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Sunday Summary

And so we wake up on the middle day of our long weekend here in Alberta. Sunday, the day before Victoria Day. No Sunday school on long weekends so no guilt for not heading back to the city for that. Instead we woke up early and… walked the dog. It was nicer out than Saturday morning but there was still resistance. 

Walking together! (Gavin)

Best seat

After a brisk but lengthy walk the kids played outside while I made breakfast and our day began once again.

Baby and her puppy

We had a very special walk in the afternoon to Liquidation World. We were originally looking for bubbles since ours were coming back with Ken from the city that night but had no luck there. So of course we wandered the aisles, picked up some candy and… texted Ken to request input on a very special purchase… a new inflatable pool! I got vetoed on the larger 40.00 one as of course with 5 kids an inflatable pool really only lasts ONE season but the 24.00 one… came home with us in the bottom of the stroller! Thank goodness Ted had his cell phone and was with Ken so we could converse via the texts! 

The pool!

The kids were first excited about the possibility, then bored when it took FOREVER to hear back from Daddy (we timed this financial dilemma with his shower time) and then excited again when that box came off the shelf and we paid for it! One more BIG step forward to fulfilling our summer dreams.

The kids were relatively well behaved… well enough so that we could agree that EVERYONE deserved a freezie and I mean EVERYONE. Even Echo got a half of one that she managed to spread all over herself and enjoy thoroughly. I had to redo her hair, sadly I am not the stylist my mom is but I managed a jaunty little ponytail that kept her hair out of her eyes admirably. 


The rest of our evening was spent with baths and preparing for early bed… Ken was due home that night and it was more than enough for me to be home alone with the kids that long. All the walking and such is enough to make you ready to curl up and nap. We had to cancel our second walk and instead the kids played with Gypsy in the backyard running and tossing her ball. Echo was too done in and had to be in bed right after dinner after all.

Happy to have Gavin feed her her yogurt and aspirin

Tv for the boys in their rooms for an hour or so and then lights out and bed. I waited for the silence and then took a bath and library book for myself. Thanks again to Victoria for helping me pick some out on my way here… and even better, they can be returned here in town since it is Parkland area! EASY!

They are actually doing quite well sitting and having cartoon breaks together

I was so glad that Ken got home Sunday night, regardless of the kids… I missed him a lot. We do our best here together. No matter WHERE together is… I am honestly REALLY looking forward to being together in our OWN place, with the viewings he had this weekend we must be one step closer but in all honesty being here… in the town I spent the largest span of time in (we moved a lot growing up)… the urgency has faded a little. Don’t get me wrong, I still want us to move on… but here we have some space to breath, a town I remember fondly to explore and family around (well sort of … when they get back from THEIR vacation). Maybe not the most exciting town but there are things for the kids to explore.

And explore we will so keep checking back!!

Tupperware makes the best toys!

Sunny Saturday

Now then, Saturday solo… a whole new can of worms really. I forgot to mention in the last entry but I did have the boys sitting down to do school work. We started with info about the area and mom and Mike. Address of the house, etc. There was some complaints but each of the twins has started his duotang for the time period we spend here. 

Gavin working on his mosaic piece

Gypsy relaxing on mom's bed... we closed their door after just to be sure she did not get shut in. She actually got much perkier once we got through the first day without them

Today’s schoolwork was tied in with one of our multiple walks. Of course not the first one… the first walk of the day was early. Though we had to wait for Trinity to wake up and all that before we could go. It was our first attempt with the stroller and the dog together. After some initial puppy confusion it was not too bad really. We did the same path that I did with Trinity and Emanuel the day before and found that by the time we got back to the house EVERYONE was cold and hungry. So time for breakfast! 

Out on the AM walk (Zander is on left)

After breakfast there was plenty of time for Saturday morning cartoons, playing, petting the dog and of course laundry. The kids all were able to scatter… or not… there were still some arguments and all but everyone is so much more relaxed. 

TV in the twins' room

Echo in one of her favourite cupboards at Grandma's

After 3 of the 5 kids napped we packed everyone minus dog back up and walked to the nearest gas station for… SLURPEES! We had to walk past a couple parks, checking out what is local AND cross the train tracks… hand holding buddies for safety of course. Each of the twins  takes one of the little ones. 

Slurpee walk, later to be immortalized in their duotangs

OH and our watermelon, eaten in pieces throughout the day

It is official though – Echo LOVES Pepsi slurpees… she is so much like her Mommy!!!

For the record, I blame my mom who hooked ME on the stuff before I was even one!!

