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Back to the Closest We Get to Normal

I am trying to wrap my mind around the fact that we are into our last week in April. Which means we are staring down at our last month here in the city. Where has the time gone? Do I honestly have enough time to get everything packed AND continue with life as usual? Thankfully the boys keep coming up with new ways to further their schooling like Gavin’s book… Zander’s massive push to work through a new and more difficult phonics book… and now the large container or beads. We are finding fun in our every day activities – making cupcakes together, singing silly songs, learning a poem here and there and teaching Trinity and Emanuel what they themselves have learned.

Now I have not been to the letter with the plan we came up with the beginning of this schooling year but I am finding that every deviation has brought us to find out something new about ourselves and our learning style. Flexibility has been a needed skill and allowing the boys to go on THEIR speed not mine. It amazes me how they learn things out of no where. While Gavin was gone Zander realized that two 10’s is 20, and that he CAN count by 2’s when he has our blocks out… and 3’s up to 9!

I find I am realizing my own skills and knowledge are more than I thought as well. I accomplish things on my own and with the boys that I never thought I would. They are teaching me things too – confidence, patience, joy in the little things. Looking through their eyes at things I already know has been amazing and will continue to be amazing. I am so proud of us and our choice to homeschool… to have this larger family and to live here in Alberta with Ken working on his dream.

Today marks the day 3 years ago the Trinity was born if you can believe it! Where did the time go? I have to make some time and space to do up her yearly photo. This year I am torn between her Easter dress and a Tinkerbell costume she got as a gift a year or two ago.

BirthDATE cupcake

We dressed all 5 of the kids back up in their Easter finery and did some photos of all of them together. I need to pick a nice and quiet afternoon to get the close up pictures of Echo in her dress… having all 4 of the other kids running around and involved gets her rather cranky pretty quickly.

Miss T

Pretty in pink

The whole group in need of cropping

We have gotten into a nice pattern now that the weather has changed. After breakfast the whole bunch of them headed outside to play in the backyard, burn off energy. Even Trinity can be coerced out now that there are nice areas of dry ground.

Out in the morning

Then the kids took advantage of the new beads they got from Uncle Wayne and some cord I had in our bead bucket and made some patterns into bracelets and necklaces. Good pattern practice for the boys… a new pretty for Trinity.

Busy beaders

Completed bracelets

Gavin wrote another page in his story. We are nearing the end now! Though I was informed it will not be FINISHED until we LAMINATE.

Newest page

The boys had a SECOND run about outside… this time I had them come in and illustrate their adventure. Soccer is a new favourite here. I cannot wait until we are settled in the new city. Maybe even in time to join a group, but if nothing else find some new parks to kick ball around!

Gavin's soccer team

Zander playing soccer

It has been a rather good day… for the most part. No call back yet on our genetic testing appointment, Ken is calling Thursday morning first thing if we do not hear from our office OR the offices we need the appointments from. We gave them Friday as it was Good Friday and many places were closed and then Monday as for some it was holiday Monday but we need these appointments made and written down for our own sanity. I just want to progress with this and get a satisfactory answer to the whole issue. Did you know that our local Public Health hasn’t been recording drop in weights in our official file? We didn’t… which of course became an issue. Thankfully we have our little book that they fill out all of the weights in with their date stamp and distinctive handwritten short hand. From now on I am going to DEMAND everything is imputed in front of me, best for everyone in case a history is needed!

Playing soccer with Daddy before bed

Now to get back to a little down time, last night I packed up our winter gear and sorted through Trinity’s closet. Tonight I need to see if I can downsize some more of the random clutter… Ken may have 2 places for friends to go check out for us as soon as this week!!!! Exciting!

Miss Echo sitting solo with her puffed wheat

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And So Our Easter Ends

We are in full post Easter fun cranky mode today. The kids had so much excitement and so few naps this weekend that this afternoon’s naptime was necessary and almost welcome. Trinity went without a fight, Echo was more than willing to be snuggled into her soft blanket cocoon, though was woken up WAY too early by a brotherly spat, had to have a bum change and cuddles and then go back to bed.

