cute pictures and the boys wore themselves out!
So I am more than a little wiped from all the stress and lack of sleep – I think that is adding to me being over sensitive! I did get to sleep in both mornings this weekend – til after 8am. And this afternoon EVERYONE had a nice long nap! We did get all dressed up and go to church only to get there half way through the service since summer service hours had kicked in this Sunday! ACK. The boys were so upset since we had told them all morning we were going to church and all we did was walk in and then walk out… so instead we went to mom’s. Ken helped move a few heavy things and plug in a tv and then we left the twins with mom while we ran a few errands and had lunch at Tim Hortons. It was a nice morning/afternoon. Zander even fell asleep at the table during their late lunch! So tired that when Ken moved him to the bed he did not even flinch!
Ken went to buy milk and replaced my insulated slurpee cup! This one is even BIGGER! I will have to take a picture of it.
Hmm I am tired and feeling mopey – but that is nothing overly new lately. On the plus side Ken and I have spent a ton more quality time together and it is certainly improving our relationship – the romance is back oooo. The boys are chattering up a storm and Emanuel climbing everything but the walls. So fingers crossed we can figure out this house thing and get our busy family out of here!
I think I am going to take a break from group emails for a while and focus on my family history – Through facebook I managed to meet someone who is related to me! You have to go back some generations in the Reinsch family but WOW – get this – my Grandpa’s Grandpa was Gustav and Shannon (the new person who found me) says his wife was EDNA – guess what MY grandparents’ names are – Gustav and EDNA! WOW! Isn’t the internet grand???

Finally a Positive Envelope From the Government!

I swear the government is intimately aware of our personal finances and times the days the cheques we are waiting on to get here to coincide with AFTER I have shifted money around and hours after I have moved cash out of ING. Good grief but at least we have received Ken’s Income Tax Return after waiting a month or so. So we are back to having enough money for what we need. My Universal Child Tax Benifit – AKA van payment should be here next week after ALSO going astray – thank you H & R Block. I have to remind Ken to check where our GST cheque is planning on going as well since it is in HIS name.
I took the boys to 7-11 again today to get milk and some hickory sticks for them and my guilty pleasures – a pepsi slurpee and pringles. I actually got 2 or 3 compliments on the boys’ harnesses and not a single nasty look or mean comment for once! In fact one person asked me where I had gotten them as he wants to get one for his kid. I feel much safer having them on the harnesses though they also have to hold the stroller when we go across streets and walk in parking lots. It was rather windy so the boys held onto their caps with one hand and we really did not doddle, but at least with the wind the mosquitoes were not AS bad. With all the rain this week they have come back full force, even spraying Gavin I noticed two bired on his face – though he may have gotten those when he was visiting mom.
Zander has not been doing too hot on the potty training today so I am debating moving him to cloth undies and dealing with the mess… someone suggested I go and look for plastic pants. I am pretty sure I saw them at Walmart for a reasonable price. I just do not want him going in the pull ups like it is a diaper which he has been doing off and on. Gavin has sat on the potty once or twice but not peed.
I started watching the first season of Bleach with Ken last night – it was not half bad. I think I may just have to watch all of them even though there is not a distinct romantic coupling like I generally like in my anime. We are making a concentrated effort to spend more quality time together after the kids have gone to bed, it does mean I cannot go to bed when Emanuel does and get the most sleep but I think I am happier with the time with Ken. I have missed "us". Can you believe our anniversary is this month! 6 yrs!!!
I am starting to make some headway with our Christmas presents for the kids. I am just searching down a specific group of patterns for the boys.
I did find a new series the boys like – Little Einsteins – the toddler show made by the Baby Einstein company. I have pvr’ed a couple episodes and Gavin absolutely LOVES them – even going so far as to ask for "more" with both word and sign when it is over! So now I need to hunt down the Dvd’s. I have taken to on our walks on the way back saying random words and having the boys repeat them – they are doing terrific! I am so proud of them!
I need to head to Staples FOR SURE tomorrow – we have to get the boys’ hands copied so I can make those Father’s Day cards. I feel bad the ones to go to the states are going to be late.
Ugh the boys are so whiny today. I wish I knew why but if it is not toys it is food or their baby brother. Thank goodness Ken is on his way home! They had a company meeting this week and the president gave them ALL a $100.00 gift certificate to Best Buy so he is stopping off there and getting an iPod Shuffle. His mini is wearing out. What a wonderful company!!