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Seeking Spring

April 7-9

Sometimes it is fun to curl up under a blanket and watch shows together.101_6704

Especially when we have a Wild Kratts to enjoy. That third season is finally out. New animals!!!



We had a fun spring/Easter themed book to read and draw a picture from.101_6706

And Miss Echo took a dress up break. She is definitely our princess of the day.101_6707

The kids did a venn diagram comparing what we know about Jesus and the Easter Bunny to see what sort of celebrations and such corresponded… things like bright colours and family together time of course.101_6708

Emanuel and Daddy snuck out to get spiffy… brand new haircuts! Though the lady did go shorter than we usually like with our curly haired boy.101_6709

That left the twins to follow suit with showing off their buzz cuts thanks to Daddy!101_6710

That evening we sat down and built our next science kit… a solar car. Sadly the next day when we tried it out it was not very willing to drive. Ken figures some tweaking is required. So I brought out the tiny solar grasshopper we got last year on a steal.101_6711

101_6712On Tuesday we gave a new method of egg dying a spin… Volcano eggs. You mix the dye (liquid) with baking soda using a bit of water, spread it on the eggs like paint and then add vinegar and watch the fizz. We used our plastic eggs that we picked up at Walmart though the results were not brilliant. I need to check into different dyes and the like for next year. The fizzing did please all! Who doesn’t love a good volcano activity?? We found our original instructions on Toddler Approved HERE.101_6714

101_6715Emanuel has started earning arrow points for Scouts. One of the ones they are doing with the den is a puzzle. They each have a part of it to assemble on their own and bring in a couple weeks to the meeting! Exciting!101_6716

We had a lovely sunny day to enjoy and a trip to Sam’s to take so photos first in the sunshine and then off we went.101_6717

101_6718101_67221504131_10152343016001151_4843413224784325935_nOf course after that we had to enjoy just a little more sunshine in the backyard… it is a bit of a mucky mess but we managed.101_6729

We have been talking about the religious roots of Easter lately. The kids are starting to grasp the full life of Jesus now and it is interesting to see and hear how that impacts what they figure THEY should do – be kind, share His story, share…101_6730

We had planned to do family photos but with the snow still apparent I settled for some cute ones with the girls.101_6734

101_6737Echo then played in the sun room while the kids took their recess and played out in the backyard. It truly is starting to look like spring… so far.101_6740

101_6739Emanuel had his big wheel out…101_6742

The grass in our dish is starting to grow…101_6744

And we even found time for another chapter of Treasure Island…101_6745

An Easter themed storytime…101_6746

And a Wild Kratts!

Hermit Crabs!

Hermit Crabs!

Spring is here at least for the moment and we are trying to face every moment with a smile and our best intentions. New life, new start, new us!

Even a touch of green outside!

Even a touch of green outside!

Happy Easter!

Jesus Christ is Risen! He is Risen Indeed… Hallelujah!

And for the beloved friends and family who do not follow the same religion! Happy Bunny Day!

Regardless of your belief system I truly hope everyone had an amazing weekend with lots of treats, good food and amazing company!!! 101_7109



In the plains of Asia during the Jurassic period you could find roaming the earth a rather large herbivore called the Shunosaurus. Found specifically in China, it is the only known saurapod with a club on the end of its tail (probably used for defense). A number of skeletons have been recovered of this dinosaur, making it one of the best known of its species.

And now for the videos! First of all is the “live action” fight between our Shunosaurus and two Sinraptors. Quite the chase!

The second one is from the Inedine Dinosaur Show with his piece on our Chinese herbivore.

And now for our link list!

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    Long neck and tail