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Splash Park!

First night of the boys in new rooms has passed without too much incident. The twins were noisy enough for Emanuel to hear them through the floor (the bedrooms are stacked) but other than that it seems to be a success. Now for the reorganizing to make sure that Emanuel’s new room and the basement room are tidy and the kids know where everything SHOULD go. All that is left in our room is Trinity’s crib… so the big move is imminent!

I spent much of last night with two different projects – continuing mocking out pages for Emanuel’s book (I have a nice stack now, hopefully the printed images will work out) and burning cds of photos off my laptop. I am finally up to mid 2010 and my computer is no longer groaning at my excessive photography efforts. I can’t wait until I have my own external harddrive (which will occur sometime AFTER Ken upgrades to a better one than the one he has currently and I inherit that one… so a while yet). I have way too many cds and since I am depending on that medium for storage I have TWO sets of the photos… Ken is VERY glad we are digital and NOT film!

Our morning centred around going to the nearby splash park… we met up with just Nathan and had a brief run through of how the carseats are installed and gave him some baby stuff that we don’t need. The kids had a pretty good time, splash parks like this one are not Emanuel’s favourite thing, he likes water tables more… and there was a little boy who was unsupervised and not overly well behaved but we managed. following that a trip to H&W of course, can’t go without our fruit!

Gavin, Zander and Emanuel

Fun in the sun

Zander and Nathan

Today is a bit of an off day for me, truth be told… I spiked my sugars for the first time in over a week by eating two little white bread subs (mmmm) and then taking a nap, but checked 15 min later and had gone down substantially which makes me feel REALLY good… but add to that having Ken constantly telling me to SIT DOWN when I have NOTHING to do and I am starting to feel the mopy moments. I just want to be productive and everything is waiting on someone or something else. Once I finish my last commission (not that I am NOT open to taking more!!) I am going to get started on my birthday present – Tinkerbell Afghan! This is one I am determined to not gift at the last minute!!

We did throw the kids out into the backyard in the afternoon… I am going to get the boys done their camping lapbook this week, but today was simply not the day – instead we had bubbles and messing around with their toys.

Bubbles on the Belly

The twins and Ken headed to the library tonight to do a library program which gave me a little over an hour of little kid time. Kai Lan and colouring books for the win! Some days it is hit or miss with how the little two get along. Trinity is still only 2 and grabby, and Emanuel does get tired of sharing. Doesn’t help that I let them stay up past 8pm just to see Daddy and the boys get home.

So tomorrow is my regular appointment and then we plan out the rest of our week. Wish me luck!


Sunshine and Room Rearranging

Ok now I am SURE the end of this pregnancy is not too far off… last night and this morning I woke up with a severely sore lower back (but no contractions) and then today… standing in line at the bank (oh my goodness FOREVER) and then shopping at Superstore, ok, standing in LINE to pay at Superstore for what felt like an eternity it hit barely past noon and I felt like I had been running a marathon.

The plan for tomorrow is to head out to a nearby splash park and let the kids run like mad while we rest. Ken has put me on limited walking and activity… which means if I start wandering he starts grumping. We would LOVE for Baby #5 to make her or his appearance AFTER the 1st of August so I do understand where he is coming from, BUT there is so much still to do! Raspberries to pick every day, apples to keep checking to see if they are ripe… cleaning, kids… the list goes on.

The family gallery is up to date now! Lots of pictures for July with my dad visiting, trips out and about and general kid cuteness. So be sure to check it out!

The boys have spent a nice portion of their afternoon outside in the sun and pool. Bubbles, water and little boys = some time to myself… sort of! They are rather consistent with trying to get “one more thing” – another drink, snacks, more toys…


Fun in the pool (Gavin blue)

and then dinner outside in the sunshine… hotdogs and melon.

Supper in the sunshine (Zander green)

I finished a cross stitch last night. I am not sure how many people are familiar with the Warm Fuzzy story. But it is something that I remember from Elementary school – the idea of saying and doing nice things for people. Well someone did something nice for me (us) and I wanted to do something nice in return so that person is receiving this little stitch (I won’t say who to keep the surprise). I want to do a few variations on this one and post them as a set for purchase (pattern wise mainly) after I get a few more projects done. But I think it is super cute!

Completed Warm Fuzzy

Ted and Ken moved the twins’ mattress into the basement tonight and dismantled the rest of the bed. The big move is on! I am curious as to how this will go over – them being at the far end of the basement, quite the walk to get down and do any sort of disciplining if they are loud or rowdy.

So another day draws to a close and I still feel like I have a TON to do! But we are getting there!

Watching Daddy at work

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A Busy Weekend

What a weekend! Travel, friends, a little shopping, breakfast at a restaurant… and no little boys! Is it any wonder I am completely worn out now? It was so worth it though.

We started our Saturday off VERY early with getting the family ready and out the door and on our way to Chris and Chris’ place to drop off the boys for the weekend. They were very excited about the idea of staying the night there – after all they had a tent, ferrets, a dog AND 2 cats.  Apparently their visit went rather well, everyone had fun and the animals were not terrorized too badly. (sorry no pictures)

After dropping off the boys we headed south the Ken’s LAN party and Fydo (Chris) and Kristen’s new home. They live in the same city as Karyn which is also the place we are considering for our move early next year. Not the exact neighbourhoods of course but that city. I have to say I LOVE their new home. We had a bit of trouble finding it since Google maps does not even have their area yet – too new of a development. I spent the evening visiting with Kristen while Trinity enjoyed her stairs and playing with her toy bag. In fact, Trinity behaved terrifically basically the whole time we were there – though she refused to spend the whole night in the playpen and slept in the bed with Ken and myself. As the only kid there she was very happy to play and wander and generally exude cuteness.

Sleeping on the way

Keeping busy

The next day I got a hold of Karyn and Kristen, Karyn, Trinity and I went out to a place called Phil’s for a delicious breakfast and then to Michaels for some impulse shopping. Trinity and I did very well buying only 5 scrapbook pages (20 cents a piece) and a 1.50 rubber ducky (though she wanted 3 or 4 of them!). This got us back to Kristen and Fydo’s a little after lunch time and the time we needed to leave to collect the boys.

We had supper at Chris and Chris’ and then headed home. The last leg of the journey was rather taxing for me, way too long in the vehicle. We were definitely ALL glad to be home! I took some time last night and finished up the two scrapbook pages for Yoyo and Jon’s wedding for Trinity’s book. Simple but I think the result is a nice look!

First of two pages

Second page

I have also been mocking up some pages for things I don’t have pictures for yet. I am hoping to get working on mocking up most of the ones Emanuel’s book is behind on. Then I can take my time ordering the photos. I am only about 2 years behind and hindsight has me a lot more selective as to which events and pictures are most necessary for a little BOY’S album. I would love to get him all up to date before the year is over… though I shudder to think of how far behind I am on the twins’ books.

We took some pictures today with the kids… I am not sure if I got the actual look I was hoping for but it is neat to see all their tiny hands there together!

36 weeks!

All 4 hands - though I think Ken will "clean up" some fingernails :)

The plan for the rest of the week is rather day by day. I want to meet up with Nathan, Ada and Anna before my doctor’s appointment so we can walk them through putting in our carseats in case of need, the twins have a library program on evening and of course there is the shifting of the kids into their new rooms… Where has the time gone?

Taking a minute to sort through pictures together