Happy New Years!

Here it is, the last post of 2009… well I am not going to give a run down of the highlights of the year… if you are interested there is always the search option – I would suggest words like Minnesota, government, lapbooks, homeschool, someone’s name…

I have to admit I am not going to be able to keep up the daily pace when it comes to blog entries. It seems the sicker I feel the less likely I am to write anything (not a huge surprise). Last night’s entry was a non-occurrence due to my back going out, upper back of all things (this has me thinking that I may have to re-prioritize my shopping with a new bra being rather crucial).

Resolutions never seem to work out for people, the idea that we just make this grand resolution for the year and then POOF fixed… but the idea of changing my life gradually feels right. So this year instead of a resolution I am going to have a lifetime goal. I want to live each day more in the moment. I want to walk into my future eyes wide open with joy and optimism firmly in my heart. I want to really teach my kids to not always put things aside for special occasions, the use our gifts as they were given – freely!

It is hard to focus lately on things and I think the boys especially are picking up on that. I miss summer when the boys could just be pitched out into the backyard to play when they got anxious or on each other’s nerves. Though Ken plans on taking the boys out on the inflatable snow toys later this week. I am hoping asĀ  time goes by I get some of my energy back and maybe have food smell a little more… edible!

I already have a laundry list of cross stitch to-dos. I am determined some time to start the year with a short list. Someday! But I have gotten going on the stocking and Ken is working on my cousin’s piece. Add to that something for my sister, cousin and her fiancee, another shot at the shield…. oh the list goes on. Can’t complain though, it does feel good to be busy. And in the new year we SHOULD get the rest up on the site that are for free download and sale! Oh and I am planning on looking into opening an Etsy store! Fingers crossed… time just seems to sneak away from us and plans go slightly… askew.

Well Happy New Years everyone… stay safe and be sure to keep in touch!

The 4 biggest joys of my year!!! (Gavin left)

The 4 biggest joys of my year!!! (Gavin left)

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  1. Happy New Years to you and your family Lisa! Take the time that you need for yourself as well because it will make you a better mom!


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