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A Weekend Recap

Ok, so now that another busy weekend has passed I FINALLY have time to catch everyone up. Trinity’s birthday party on the 24th was a relatively small affair what with the business of April – Easter and weddings and such. But it was just perfect for our little girl. We decorated using the die cut style pieces I made using Karyn’s Cricut earlier in the month. I actually liked the effect more than I do streamers! Teacups and teapots this time with a couple of bows mixed in. (I think using the bow shape would be lovely for a baby shower too).

Some of the shapes with the birthday banner

We had a morning run (with Aunty Karyn) to Michaels for a craft session. This one using something called Pluffy clay I think it was. They were not completely prepared there so we opted to take the bag containing all the materials and do them at home. It was a fun craft and definitely one that would have been hard to transport un-baked (you bake them to harden). Emanuel did something completely his own but the other two went by the pattern and got nice results. I snagged a bag for Trinity, so Ken and have plans to do that one tonight for her. In fact, the entire week before Mother’s Day there are evening sessions at Michaels, with minor costs for a couple for supplies so I am planning on taking them to at least TWO that week.

Craft session at home with Aunty Karyn (and the spirit of Aunty Esther!!) - Gavin

Completed crafts!

Our party for our birthday girl started a little before the 3pm mark with the arrival of Grandma and Mike. Of course with goodies in tow, and the finally surprise – hula hoops!!! The boys were in heaven… Grandma, Mike and the sought after hula hoops!

Hanging with Grandma (after she did Trinity's hair!) - Gavin

The party was rounded off with Ted, Yoyo and Jon, and Ada and Nathan. No other little kids but that didn’t bother Trinity. To avoid cranky baby syndrome we opened presents first – not that she opened all that many, she kind of dug out one or two out of the gift bags and then found a card and was more interested in that than the presents. She did get some lovely gifts… everything from a fancy dress from Aunty Karyn to a Snow White cup from Yoyo and Jon.

Ready to open!

Showing Grandma her card from Aunty Karyn (handmade of course!)

A favourite gift - a Snow White cup from Yoyo and Jon (she HAD TO have it filled and drink out of it RIGHT AWAY!)

Supper was hamburgers and hotdogs. With the finale of a birthday cake – vanilla with mint green icing. Which we had her take pictures with and blow out the candles (ok more cry while we sang happy birthday) on but switched out for an applesauce muffin made with brown sugar instead of the white that makes her so ill. The muffin she loved, the attention during happy birthday – not so much.

Muffin and bithday cup of course

As you notice in the pictures, for the first time we did NOT dress her in her true birthday finery (the outfit we took pictures in at Muttart) opting instead for something much more… washable. She had so much fun that even after putting her to bed around 8 she was up playing in the crib well after 9 so was brought back out and played in the livingroom until MIDNIGHT!

A good reason to stay up late - to play with the NEW toys!

Sunday was a bit of an odd day. Ken and the boys went to Sunday School only to find out that word had not quite been sent out to everyone and class was cancelled for the day. In fact, the special service has been changed from the 2nd to the 16th. Though I am working on clarification on that point. So as a consolation treat they went through drive through and had ice cream! Lucky things! This got them home early giving us some time to continue tidying before Ken headed out with Ted to get our other big gift for the month – a new table! A homeschool family had a family member who was downsizing their dining set and needed to get rid of a lovely table. The first family that had been interested turned it down so it fell to us! Talk about a lucky moment. Our little table is ancient, small and getting a little rickety so this was definitely a blessing.

Sunday evening we had over friends who were available for a backyard bbq. Yoyo and Jon couldn’t make it but the den Otter family with Sean in tow did come. So not only did we have a birthday the day before but then a playdate with their best little friend Isabella! Though Alex and Trinity had some tiffs about her new toys. It was a rather good visit. Which led us to cleaning up the decorations last night and prepping the last of the Firestation unit for today. Tomorrow is the twins’ big fieldtrip so there is a lot of excitement around here!

Dinner at the little table (Alexander, Emanuel and Trinity)

Getting a little sun

I did get some scrapbooking done – one page on Friday and a few today. Still there is the card headache to face. Tonight is the choosing of the papers… and hopefully hunting down of matching stickers/stamps/embellishments. I am just proud of myself for having finished ALL my printed out pictures… now to order more, well this time to order the wallets I need to give away next weekend and maybe ONE set of pictures. I am getting so close to my goal of having Trinity’s scrapbook up to date before the baby comes. It is exciting! Of course I am trying hard NOT to think about the twins’ books (done on 8 1/2 by 11) which are woefully far behind and Emanuel’s which basically stopped around the time Trinity was born. Gotta love digital.

Our trip to the Legislature

Christmas with Cousin Jimmie

Chinese New Year and Valentine's Day

Christmas card and wallet

OH and I finished the wedding stitch… pictures to follow – SUNDAY! But I am VERY happy with it! And last night Ken posted a new pattern for me – the two Christmas ball ornaments. Just the ornaments. The more adult saying will be up later in the week! 2.00 Canadian for this one, but no fear the last two freebies will be fixed and a couple more posted besides before we are done! So check back!!!

Yoyo, Jon and Ada birthday party

Didn't Karyn get a great shot with this one??

Quick Picture

Busy day with a BBQ with friends… here is a picture from the day though!

Alexander, Trinity and Uncle Ted

Birthday Girl!

Just a quick picture and reminder to check yesterday’s entry and let me know your opinion on the best pose!

Our Birthday Girl!

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