With it technically still the long weekend for some we sent the boys and Trinity outside to enjoy the spring weather in the backyard. (FINALLY) It is still mucky and snow is still sneaking around in the corners but spring seems to be here. Of course the projected forecast has SNOW on Wednesday but I remain hopeful.

Running with the big boys

After lunch Zander and I took advantage of the quiet to do a little math work. He is VERY against the idea of subtraction for some reason so it is always a wee bit of a struggle. Though you give him a sheet of addition and he is happy to do it.

Math time

I lucked out and Karyn came to see us on her way home from Saskatchewan. I got a full afternoon of running errands, window shopping and lunch out. Echo was alone for the ride and took full advantage by complaining until she was taken out of her carseat at the majority of of our stops. She was called dainty, pretty, sweet and delicate and cooed over by many a person. We came home with a variety of items including a very special SHEEP KITTY!

A cat in sheep's clothing

Just one more story before bed Aunty Karyn... please!!

With the return of Gavin the excitement was revitalized to a whole new height. So while we were gone out and about Ken and Ted took the kids out to play soccer in the backyard.

Practicing with Daddy

Trinity and Ted

Tomorrow we are attempting to return to normal. The twins have workbooks to work on, Gavin a story to finish and  a huge container of pony beads to make into bracelets and necklaces thanks to Uncle Wayne. I am looking forward to a quiet rest of the evening because I am sure tomorrow we will still be faced with a house full of wild things.

Serious Baby Face

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter!

So today was FAR from our TRADITIONAL Easter… but the lack was really not that deeply felt. We started our morning with dressing the 4 kids here at home in their Sunday best… white and black for the boys and two new dresses for our girls. I walked even FURTHER from our traditions and ditched the new Easter bonnet as well. After all Trinity’s dress came with a lovely headband and Echo’s head is so tiny that it was simply easier to make her a matching headband to her dress. We will dress everyone up AGAIN on Tuesday to include Gavin in some photos but I am happy with the ones I have so far. There is some editing to be done as our background was makeshift but the kids looked lovely!

Just the girls on Trinity's bed

Echo in her refurbished dress... it worked out perfectly

The 4 that were home

Just Trinity

After we dressed everyone up it was time to dress them down. With the van running hot everything today had to be walking distance. Luckily within walking distance is McDonald’s. I don’t take the kids myself as you do have to deal with a busy road that you not only have to walk along but cross twice.


It was a special trip, instead of the usual items each of the kids got their own Happy Meal and toy. Add to that the other surprise the Easter Bunny left – Kinder Surprise Eggs and the kids were in heaven. Ted and Sean joined us and we actually had a rather leisurely meal. Though Ken and I spent the whole time looking for Gavin. It really does feel weird to only have to count 4 kids… wrong really.

Happy Meals and Kinder Surprises and Easter OH MY

After we got back and we spent some time somewhat quietly we stripped the kids down to somewhat splatter safe levels we brought out another sort of dye kit for eggs and had each of the make 2 eggs. This time it was a sponge set.

Sponge dying the eggs

Completed eggs

Zander spent some alone time outside in the sun in our half dried out backyard. This week coming up the twins are going to help Ken with the cleaning and sorting of the backyard. I am rather sure we have some broken toys to toss.

Playing in the backyard

So we certainly kept busy. The kids were hopping all day… chattering, playing, visiting… it didn’t stop, not even at naptime (which we basically skipped). I have to say they managed to wear me out. But it was fun and best of all we were able to do it without driving, even stopping at the grocery across from McDonalds and getting Zander’s tooth fairie cash Kinder Surprise. I am more than ready to be done with the day and have a restful evening… Gavin comes home tomorrow… Karyn should be coming by and I have plans to sort through some clothing and minor items for packing.

Me and my bitty baby