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Oops Another Catch Up

And I am back in catch up mode… sorry all! Let’s go back to Tuesday… The sunshine keeps on coming which has totally worked in our favour. The boys are still resistant to doing work out in the sunshine but less so than in the house. We are still mainly focused on Farmer Boy and his adventures which is just fine with me. The newest one – Tin-Peddler. We have been working on a list of all the characters in the story… Mr. Nick Brown the peddler was our newest addition. 

Gavin and Zander

What interested Mommy was the statement that Almanzo knew that little boys could listen to adults conversing but NEVER interrupt by talking. The twins were less than enthused but I am hoping we can apply that nugget of knowledge at least to the point where we decrease interruptions by little pitchers with big ears.

Our actual visit to the green and park had to be sped along to just sitting by the park though. The city was cutting the green and that meant we couldn’t spread out our blanket and enjoy the sunshine before heading onto the park. Thankfully the grass around the park was already done and we could find a nice bit of grass to settle on.

The cause of our plan change

We made up for it with pop

The kids were a little disappointed that the little boys from Monday were not there but they managed. Sand is always a fun thing to be around after all and this park is kept rather clean.

They were making a mine apparently

I took my time in the sunshine to make some more stacked bows. It wasn’t too difficult once the kids finished their writing and discussing of the chapter, to spread out and work out some combinations. I completed all but the portions that require hot glue. 

Crafting in process

We spent hours out in the sun, luckily it was not as hot out as projected (26 Celcius) and a little overcast. We are all starting to see some lightening in out hair from the sun! 

At the park

That night it was my time to take Echo and go back to Karyn’s for our weekly visit. The plan WAS for one night but… anyway… after work Karyn AND Lauralee came and collected myself and Echo. Always a bit of a pain in the bum with the playpen to drag along AND the carset to install.

We kept it earlier since Karyn had to go to work crack of dawn the next day and I stayed up to watch a little Netflix after Karyn and Echo had gone to bed. That left Wednesday as a major crafting day. I brought with me the features and wings to 4 owls, some ribbon and a stack of felt to make into felt bows on bobby pins. Karyn and I had stopped Dollarama the night before where I found a solution to displaying everyone on our table. Lots of bright coloured plastic containers! I am looking forward to next week when Ken and I are going to head to the one local to my mom’s place and do some minor shopping. 1.00 a piece!!

With Netflix, only one kitty and some crafting time I really had a great day of it. Dare (actually spelled DERE oops but shall remain Dare for my word search count) even came out and hung around in public! I can’t say that he LIKES us, but he has gotten more used to us! And he and Echo seem to have somewhat bonded on their hatred of Karyn’s shop vac.

Cat in Public

We had planned on going back to Chris and Chris’ that night but Ken suggested we stay another… so a dinner of slurpees and 7-11 chicken and wedges was planned and a brief run to the Superstore for lunch the next day… then one load of laundry to cover diapers and we were set for a VERY lazy evening of chatting… once Echo went to bed of course! 

Baby in the sunshine

Baby on the balcony

Baby asleep... with Fat Sheep

So that was the first half of my week! Nothing extreme but some really great moments! 

GASP hedgehog!

Not So Manic Monday

And today was my chance to reinvent myself a little with a new do. FINALLY after years of growth it was time to cut the bulk of my hair off. I went to a hair school called The Academy and spent a measly 15.00 (12.00 plus tax plus tip) on my haircut. I also got a shampoo, style and they were wonderful conversationalists. I did find that my hair is dry so now I need to get some deep conditioning (or go in for one of their treatments… again under 20.00… but I would need to have the time for it first!). I had a bunch taken off, layers put in and the front made to frame my face. 

So much shorter!

And the front. They straightened it for me to style it... not something I ever do!

There was a bit of a confusion with my appointment as the girl who scheduled me forgot to rewrite it as just a haircut at 11 and instead had me for a colour at 10. Thankfully they could still fit me in and Ken and the kids were able to find internet at a McDonald’s parking lot. The kids cleaned up their toy mess in the back of the van and enjoyed the colouring books I have in there for them. Ken used the iPad to check mail, work, etc. It was a little over an hour for me to finish so they were bored by the end of it. I stopped in at a dollar and more store next door after my appointment while I was waiting for my ride and got them a colour by number book to add to our stash. That is something that we have begun to realize with this super delayed move… we need to be prepared in ALL our spaces. It is a good practice to keep a full toy and activity bag in the van, along with snacks and some drinks in the back. A change of undies for our youngest… things like that. The diaper bag is always packed with a few extras and I am getting more in the habit of keeping a suitcase with an overnight for me and the girls so we can go out a little more and be without the boys.

