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Beginning the Week With Crafting

Back to weekdays once again. Last night I took some me time and did that crafting I was craving. Of course Ken needed a late night nap after gaming as he had to rush back to the city one last time. So while he did that I completed my projects… A couple different techniques – for Echo’s headband – button flowers (also used on the 4 individual hair clips all on alligator clips), and then the ice cream piece – a stacked bow; and finally the butterfly themed one, a new technique – perky butterfly bow loops. I am of two minds with the last one, I think I may need to try it with a wider ribbon – it calls for 1.5 inches and this is 1 inch wide. I find crafting soothing so this was a lovely way to end my weekend and welcome the weekdays (be it WAY too late honestly).

Button flower headband

4 button flowers of varying colours

Ice cream stacked bow

The new butterfly loops

In use

So the book we are reading in our study of Canada is a free resource called All Across Canada by Ken Yoffe and Edith Weisburg. It is a cute story that has you going all through the provinces and  territories. A little bit beyond the boys’ understanding but we are enjoying the reading of it anyway. I am actually going to spend some time looking through the site I found this link on and see how useful it is. Sometimes it can be VERY difficult to find CANADIAN resources. If I can find some uses for it I will definitely add it to my list here on the site.

I met our mail carrier today, she was going around checking on homes the census had not been recorded for (we filled ours out electronically back at the old place). She said she gets in to the centre tomorrow and hopes to be out by 10:30 but is expecting a gong show. She says that by Friday forwarded stuff should be coming to places too and is going to keep an eye out. VERY nice.

That is something that has surprised me – we all talk about how we DON’T need or use the mail all that much. This strike and lockout have certainly proven otherwise. Ken is a contract worker and so receives cheques… in the mail. Bills are generally sent through the mail. The rates on alternative ways to mail things like cards (Father’s Day) or packages (a random gift) are just not reasonable. Try and shop overseas with eBay (especially on the beloved Hello Kitty) and it is shipped via the post. The list goes on and on. That is not to say there has not been ample reason to be frustrated with the Canadian post – lost letters, delayed packages; I currently have a package we sent months ago that was misplaced and damaged and was SUPPOSED to be coming back to me when the strike occurred.

We took advantage of the lovely SUMMER weather today. I made them up a strawberry drink made out of a powder packet we had bought ages ago, strawberries out of the freezer, ice and milk. We turned on the sprinkler AND the bubble machine and cleaned the bugs out of the little pool.

Sipping away

We even dressed Echo up to enjoy a little sun, not much as the water was WAY too cold for her and the bugs all over the place but she did join in. She looked so cute in Trinity’s old bathing suit.

An actually SUNNY day

Watching her brothers run by

It was a pretty long day without Ken. The kids and I honestly like it best when he is here. I feel better when he is at least in the same city (he was over an hour away today). We are rather spoiled! I am feeling the continuing urge to craft so more bows tonight, and some research on one of my favourite anime voice actors. I am amazed how he has done voice acting in many of my favourites!

Reading until she passes out!

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What an Amazing Weekend

Good friends certainly make a great weekend into a TERRIFIC one. We lucked out and Esther stayed the night on what I am starting to think is the magic couch (very few can resist the call to nap/sleep on it). This totally made the kids’ day as she got here last night after 7 which left them limited time to play with one of their all time favourite aunties. So today was their chance to get a little more time. This time with a boardgame.

Boardgame with Aunty Esther

Esther, Echo and I ran out to Michaels to take advantage of a 40% off coupon. I picked up a roll of purple tulle and some ribbon roses and skeins of ribbon… I cannot resist a good ribbon sale.

I have to say, a great ending to a special weekend. I had everything I asked for for my birthday from a card to cake to a present and friends… had visitors ALL weekend… AND some crafting time tonight. Gotta get back in practice with making the stacked bows before I get the ribbon from (she) Chris and have to make 60 matching ones for their centrepieces!

Ready for assembly

I also found some premade (by me) button flowers using Canadian themed ribbon in a bag in my craft basket. Along with that some of the bra strap material I bought ages ago for one of Echo’s first headbands (and Anna of course). I figure that with the two items I can make a lovely headband for her to wear on Canada Day.

Band and flower

I am feeling the urge to craft craft craft. The frustrating thing is that my space I have mapped out for my crafting is still stacked high with the actual supplies. We have moved almost everything into the utility closet that needs to be there ( I should be able to share a picture of my upstairs VERY soon! YAY!) and the items from the upstairs down BUT I still can’t quite clear up enough to have the floor space to sort them out and put them away properly. Ken is heading back to the city one last time – to pick up a few things AND to let in the contractor and insurance adjuster the owners need in. I figure while he is gone and once we are done our schooling (limited as I have planned) I will focus on making myself that little spot to sort.

