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I Promise…

an extended update by Sunday night… Thursday was my birthDATE, Friday a busy shopping day, Saturday is a wedding and Sunday dogs in the park with the grandparents and then a birthday party in the afternoon so stay tuned!

A Medical Anomaly

is the consensus apparently… failed glucose… not in mood to blog… promise to write more when anomaly means something a little less… sucky to me!

Testing Day

The day is over and WOW what a day – first the glucose REtest… which I apparently started off with .1 better than last time (which is good). I felt much better after this one than the previous so hopefully the results will show that. Either way, I got almost a WHOLE project done, and got in 30 min with my new game.

Then home in time to eat (Burger King Chicken Fries Рyum and a big glass of milk) and then a little break only to drink my water for my ultra sound. At 31+ weeks baby is head down with bum firmly  up in my ribs (which explains A LOT about my discomfort) and the placenta has moved away from the cervix so this could be my LAST ultra sound for this pregnancy!

Baby #5!

Add to that a visit from Chris and Chris (and Duke) and my birthday present – an ice cream cake! Celebrating birthday AND doing all those tests in one day. YUM!

Birthday Cake!


And with all the waiting I started AND finished a whole project! Talk about speedy… our god-daughter’s present is done! Now to go onto the commission and what has morphed from a wedding present to a one year anniversary gift for my cousin. No pictures on the completion until it is given but I am VERY happy with it.

Tomorrow we head back to the south end of the city for my doctor’s appointment. That will mark the end of the tests and results and hopefully us moving on to the rest of the pregnancy relatively stress free! Fingers crossed… oh and maybe getting some more school stuff done… today was rather a wash!

Worn out from a busy day of appointments (Gavin left)