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Reflection (AKA a Filler Entry of Introspective Matter… Sorry!)

I find that at the end of any given week I tend to lean towards reflecting back on the days and moments we have experienced. Did we adventure? Are the kids progressing? Do I feel like I accomplished anything? Lately I am more and more surprised at how much affirmation I feel.

Maybe it is the space we have here, maybe the relaxation the kids always feel in Grandma’s house… Or the change in perception in returning to the town I have lived the longest in… But I feel like I am doing enough for once.

The kids are running and playing and on the move… We are working our way through things I remember from living here myself, creating art along the way. Zander has shown interest in the weather and keeping track of it and Friday Gavin read me a level 2 storybook with minimal assistance. We are doing MORE and it shows.

Maybe is is the organization. The moment I walked into my mom’s I was able to begin organizing myself and my family. Our clothes are sorted, the homeschooling items lined up neatly in the sitting room. The kids sorted into familiar rooms, a routine easy to drop into place. I do absolutely love to be organized.

Regardless, except for a few moments of doubt or exhaustion I feel more me. I am accomplishing things, keeping the kids going, creating an adventurous life out of everyday moments. Friday’s fixing of the Internet by the cable company made its way into our books… Through the right eyes and mindset watching 3 people working together to string a new line for cable and Internet is an absolute adventure. It also led to a discussion of what we use the Internet for…

Things like walking with Trinity to the Co-Op, going to the library, walking the dog… I feel more in control. Granted the biggest uncertainty – our new rental is 100% out of our hands and in the hands of the potential landlords (5 in total to hear back from) but even there we did our best… We put our best foot forward, Ken took the kids with him at times, I sorted through posts and paper adds and called some myself, we gave our best references and ensured that everyone was ok with our mode of contact (texting or email). We have done our best and now it is up to the rest of the world to work its way through. I have been told God will provide. The world will sort things out in the best way possible, we just have to have faith… At this point I have no choice but to believe that is true.

I have found hidden strengths in my family… In myself… We are able to do without the bulk of our material items (thus I will make a careful sort when all is said and done), able to enjoy the outdoors consistently and create many school activities to take advantage of that. The hard times are easier when our family is together as a unit and the world around us much more interesting when we are forced to look out for entertainment instead of focusing on our possessions.

I have high hopes that this, like the other adventures in our life to date, will lead to a new and improved outlook on the world and how we plan to face new challenges. It is not just the kids that learn something new each day. And with this new knowledge we face each new day smarter and that tiny bit more prepared for the troubles, trials and tribulations coming our way… And with that I promise the next blog entry will be less introspective and way more joyful, after all I have a whole weekend to fill you all in on and the adventures therein.

We all have our contemplative moments

Libraries, Slurpees and Other IES…

What day was Wednesday? FREE SLURPEE DAY! What were the kids way too excited about? SLURPEES! Though Trinity had a mini temper tantrum when she was told we had to (GASP) drive since once again it was raining. She got over her snit when we finally got to the 7-11. They were promoting their new cream soda flavour (which only Trinity even tried with her love of the pink)… so 7.11 oz slurpees were free to the first 1000 people. Even Echo got one (she shared with Daddy), but yours truly opted for the purchased version! 7.11 oz is just not enough for a fanatic like me! But just over 2.00 and everyone was happy… AWESOME. 


She shared with Ken

All of the girls

We made great time on our schoolwork today. Lots of additions  to our duo tangs depicting our adventures here in town… the free slurpee made its way in, the weather has continued to bring interest and of course FARMER BOY! It was quite the exciting chapter with a thwarted robbery and everything! 

No one had any interest in playing in the rain and although Ken took Zander for the walk in the morning in the evening it was just Gypsy and Ken and a good brisk run. I did, however, with Ken’s help, finish Trinity’s purse. I am planning on adding a strap like that to the other mini Hello Kitty purse I have for sale BUT the larger (9 inch) clutches will remain clutches. Trinity was over the moon with it and I am watching her to see how the strap holds up, it is made up of overlapping 6 inch half strips folded in half… I have them alternating the direction of the fold as well. 

All done

I have been in communication with our new minster at our church back in the city. Apparently we are a part of the service this week coming up that is for new members! I am so glad he took the time to email us as while we were planning on being there for Sunday School we often don’t stay for church as that is over 2 hours for the kids. We don’t have any concrete plans for our time in the city though we do not plan on going and then turning around and coming back. We still need to empty out the last of the stuff in the old van so it can be picked up by the kidney society for demolition for parts though. So I will have to sneak a peek into my mom’s closet to find something to wear. She had already found me an outfit to borrow for Saturday that may work for BOTH occasions.

We are working through our list of to-do’s… everyone was on pins and needles for it to stop raining so we can start walking around the lake etc etc. 

Today was LIBRARY day! We went as a family though Ken was feeling a little under the weather by the time we got there so it was more of a kid friendly trip. Two movies and a stack of books later and we are primed for some reading. I had to come back to the house and do some Facebook question and checking on the library catalogue to get some authors to return for tomorrow. There area few activities that are weekly there that we may drop in on during our remaining time in town as well.