We are back to Canada tomorrow. There is lapbook to get going on and a story on the laptop to finish. Thankfully lots of cutting out for the big boys which will free me up to keep the younger 3 busy. I hope to put up the links to the stuff we are using sometime this week as well so check back. Now back to ribbon bow making while I watch season 4 of Soul Eater… I am going to try XXXholic next (Netflik) and see how that goes.

Fast asleep

32, Can You Believe It??

Happy Happy Birthday… #32! Yesterday was a terrific day. We started it with sunshine and warmth which had me taking 4 of the kids out to play bubbles while Echo had her morning nap. Ken came home with the big bottle of bubble soap from the old place on Thursday. We have one of those Gazillion bubbles machines (without the applicator bottle, never did find that)… though Trinity was rather sure that they were taking HER bubbles. We sorted that out, brought out some bubble soap containers and then had Kathy show up with a couple more and the kids had a blast. Of course most of the containers ended up empty by the evening.

Bubbles in the backyard

Another bonus of the moving to this particular town… proximity with another favourite aunty – Kathy. She not only brought some bubbles but also a mini trampoline (we now have 2), a lovely pink body pillow, books and a bread box and more. Talk about excitement. Of course, they still remember that she brought them a giant pink bucket of Legos that live in the basement. (we do have an upstairs container and a downstairs as well)


Book time with Aunty Kathy

Kathy, Echo and I went to the nearest mall to our house and had snacks and then went to Dollarama which happened to be one of the biggest ones I have ever been to. We picked up a shower curtain (duckies) only to find out at home that we don’t have a decent rod in the main bathroom. Something new to pick up. AND those burner tins to catch drips. A few other choice items made it home, but we examined a bunch of things I figure Kathy or myself would not have minded picking up.

Duckie shower curtain

Then in the evening Kristen and Fydo came over with a lovely handmade card (I do so love receiving things made by the giver). We had nachos for dinner and enjoyed a lively game of Settlers of Catan. Kathy won! Another bonus – boardgames, with a lovely couple AND a friend from college… BONUS.

My card

Slightly fuzzy image but TONS of fun

Another of my birthday requests fulfilled – an ice cream cake!! Total yum and leftovers for later!

Ken "helping" me with the cake

And then the present – I am REALLY excited about this one – IOU for Comic-con in 2012 AND babysitters guaranteed for the boys. And then to open today – one of my favourite chocolate bars, Cookies’n’Cream and a package of beef jerky. AND a card I have NOT gotten before (seriously he has bought me like 4 of the same Valentine’s Day cards over the years).

From Ken

I got a call from my dad last night down in South Carolina AND my mom up here. It was great to have a chance to talk to my dad, I had not heard from him since before my sister’s wedding. It looks like his plans have changed since we last talked and he will not be up until the fall. Which really doesn’t hurt us as we are homeschooling year round as well as staying rather close to home for the rest of the year. I always feel a boost after talking to my dad (I am such a shameless Daddy’s girl).

Since summer is really here (well at least we are TOLD it is) we are hoping to get the kids out more and more. the backyard is starting to shape up into a much more fun place and Kristen has alerted us to some smaller splash parks. I still want to head back and visit my mom so we can go to the splash park there (it is one of the best in the province).We just need Ken to stop needing to head back to the old place! I am REALLY hoping Monday is the end of those trips. (and VERY uneventful) Now if the rain would just stop for a FULL day! PLEASE?

Working on the playset

The more we have people over, do everyday things, put more of our personal possessions out and simply LIVE in this house the more I feel like we are home. I really need to find my picture nails. There was one nail already existing in the stairwell that the owners had simply painted over so I hung up one of my wedding series.

First wall hanging!

Ken moved the last of the stuff from upstairs down to the basement. So much more room in our dining/kitchen area now. All this just in time for a belated birthday visit from Esther resplendent in her new hairdo. Then soon after she got here Karyn gchatted us from New Orleans. We got to see some of the books she has acquired (including a SIGNED Terry Pratchett!) and catch up on her adventures (eating alligator!) and share our own (rain rain and hail… oh and more rain).

Chatting with Karyn

The kids took full advantage of a captive Aunty Esther and had her playing games and puzzles well past bedtime. Talk about convenient, she can come up later in the day and leave by midnight and still get sleep. An hour away only! (Bonus!!) The kids were even more excited when we explained that now that Aunty Esther has also moved to a better place she should be able to take one or two of them for an overnight visit as well.

Playing with the kids

So the past two days have been rather marvellous. Lots of company, yummy food and other positive experiences. Tomorrow we are planning to make a trip to Michaels (there is only one here) and start the hunt for a Canada themed shirt for Echo for Canada Day. This will be Echo’s first after all.

Sippy time