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Emanuel and a request for prayers and positive thoughts…

So we went to the 3 boys’ yearly appointments… this was Emanuel’s
first time at the twins’ specialist since we had to move him from our
old dr due to our living in Edmonton. In the process of doing full
checks on each kid we found out that Zander is 40lbs, Gavin 39 and
Emanuel 34! Height went much the same with Emanuel being taller than
the boys were at that age (corrected for the 10 weeks prem). But then
we got down to Emanuel’s (what we thought) minor hearmurmer the dr had
seen LAST year… our pediatrician had been running behind so she
brought in with her another dr who was finishing his rotation with
her.. he trained in cardilogy as his specialty and was quite surprised
at the sound of Emanuel’s heart… basically the bottom two chambers of
his heart where there is a divider has a small hole… this hole is 
the cause of an almost whooshing whistling sound that is rather loud!!
(I got to hear it and rather noticed that sound before the badump of a
normal heart)… this is called VSD… a couple of factors made the
specialists figure it is a small hole, first of all worse cases of this
– the kids don’t grow and I can tell you – Emanuel grows like a weed
and is active beyond all believe and the second is the loudness of the
sound… apparently the LOUDER the sound the BETTER?? The dr told us
that they want to do an ECG on him to take a peek using ultrasound to
see how small the hole is and then this information would be sent to a
cardiologist who would then either have us in to do his own exam or
discharge us. There IS a possibility that by that time it could even
have closed itself up! We figure it is louder than last time as the dr
was less aware of the sound where this time even I could hear it

Added to this is the fact that Emanuel seems to have picked up the
twins’ bad habits in their speech so we are having him assessed and in
doing that his ears checked (they always do that) and then with his
hating of stairs the doctor wants his eyes checked just to cover all
the bases… and this is all for the HEALTHIEST kid out of the bunch!!!
Worst case scenario he needs some speech therapy … once a week with
daddy and the therapist for an hour with ALL the attention… poor
thing.. NOT lol.

Go figure, this family ALWAYS does things big huh?

So what
I am asking for is for everyone to keep a positive thought or prayer in
their heart for our littlest man.. I refuse to worry hugely until tests
are done! And the drs DID tell us this was not bad enough to stop us
driving down to Mn this spring… But he IS my baby boy!!

On a positive note the twins are awesome, and though it was not
Trinity’s dr appt or her turn to be examined she was cooed over and
told she looked lovely and healthy 🙂 (she is now 17 1/2 lbs… AND has
2 teeth as of today! An over achiever in this family where teeth rarely
come before a year!!) All 3 boys have their hips turned in slightly
(like me I guess) which means their feet turn in AND when all 4 of us
are on our stomachs our legs can go out and down to the side further
than most.. finally a "defect" that can be a positive thing (it means
flexibility!!) LOL…

So while most of Emanuel’s appointments won’t be for around 9
months… I call tomorrow to make the ECG one that Ken will take him