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Happy Birthday Boys!!

February 1-2

It is hard to believe that the twins are finally double digits… 10 years old! And Emanuel… 8! Where has the time gone???101_6081

Of course there was a day or two before that. On the 1st, which also fell on the first Saturday of the month was Home Depot Saturday. We actually had forgotten all about it with Ken’s surgery the week before, Chinese New Year and planning for Ken’s dental extraction. Thankfully a family friend called Nana to talk about something and mentioned her husband was out at it with one of their grandsons and we still had time to make it in!101_6061 Ken and myself had birthday party errands to run for the 2nd which was the best day for a family party for the boys what with Nana and Baba leaving for 9 weeks on the 6th. And while we were gone Nana had a full out hair parlour going… cuts, blow dries… it was great. We came back to some very dapper kids!

Sorry these are not my camera

Sorry these are not my camera

photo (83)photo (84)photo (86)photo (87)Of course the 2nd was a busy one… Sunday school first which leftmyself, Echo, Nana and Baba to get the final stuff done for the party. Balloons and cleaning – Skylanders colours!101_6065

Note the matching socks!

Note the matching socks!

We had the party at 11 am as Ken’s aunt Judy was working that weekend and Uncle Jim had to head off to work late in the afternoon. They brought Robbie and then we also had Joe and Faithe and their kids. My friend Shandai was supposed to come but was sick so we are hoping for a rain check with her before too long!101_6069 We had lunch first.101_6072 And presents…101_6076


And then cake…101_6082

101_6086101_6088It was a great day ending in a quiet evening/afternoon with the Super Bowl. And we start the countdown to the great Nana and Baba exodus in earnest. Lots to do and little time to do it in!101_6070


License to Date… a Book Review

I was lucky enough to be alerted by the author of a free copy of Susan Hatler’s License to Date. I have enjoyed multiple books by this author, all short romances. You can find my reviews by typing Susan Hatler into my search bar on the right. And License to Date does not disappoint. This contemporary romance is humourous and fast paced.

Kaitlin is unlucky in love. So to heal a broken heart she has focused on fixing up her new home. How better to do so than with the help of her friends? It is in attempting to coerce  them into assisting with the repainting that Kaitlin enters into a hard bargain – five dates in five days!! On the first of what Kaitlin figured would be whirlwind dates of no consequence she meets the bar tender at a local hotel… Paul and the bargain becomes all the more difficult… and all the more exciting!

I love a good romance coupled with humour. And as usual, this sixth book in the Better Date Than Never series is a giggle and a half. In fact, I would suggest ANY of Susan Hatler’s short romances. A perfect snowed in afternoon read in front of the fire! licensed to date


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Happy Chinese New Year!!

January 31

Welcome to the year of the horse! Shin Nein Kwai Le!

This is our second Chinese New Year here in Minnesota  on our own. I always miss the den Otters and our other Chinese friends the most this time of year but we do our best to remember and celebrate.

We started with wearing red clothing for luck, Echo had a headband with red on it, but wore her Kai-Lan dress. After all that is where we learned a lot of our Chinese from! I am hoping that next year the girls can get some more traditional dresses in time for Chinese New Year! There are a little harder to find locally here but I am sure I can manage something.101_6048

We sat down with our horse themed sheets and wrote down all the things we remembered from our time spent learning all about China and the celebration. The kids all did well remembering some interesting facts.101_6051

Pictures of some favourite aspects

Pictures of some favourite aspects

I had red envelopes and lucky candy for the kids as well. Though they did not get them until the evening.101_6053

We also watched the Kai-Lan DVD I got from the library that included the Chinese New Year episode.101_6052

The kids learned all about the Shanghai tower with Ken. I actually knew nothing about this landmark as well, so we all learned something.

Complete with Chinese flag

Complete with Chinese flag

We had long noodles for luck and lengthy lives at lunch. Some of the kids even attempted chopsticks.1795720_10152203106306151_586961802_n

Echo did an adorable video on Facebook attempting to use hers

Echo did an adorable video on Facebook attempting to use hers

The girls and I had some after lunch game time with some of our favourites.101_6056

101_6060And for supper… the whole family had take out Chinese from our favourite place – Rose Garden. It was so delicious, and a perfect way to celebrate a special day with our family.1796489_10152203740496151_359733367_n

So happy Chinese New Year everyone. I hope the year of the horse is a prosperous and happy one for us all!!!! I will, of course, post our Chinese resources once we assemble everything later in February. (you can find the orange pattern – no selling, gift or personal use only – thanks to Nanaliciouz HERE)

Some lucky oranges

Some lucky oranges