So we are becoming mobile more and more… our next big venture is to be back to Grandma and Grandpa Mike’s to dog and house sit while they are gone to Nebraska. This works in my favour with the craft sale as well as it is in the same town they live in AND they have the room for me to spread out what I have and take stock. With my added duct tape creation I may just have the variety I want and need! But we shall see what gaps I have as well. 

So haircut… what else… right we also stopped off at Futureshop and got my Mother’s Day present! A brand new case for our iPad! Black and pink… with a lovely magnetic closure. Trinity thought I should have gotten the Hello Kitty one… but Ken vetoed that one before we could even get a close look at it! It WAS bubble gum pink. 

In the case with the stylus that came today in the mail

Anyway that got us back at Chris and Chris’ well past lunchtime so with a quick stop off at Walmart for a few food items it was time to put Echo to nap and pack the rest up with a picnic, schoolwork and sunscreen. Back to our favourite green area of course! 

Lunch on the green

We had some potty runs back to the house. I had a twin take a smaller one… it is a very direct route and they do not cross any roads so I thought I would give them the responsibility. They did a terrific job! After we got through our chapter of Farmer Boy it was time to move onto the park. There was a grandma with her two grandsons there and their sand toys which they willingly shared! We stuck around for a while but Trinity was wearing out and I had noticed that a couple items that were in our duffel bag smelled a little off. So time to head back for laundry, baths and changing of clothing. 

With one of the little boys

That ending the kids’ day and left us with dinner and putting them to bed. Ken and I took advantage of the quiet and walked to the local Mac’s together. It was nice to have some time outside the house together… alone! 

Would be a lot easier to craft if not for the fact that Echo decided to wear my Velcro dots like Nicotine patches

Happy Mother’s Day

And what a Mother’s Day I have had! We started off with an early morning getting everyone into their church clothes for Sunday School at our church. There was some grumbling and my first thing in the morning picture was a flop as Trinity was rather sure we would never get to what SHE wanted to do – get a princess skipping rope. But we all cleaned up nice. 

We actually misjudged how long it takes to get to the city from Chris and Chris’. So we were a little early… that meant we had time for a Tim Hortons stop off… special coffee for Mommy and Daddy. And then onto the church. Trinity was a little reticent about going to class but in the end they all went. The church is VERY excited about the 3rd of June when they plan to present all the costumes mom has made for them. Actually… there are TWO more bags waiting at mom’s as well! I will have to bring those the Sunday before as we are planning an extended visit at mom’s anyway to watch the house and dog. 

Just the girls! Echo's dress was a recent gift from my mom, Trinity's a gift from my step mom and sister back when she was baptized as a baby!

Anyway, after Sunday School we took ANOTHER set of pictures on the lawn as best we could and then it was time to coordinate with Karyn. Ken’s sneakers have been on the way out for ages now so we added in a visit to the mall for some shoe shopping. The kids were bored out of their minds and of course I had to nag a little to make sure it was like ALL our shopping trips when Ken is involved (he is VERY picky and a VERY slow shopper) but I think it was fun! We ended up finding a lovely pair ON SALE so it was all good. 

The best one of ALL my kids together

Just the big ones

A cute one of Echo (I made her the headband for another dress)

Karyn took Zander and we split up at that point. The rest of us changed out of our church clothes (except Ken who apparently missed that memo) and headed to the grocery store to get our picnic. A pre-cooked whole chicken to start, Emanuel picked out orange no name pop (actually REALLY good), some random unusual chips, water and some lemongrass pepper seasoning. With Karyn’s chocolate cupcakes we had a fine meal. 

Echo and the water cup she dumped all over herself

Gavin and Zander

After meal it was playground time. Zander informed me that he made some great friends and everyone had fun. 

Gavin on a slide

We let Echo down for a little bit but she had thrown off her sandals in the van and the ground was getting hot! 

At ground level

This was a good indication that it was time to leave for Karyn’s house. Ken needed to check email (viewings got postponed to tomorrow due to wives saying uhhhh do you KNOW what day it is today???) and have a nap (poor man got too much sun in his Sunday best). In the mean time Echo tore apart some paper (nothing super important), some bubbles were blown and the Wii was played! A good break in a cool apartment. 


After that break it was time to head back to Chris and Chris’… I think we did an admirable job of tiring out the children! Baths and bed after a light supper worked out just fine. Oh, I forgot to mention, yesterday we moved Trinity into the booster seat and Echo into Trinity’s BIG GIRL seat! Talk about exciting! 

Big girl!!

End the night with a fire out back for the adults and it has been a grand Mother’s Day.


And tomorrow I get my haircut AND get to go iPad cover shopping (my gift from my family). YAY! 

I still have a bit of a shock at times when I realize I am the mother of 5! How blessed am I???