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Temporary Hiatus

Sorry everyone, as I am sure  you have noticed I have missed a few days posting or simply gone simple… we are having some website issues… I hope to have them resolved by the end of the Memorial Day Weekend… In the meantime some teasers… back tracking to Trinity’s belated family party… visiting with Lily… Novaks… bikes and a few school completions!!! Expect double posts for a while!!!

Forgive Me???


Found in the Triassic period, this early theropod was a dominante predator in Argentine (South America). The Herrerasaurus had short forearms with claws on its fingers. 3 partial fossils have been found and it is not until the 80’s that a skull was recovered. To date this dinosaur is one of the earliest known to roam the earth! Quite the interesting critter.

We have TWO videos… first I’m a Dinosaur…

…and second, a drawing video by Brooks Leibee.

And now for the links… Jurassic park has our dinosaur HERE. The EnchantedLearning fact sheet is HERE. has their charts and map HERE. Of course has their usual set up HERE. Animal Planet has an article HERE. UCMP has an article with links to lecture notes HERE. Britannica has an article HERE and of course you can check out Wiki right HERE. Our colouring page is from deviantArt and our favourite dinosaur artist Zakafreakarama. You can find the page HERE and his page HERE.

With Zander

A Tale of 3 Witches… a Book Review

A Tale of 3 Witches by Christiana Miller and Barbra Annino is a short story combination of their Toad Witch and Stacy Justice series. I have reviewed two of Barbra Annino’s Stacy Justice series… Opal Fire and Bloodstone. The Toad witch series is new to me and where the story starts with young mom Mara and her roommate Gus. With a ghostly Aunt Tillie and her ghost toad, her darling baby and the complicated back story (not really touched on in this short but … I am intrigued all the same) father of the child Paul we get off to a great start.

Samhain (Halloween) is on its way and a terrible trouble has been foretold. What is a witch to do but head to Amethyst, Illinois and the B&B Geraghty Girls Guest House. I don’t want to go too far into the story but I have to say, even without knowledge previous to this for one of the paranormal series I had a great afternoon reading this one! And now want to find the first in Christiana Miller’s series and dive right in! So watch for future reviews on BOTH of these authors as I get my hands on their works!

For now, check out A Tale of 3 Witches!!!

A Tale of 3 Witches

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