That walk wiped us all out for the afternoon and put to serious question whether or not we would make our second walk with Gypsy BUT… we persevered and took ANOTHER route… this one around the nearest little park and into the trailer park area… a closed area that was quite interesting with its varied buildings and fronts. TWO gardens even had little beds of flowers… silk flowers! The kids were amazed. 

On the evening walk

Stopping to smell some of the REAL flowers

We did temporarily misplace a shoe (an Echo shoe) and had to backtrack to find it (which we did)… and of course when we got home there were some baths to have AND we managed to set up (via the iPad) a Skype with Daddy… though he did not have a camera. Add to that some crafting and it was a busy, full and FUN day. Though man was it tiring! So much walking and playing and settling of minor disputes. I am so glad I am NOT a single parent!

A little post walk play in the backyard

Owls on parade! all are going to the craft sale on the 9th!

So that was Saturday… and I am sure I will recount Sunday in great detail… tomorrow. Catching up is slow going when your days are full of kids, walks, dog and reorganization (so much room to go through each and everything and tidy it into better packing system… so pleased… can you feel my contentment with the SYSTEM in place????).

Girls with attitude

I love all this green

Beginning our Stint in Charge of Gypsy

Thursday… hmmm… well another day at Karyn’s and this time having run out of MOST of my supplies. I basically was able to make 3 ribbon bows and that was about it. Karyn had a ribbon drawer for me to pillage which helped a bit. Of course with an unexpected free day and very little supplies at hand I indulged in a very long bath and some quiet time. Echo was rather sweet too and napped willingly and multiple times. 

Enjoying Aunty Karyn's

Karyn came home early and with packing and a viewing on his way to collect Echo and myself we had some spare time. After watching a silly Japanses commercial for KFC on YouTube we had to go out and get some! Then it was time to pack up and ready ourselves for Ken and the rest of the kids. 

We piled into the packed up van and headed out to meet Victoria at work at the library where I went in solo to chat and collect a few books to read. Then it was off to Grandma’s. The kids were even MORE excited when we stopped off at a grocery store to pick up sandwich fixings so they could eat IN THE VAN! 

We got to Grandma’s late enough that there was time to bathe the boys, get in our mountain of stuff and send the kids off to bed. BUT it was so nice to have space… and everyone have doors. The twins share a room, Emanuel another and then we bunk Trinity down in the playroom on a crib mattress on the floor… easy reach for the dollhouse! Echo, of course, shares a room with Ken and myself but there is plenty of room so I was even able to sort out our clothes into tidy organized areas. Of course that showed even more clearly have few options I actually have right now… boo. But mom lent me a few tank tops (I am missing one of mine in the transfer here so far) and an outfit for the internment next weekend. Thank goodness we are close to the same size!!

Gypsy in duplicate!

Friday was a pretty special day. First off, Ken watched Echo while Trinity and Emanuel and I did our first walk with Gypsy. We wandered the neighbourhood even though it was rather chilly (and the boys’ pants are not yet here… but will be after the weekend) and did our best to wear out the puppy.

After that it was time for us to pack the whole family up and head to Staples. We can’t get a PO number until next term after the end of the month so we called ahead before we came here and set it up for a mini shopping spree. It was rather fun to go with all of the kids and pick out some educational bits and bobs that we can use for more than just today or tomorrow. We even picked up a whiteboard! 

Then we went to Superstore for some groceries… pineapple for less than 2.00 and watermelon for less than 4.00! And then back home for lunch and NAPS! In fact, by the end of the day the only person who did NOT have a nap was Zander. Gavin fell asleep later in the day during a time out and the other 3 went to nap really easily at naptime. 

We snuck in some school work too! A page all about Grandma and Grandpa Mike and their home. Lots of reading and answering of questions. Thank goodness I had the iPad with some apps to explain what the difference is between town and province!

Gavin at work

Ken hung around for most of the day but before dinner and mom getting home was packed up and heading out for the LAN party at Kristen and Fydo. He must have been just devastated to leave… NOT! He is gone until Sunday night leaving me solo from Saturday morning on. While dinner was being made mom had her friend Ashley over who is helping us out with Gypsy when we aren’t at the house (next weekend for various reasons). 

Echo with her hair done by Grandma... 3 tiny braids

Our evening was rather quiet, Mike and mom had to pack. Though Mike had a surprise for her – brand new matched hard top luggage! Mom had wanted the suitcase but had not picked it up yet so he went back and picked it AND the smaller carry on up for her. Aren’t they lovely? And they were on sale! 

New luggage

That left me with my evening free, I have our laundry sorted, the kids settled and plans to explore the city… organized and RELAXED Lisa welcome back!!!! 

Cool baby