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Andrew’s Party Overflow

Always with the photos… enjoy the overflow!

Birthday boy

Aidan and the twins

With the mommies

Supper in the backyard

Copper Kyle and Samantha’s dog

Blowing out the candles

Feeding the baby

Sporty boys

Bitty baby in the grass

Beginning the Weekend

The days are ticking by and with them goes August. Can you believe we have been here over a month? It is going so well that I have to say I am SURE this was the best choice for our family. I guess I am still working on my personal understanding of this truth. The days that have been bad are fewer and fewer at this point. I think it helps that we keep ourselves relatively busy…

Friday we spent our time around the house but it felt so busy. The kids were over the moon having their cousins there for the whole day. And after fun in the front yard…

Scotch tape and leaves

Nana and Baba took all but Echo out for a picnic and the park while Ken and I stayed home to clean (me) and work on job applications (Ken). Once the group returned the sprinkler was turned on in the backyard and more fun was had!

In line for sunscreen

slipping and sliding

So no school Friday due to cousins and a hot hot day best spent outside. Well for the kids, I am still working on the clutter in the basement… slow and steady on that one, I don’t think I will get EVERYTHING sorted out until we are moved into our own place once again but I am determined to do the very best I can to create some semblance of peace and organization.

Post water craft

Saturday, on the other hand… much more busy!! It was decided that Saturday was a good day to celebrate Andrew’s 12th birthday (seriously where has the time gone!). As the location of choice was his grandparents’ (John and Maggie) we went over to visit with the kids at their house first. Toys, boys and a good friend… perfect for the whole family!

I love this picture, it looks like she is lecturing him about some sort of text or call from another woman

Birthday boy on his way

Over at party central there was a lovely fenced in yard for the kids to play in and plenty of outside toys. Soccer, badminton, some sort of catch game and seats for the adults. 


Supper was VERY yummy, cheesy potatoes, corn on the cob and turkey. Add in some fruit snacks, veggie chips and lemonade for the kids and everyone was full in the end. Though there was some excitement over some bees. 

In line for dinner

Birthday boy’s choice… cake first! Sp we had to gather everyone around the cake and take pictures of course! This cake was rather neat, it was a round cake with cupcakes around it. Little mini hamburgers and watermelon cupcakes and a grill for the cake. LOTS of icing! 

The cake

What a group!

After cake it was time for PRESENTS! I am so glad Andrew liked his wallet (duct tape) and owl (sock) we gave him! I have already had a special request from my godson (Anthony), he wants a BABY owl for Christmas. I am going to have to keep an eye out for some special socks for everyone down here. Not having a Dollarama has cramped my shopping. As well as the fact that is seems like cheap socks around here are ALL ankle length – no good for owls! 

Opening presents

Even big Andy made it, at the end of the party… he was stuck reassembling his semi truck with the hopes of fixing whatever was wrong with it. But we got in a quick visit. He is more often gone than here really. 

The Daddy cometh

And that was our Saturday. I really am hoping we can spend some more weekends with the Novaks. They start school up again after Labour Day so our visits during the day will be less often BUT now that we are here for good… well there is so much more opportunity to plan! 

Hard to believe he was a few months short of a year old at our wedding!!!

Maid to Be Mine: A Regency Cinderella Story book review

Ok for the first time since I have started reviewing my books I have come across one I am more lukewarm about… A Regency era story called Maid to Be Mine: A Regency Cinderella Story. This novel is by K.L. O’Keefe and while it is TITLED a REGENCY story I found that some of the language and mannerisms, the way people moved so quickly to first names was NOT traditional Regency style. 

The main character is Cynthia, the only daughter of an Earl, step sister to Georgina (the traditional spoiled brat) and Edith (the spinster sweet heart of a step sister). Of course the evil stepmother Jemima is suitably evil and plotting to ensure Georgina gets the best match. Add to the story one Roland or Rolly as his friends call him, Cynthia’s cousin who takes over the title of Earl on the death of her father and you have the family. 

Of course there has to be the servants Cynthia is cast down to work beside… Tess the head maid, Solomon the near silent butler and the wild card Robert the snarky general man about servant. The final piece to the puzzle – the prince charming… aptly name Lord Charmington. 

With the manipulative stepmother you have the driving force behind the new Earl forcing Cynthia below stairs when she once again refuses his offer of marriage… with Edith refusing to abandon her and the servant Robert along for the ride there are allies and foes alike. My biggest beef with this story is how out of era portions of it felt… I also felt that the new Earl’s laugh represented by the words “yuk yuk” was annoying more than witty or even entertaining. The ending has an unexpected twist but for myself was not enough to make it a re-read. If you want a quick read to fill some time and are not too committed to traditional Regency this could be the book for you. Myself, not so much. 

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