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Ending the Week

…And then something came up… only this time it was not us. Ken got a call early this afternoon from the girls’ doctor, the had to reschedule from today at 3pm to Tuesday same time. Apparently one of his patients went into premature (4 weeks early) labour. So all that worry and agitation to have it POSTPONE! Oh well I feel like I have worried myself out so now I can just accept it and let Ken deal with it (generally the best way to go about things really).

I had a horrible time trying to get to sleep last night so Ken let me sleep in today, around breastfeeding and snuggling Echo. We are slowly working our schedule back to normal, but it threw today’s plans TOTALLY out the window.

To make up for that Ken, the twins and Trinity spent a healthy amount of time out in the front yard in the snow. Emanuel was in the middle of a much needed nap so we left him to sleep and send the other 3 out. First off Ken tossed the twins out into the middle of the yard with their shovels. Once the snow was dusted off their faces they gladly got to work.

Right in the middle (Gavin left)

This had Trinity determined to have Daddy shovel her a path to her brothers which eventually morphed into them creating a tunnel. Well mainly Ken. So an hour and a half later and the kids were in for hot chocolate. Just in time for Emanuel to wake up!

Trinity and her path

Gavin in the tunnel

So our time with (she) Chris here has come to an end… life is to go back to relative normal. I am just hoping that we can take advantage of the increasingly nicer weather and get outdoors more for the rest of the month!

Echo stole the spoon!

To the End of the Week

…And then something came up… and our plans went out the window for today… BUT it is worth it when the “thing” is a call from a contract who wants Ken to do something new on top of the current agreement for more money… well we don’t complain (at least not too loudly). One step closer to paying off another debt… or maybe even getting myself that Cricut the van put on the backburner. Who knows.

So we spent the day at home, the tutu was picked up and the kids kept relatively busy. Emanuel spent a nice amount of time dead silent downstairs on their computer.  Always a bonus when he can find something to do with himself that is quiet!!

Emanuel on the computer

The twins have worked some more on their word search for their wolves lapbook, done some of their Chinese New Year print outs and Zander got in some workbook time. This time there were two print outs from Enchanted Learning. One a mini book and the other a matching of the zodiac animals. The plan for tomorrow is to actually work on near completion of the wolves lapbook as we are finally heading to the zoo for the drop in program on Sunday.

Zander and Trinity working on the review workbook

There are quite a few things in my life I am sure of: my sewing, my love for my family, my marriage. And then there are things I am not so much scared of as feel… timid about. And tomorrow I have to face one of those things. The girls are headed to their new pediatrician. Don’t get me wrong, I am VERY pro doctor. But a horrible experience with a formula obsessed doctor and our Trinity has me nervous. He was belittling and determined to diminish the importance of our decision to be a bottle free family. We proved him wrong with our addition of solids but the damage toy own confidence remains. A big part of me is angry that he simply would not listen. I talked to other professionals, I did my homework and he still talked like we were idiots. I raised preemie twins who you would never guess now were born at just over three pounds. But I was a moron in his eyes, or at least that is how he came across. Our children all are petite, especially as infants. But my worries always fall in people refusing to see that pattern.

I have to admit I am taking a bit of the cowards way out, Ken and I have discussed it and agree that it would be best if I didn’t go to the appointment. This is actually a much easier way to go about it as if I DO go so do ALL the kids, which means containing all 5 of our kids first in the waiting room and then later in the examination room. So Ken will be taking the girls on his own while I spend the afternoon on that lapbook I was mentioning with the boys. I will breastfeed Miss Echo before he leaves and pack a little container of her cereal and some water in the diaper bag in case of a lengthy wait at the doctor’s. Ken feels  that my worries are unfounded but as the breastfeeding mother I have to admit the previous doctor’s callous dealing with us felt like a personal attack. Breastfeeding is one of the greatest gifts I can give my children and it often feels like medical many practitioners no longer see it the same way.

So tonight I plan on finishing the stitch I posted an image of last night and maybe starting one from the zombie kit I got from my sister in law. The kids went to bed at a pretty decent time after our first family game night – a new game they got from their Aunty Yoyo and Uncle Jon using Play Doh. We will have to work on it as we are not completely up on all the rules. The goal is to have every Tuesday night be game night with the kids – IF they behave appropriately!

Gavin (Zander red)

I just can’t believe how quickly the week has gone by! Now hopefully by Monday we will be all ready to head off to the conservatory to see that new feature pyramid display. Fingers crossed!


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One Last Date Out

We had our last date night out before (she) Chris heads on home done her practical at the senior’s home here in the city. We started with supper at The Mall and then shopping at our favourite Chinese grocery – T&T. This time we really didn’t have much else to do there and since Ken was stuck fixing someone’s code error later than we had hoped we didn’t dawdle around there. (someone changed a line of code with less than positive results… frustrating!)

In the elevator

Mmm Crepe!

We spent a little time wandering Superstore – picking up some photos I ordered for scrapbooking purposes and wandering the toy aisle to see if there were some ideas for Emanuel’s upcoming birthday (there really wasn’t). The plan for dinner tomorrow – our last with Chris – is hamburger pie so we had to pick up the hamburger and corn that go in the dish. So not the most exciting date but it was fun for us. And apparently the girl at the photolab recognizes us now… do I really develop that many pictures???

I FINALLY got my hands on a bought credit card with enough on it to get myself an Enchanted Learning membership. Which has me off to the races with my wolf and Chinese New Year stuff  to print out… until I ran out of printer paper! Which is the next product I need Ken to hunt down, that and the much needed glue sticks for the glue gun (sadly they didn’t have any at Superstore of either product). We did some more workbook work today but I am finding that Zander is still not concentrating, this time rushing… I keep trying to have civil discussions about the importance of sometimes following instructions – even with colouring pictures. He is seeming to try a little harder… but I am sure it will take time to change his mind.

It looks as if I have finally sold off Trinity’s tutu I made for her when she was a year old and really only had her wear the one time for her birthday photos (did not go well). I figured that since I had kept her first tutu from her first Halloween costume AND the tutu from the 2nd Halloween (when she was a strawberry) we could stand to get rid of this one. I have toyed with making some and selling them but am not sure it is worth the time and worry. I am just glad that it looks like some other little girl could get some use out of it!

Last night Ken and I stayed up late again – watching Haven (ok I admit it I am addicted). I got some more sewing done, I figure after a bit of a dry spell on stitches I CAN share I will share the in progress on this one since the recipient has no idea. I am enjoying this piece, it is a DMC pattern based on their Collector’s Edition package of floss.

Stitch to date

So hopefully tomorrow after the individual picks up the tutu we can head out to the conservatory, barring Ken having to work long on some error or something else coming up. With the weather warming a little we may even manage a play outside. The backyard is drifted so high we don’t feel comfortable with the kids out there alone! Crazy!!