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Wedding Flirts!

The sequel to Beach Flirts! has officially been read… Wedding Flirts! Another series of gems! Though one of the women’s reasons for avoiding/missing out on love was a little frustrating (she had a disease in remission and so ran since her life COULD be shorter… not cool). As usual Lisa Scott has shared with us a series of lovely contemporary romances all tied together… this time a series of weddings. We have a couple familiar faces and connections from the previous book and of finally see insight into the minds and loves of the wedding photographer and the ever a bridesmaid blogger.

There are some truly outrageous plans being made for weddings, people with their hearts all over the map and loves that you just can’t help but cheer on. Each romance in this anthology CAN stand alone, but you don’t get the full story if you miss out on Beach Flirts! Check out my review on Fairy Tale Flirts! to find the links of all the others I have read by her. 

Lisa Scott writes the perfect little gems for a rainy afternoon or a quick perk up after a long day! WeddingFlirtsCollectionVol05

Now a Year Has Passed

The kids have grown and my interest in photographing them and our new country we now call home has not diminished…101_3501




A fairy princess

A fairy princess

I love how the dolly is waving

I love how the dolly is waving

Camouflage to blend in...

Camouflage to blend in…

I just can't get over this face

I just can’t get over this face


And The World Keeps Turning…

September 16-18

The day after a big visit like we had over the weekend is always a bit of a drag. So I kept it relatively light school wise and had the kids jump right into their journals and drawing special pictures from their favourite moments of the weekend.101_4556

101_4558101_4559The kids even took initiative and during my bath played a rather quiet and surprisingly battle free game of Carcassonne! Team work, problem solving, math… it was all there and all their choice!101_4560

With a new week it was also time to start a new topic … EGYPT, though of course we still need to finish off the lions. That will take a little time and I want Egypt going and at least mostly done before all our library books are no longer able to be renewed.101_4561

We are still enjoying the Grandma braids. I really need to learn how to French braid!101_4562

On Tuesday my boys were HUGE helpers and made their lunches and the lunches for the girls! All I had to do was put everything on the table. They do love being independent.101_4563

I am so impressed by how hard the kids are working on things. Sometimes even offering to do extra of this or colour one more thing. It really does offset the rest of the frustrations and arguments.101_4565

Some mornings earlier and in better moods than others!

Early morning cartoons!

Early morning cartoons!

Though on Wednesday we did start on some amazing Egyptian tales!101_4568

101_4569101_4570The kids even created us an Egyptian themed centerpiece for our table all out of Lego!!101_4572

And had a visit from a lovely fairy…101_4574

It amazes me what the kids can make from Legos… this piano and guitar were Gavin’s brainchild.101_4578

On we go, after a good bye are always more Hellos101_4567