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One Thread Pulled: The Dance With Mr. Darcy

One always wonders what if… what if a conversation was not overheard? A comment left unsaid? What if something, something small and seemingly insignificant did not occur or DID in a manner different from the original? How would that change the circumstances that follow? “What if” is what Diana J. Oaks focused on with her continuation of a Jane Austen book from a significant point in its narration onward. She chose the book Pride and Prejudice from the point at which Darcy and Bingly discuss the options for dancing at the local ball. 

I find this all to be explained marvelously in the Amazon page as follows: “When the wealthy and handsome Fitzwilliam Darcy encounters the beautiful and lively Elizabeth Bennet at a small country ball, he loudly refuses to dance with her, declaring her to be merely tolerable. Fortunately for Mr. Darcy, Elizabeth has walked away and does not overhear his insult, thus snagging the thread that would have sealed her prejudice against the prideful stranger. Unexpectedly, circumstances thrust Elizabeth into the same household as Mr. Darcy, and her proximity unwittingly proves tempting, as her tantalizing wit and playfulness evoke desires that threaten to unravel his resolve against her.”

Many of the main events still occur in some form… Jane still falls ill and requires Elizabeth to nurse her at the Bingly’s estate… Darcy’s aunt still descends upon everyone in scorn… the cousin Collins comes to stay with the Bennetts for a time… Wickham’s issues with Darcy and his beloved sister are dealt with… but the outcomes are all different to varying degrees. 

What I LOVE about this book is that with all these changes of varying degrees we get to see so much more character with people. Individuals are further developed, relationships strengthened and motives better understood. WHY was Bingly’s sister so horrible and so self entitled  What were the younger sisters really like? Darcy’s cousin the sickly Ann, what of her under her mother’s shadow? 

If you have ever wondered what Darcy was truly like or how Elizabeth could have been had she not heard his acidic comment, how the romance could have progressed, how the families would adapt and grow this is definitely a book for you. With the flavour of Jane Austen and the beloved characters of a well known classic we are further educated in culture and beliefs of the regency era.

My only complaint is the same as I have had with some Jane Austen books… the pace is VERY slow, the language flowery… this means you have to be in the right mood (at least for me) to read them. So at times I did put this book down to return to a more contemporary fast paced book. But isn’t that part of the allure of the true regency era novel? That more gentile feel, the softness and almost innocent flirtation for the most part? So maybe the word COMPLAINT is not the right one, maybe CHALLENGE! So please, take a few evenings or sunny afternoons and challenge yourself to slow down, relax and enjoy a really good book!

One Thread Pulled

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Happy Thanksgiving!

November 21-22

We had a rather special Thanksgiving… this was our FIRST American Thanksgiving… turkey and all! The preparation was quite extensive with a second table brought out of the garage, the good china and silver on the adult table and all. There was tons to do the night before and in the morning Nana and Baba were busy cooking quite early in the morning. We had TWO turkeys, two kinds of stuffing (one with sausage), mashed potatoes, a variety of olives, buns, corn… so much food!

The Johnson men carving one of the turkeys

We did DOUBLE our Gratitude turkey for Wednesday in order to fill out our tail a little more.


Miss T

And the twins made their turkey centrepieces from the Art for Kids site! Simple and fun and 3D!!! You can find the how to on another site HERE.

So cute!

Really beyond getting ready for Thanksgiving… oh and Ken going in for an IMPORTANT meeting… well we spent time with Nana and Baba and did our basic school stuff. I am definitely going to have to get us back on track with our dinosaurs but we are taking a temporary hiatus on learning about new ones!

Thursday/Thanksgiving had us put our final two feathers on our Gratitude turkey. They LOVED this daily activity!



Joe, Faithe, Gabriella and Zachary were first ones here followed by Ken’s Aunty Judy, Uncle Jim and his cousins Robbie, Jessica and Angela with her boyfriend Stefan. We had a full house and the kids were over the moon!

Outside with Gabby and Zachary

Hanging out with Aunty Faithe and Nana

We used our very special Home Depot turkey napkin holders AND our Art for Kids turkey centrepieces. The kids were so proud of being able to help decorate the tables. Gabriella brought special paper napkin holders also with a turkey theme!

The kids’ table (sorry Robbie and Jessica! But thanks for supervising!)


We ended the day with sitting around and relaxing and LOTS of visiting.

Post dinner rest

Quite the amazing first day of a FOUR day weekend!!!! AND our first day of true snow that STICKS! Though it did not come until the evening. Definitely time to get those boots for the boys!

Thanksgiving is a tiring holiday!

Proper Vistors and an AMAZING Lasagna

November 19-20

Mondays always feel a little hectic. And this Monday we felt doubly rushed as we really had a TRUE weekend with visits and errands AND a lazy Sunday morning. It was fun!

Trinity: Hello Kitty

Emanuel: fire trucks

Gavin: flowers

Zander: being able to read

Gratitude Turkey

Monday was Ken’s day to teach for once. We worked on a list of to do stuff for them the night before and set it all up so they could work together without me. So I actually got to SLEEP IN properly on a WEEKDAY! It was so nice! And as an added bonus, they did pulleys together! Note the amazing drawings in their journals.

Fun with pulleys

We watched a Wild Kratts episode on Geckos so the boys drew pictures and we recounted what we learned on a special page. The boys are talking about making a poster of random animals of interest. I am all for that!


I got a package in the mail that included some special Halloween craft supplies for the kids! I am doing an exchange with my Christian cross stitch group and am almost to the point where my gifts are ready to go! 

Thank you!

With ink in Nana and Baba’s printer (though colour is eluding us) Tuesday was a Thanksgiving print out frenzy! Of course first we had to decide what we were thankful for!

Zander: for Thanksgiving

Gavin: the earth

Emanuel: Echo

Trinity: dolls

Zander and our turkey

We also taped our poem… it took FOUR tries with Echo definitely not in the mood to perform and some miss starts to get it going. This poem was a lengthy holiday one I found in one of my saved resources and a lot of fun as we came up with various gestures to go with it!

Thanksgiving Poem

After worksheets and a dinosaur and some cleaning it was time for GUESTS! Bree and Quinn came to play… and to make us real honest to goodness homemade lasagna. (So amazing!) This also meant that Bree and I got a chance to run out kid free to Target to get supplies, wander a bit and talk about girly things (I am still on the fence as to what colour I should colour my hair!).

With Aunty Bree

The kids played indoors and outdoors but mostly trains!

Playing trains

Their outside creation

Teaching Quinn about Minecraft

And then Echo decided to see how big of a bump she could get with tipping a kitchen stool onto her head!

And trust me, it looked worse later… check back to see!

Thankfully she has terrific big brothers who are willing to hold the cold cloth and ice to the bump for a while while they watched Jake and the Never Land Pirates!

Poor baby

With an AMAZING lasagna for dinner already there for me to warm and serve my evening was mainly crafting and dealing with an injured infant. Time to welcome the Nana and Baba home! Those 3 weeks sped by.

Thank you so much for the supper Bree!