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Everything is Better…

Just wait until I catch up on the old Dinosaur posts I haven’t put up yet… another ancient piece… this time a video from the days of the chubby little cheeks!


With a little boogie…

Random Art and Crafts… From Days Gone By

Last modified in 2013… goodness! Well here goes… unedited but posted!


I am not sure if I have shared these or not but they are worth revisiting. Art for Kids has been so helpful, and I just love the art that has resulted from our stumbling upon this site.

Gavin and Zander’s Scarecrows

Gavin’s colourful turkey


Zander’s creative combo of Turkeys AND Aliens

We also have our moments of pure independent creation… anything to get them attempting to use that imagination!

Emanuel’s panda and bamboo scene

And of course some of my own work… craft wise…

A little bag

Crowns for two Canadian Princesses

And of course the list of sites the patterns came from!

  • bags from CrochetSpot HERE
  • princess crowns from Stitch11 HERE
Gavin's 2 page story written solely by him.

Gavin’s 2 page story written solely by him.

Tracing paper is so lovely...

Tracing paper is so lovely…

Gavin is really getting into the drawing himself…

From Walker Sculptural Garden

From Walker Sculptural Garden

One Week Later…

I am knee deep in reorganization chaos or I would have blogged this yesterday. As it is I have borrowed the kids’ new laptop for the evening just to type this up. Mine is behind a wall of furniture in what used to be our school area. Oh well… progress on my rainbow ripple blanket project has been made!

This past week I have grabbed my crafting moments whenever I could and thrown in other projects to boot! I have placed this large project as a permanent fixture next to our bed. I love that the box the yarn was originally mailed in works perfectly as a yarn holder while I work. This may become less useful as the skeins grow smaller. We shall see!IMG_20160117_201532

I admit it, I have paired various projects and activities with working my rainbow… books, anime (binge watched an entire series… I admit it), even other projects. All from the comfort of my CLEAN and TIDY room. Which has become as crucial to my relaxation as the project itself. 

My Regency Romance collection is free from the boxes!

My Regency Romance collection is free from the boxes!



This coming week will still be balancing cleaning, teaching and more BUT I plan to take some measurements and share some links to some of my smaller in between projects so do check back!IMG_20160114_003053