In front of the library


All 4 kids worked on various school projects WILLINGLY for once! We have our ongoing duo tangs and even Emanuel gave doing the weather a go today but decided that keeping track of it was not his thing. Instead he drew a lovely picture of himself and Pocoyo in his scribbler to show something from his bedroom here. Trinity has a new workbook thanks to Grandma that has her working through the alphabet. And of course we worked on Farmer Boy. Tomorrow I am totally taking advantage of there being a printer in the house and hooked up WITH ink… time to print some more Farmer Boy sheets, stuff for our US unit (we start in June)… and the little simple cards to go with my hair clips. 

Gavin at work

The day was lovely after all that rain so in the evening (after grocery shopping) I sent all the kids outside to play with Gypsy. Trinity and Emanuel were my walk buddies in the morning and Ken did a nice jog with her after everyone went to bed. Apparently she really doesn’t pull when jogging at all! 

Backyard fun

Oh I picked myself up a special cup (on the suggestion of Kathy) at Superstore. It cost me 5.00 and I love it. 

New cup

I have to say we goofed on our shop. We got everything to make chicken caesar pitas as a special treat for the adults… except lettuce so I had a rather simple dinner… cheese, pickles and aged sausage. Noms.

Supper and book searching

So new books, lots of working on our special pages and discussion of the weather. A pretty good day, though there was SOME whining about tv and electronic games. We are working our hardest to keep that under control. I have finished what owls I can with the white felt I have on hand, I definitely need to pick up more to get the last of them done (and a few Hello Kitties). We are getting on with our life in a positive manner and THAT is a good feeling!

At play under Gypsy's supervision

Recognizing Queen Victoria With a Holiday

Happy Victoria Day everyone (ok somewhat belatedly but I am trying here). And with that we are a family back together… well sort of. Ken found that the internets here were intermittent and not working for him for work so come evening he left us for greener pastures at Sharon and Darryl’s but not, thankfully, until AFTER the girls had their bath and hair washed. 

Anyway, Victoria Day… Not a full day off for Ken as a holiday in CANADA not the US. But in the morning Ken and most of the kids took Gypsy for her morning stroll. It was a rather nice day in fact. This was the first time Ken ever walked Gypsy and it went quite well. 

Seeing off the troops

Breakfast in the highchair

We worked on some more school stuff for our duotangs, I emptied more of the van and stored it all away and of course we played. That fenced backyard, toy shed, sandbox AND a dog… bliss for our 5! 

Fun in the backyard

Baby in the wagon

Once Echo fell asleep for her afternoon nap Trinity and I got all packed up and walked to Co-Op which was thankfully open on a holiday Monday. We wandered the aisles… picked up food for supper AND got a cookie at the bakery! Chocolate chip for a very well behaved girl. Of course after that we had to stop off across the street at 7-11 to make sure that there IS a free slurpee day coming up (Wednesday) and then in turn pick up a slurpee to share. 

Ready for our walk

The rest of the afternoon was spent at home with the kids running Gypsy to happy exhaustion. The day was perfect for outdoor fun.

Little Sunshine... she went out too but first a snack

After supper Ken and I packed the kids up (and the dog) and went to the park that is just down the street from the house. There were two other kids there (a boy and a girl) and the kids made instant friends. I ran the dog back and forth on the green to keep her off the sand and the kids. She is still very timid around new people at times. 

ZOMG a picture of ME!

We stayed until the clouds blew in and the wind started to pick up, we really didn’t want to be caught in any rain and the baby was getting fussy. So it was time to say good bye and head back for baths and bed.

Pushing her own stroller

And I can’t forget the turtle Emanuel made for us out of the clay! He took inspiration off the one on the box (thus the details in the legs) and of course her eggs.

A most amazing turtle

Tuesday was rainy, VERY rainy… Ken took some of the kids for the morning walk with the dog… while they were out and about enjoying the rain Echo and I took pictures.

Sweet Pea

With attitude

What is there to do at Grandma’s on a rainy day? Why… play GOLF!


This of course was later documented in the boys’ duotangs…What is Mommy to do? Sort her purse out, and boy did I need to!

All of that did NOT go back into the purse

The each did a picture dealing with the Weather. Zander has decided to do a daily weather report like is on tv. Three boxes for the day with an image to represent the weather and then the temperature listed as well. Even Emanuel got in on schoolwork with copying some words that relate to the stuff the boys are working on. 

Weather work with the Weather Channel

Emanuel and his words

Basically an indoor sort of day, even Gypsy was less than enthused with the great outdoors… I guess kids AND dog hate sitting in the wet grass to play and of course in the rain the sandbox is off limits! But what a great way to start the week: schoolwork, doggy time and various entertaining activities! And tomorrow… we finally CATCH UP the blog! 

And one more for the cuteness factor