Complex Emotions

Happy but stressed seems to be a permanent affliction for myself lately. I wouldn’t say things are GREAT but they are much much better already and that certainly means A LOT to me. Yet with that “better” come busy… well busy for Ken. Which in turn creates havoc within our little family unit when promises are made and things HAVE TO be done and aren’t. We are adjusting, adjusting to Ken’s hectic schedule, my exhaustion, Trinity’s newly perfected ability to go up and down the basement stairs to terrorize her brothers in the carpeted playroom (ok I find that HIGHLY entertaining!), the weather that ALMOST went perfectly lovely…

Change change change… and to think that last month I was figuratively banging my head against the wall hoping for it. Now, here I am wishing the days would slow down… or gain an hour some how?? I just keep reminding myself – positive change, we are dealing with a majority of positive change. Now funny how that does not just make everything peachy keen!

Speaking of change!

So last night I kept myself busy with the never ending task of weeding through Trinity’s drawers. I really have left that WAY too long. I found clothing marked 3 months – granted LARGE for 3 months, but still. So now half or more of her clothes are on the towering pile of “go through and sort keep or donate”. It is a weird feeling going through her clothes – first off she is the only one to wear them and secondly there is no one to pass them to in the family. The twins’ stuff goes to Emanuel and Emanuel’s then have been worn by 3 people! Add to that the fact that there is no older sister to hand her items and it is all new to me!

So courtesy of a really fun Stampin’ Up stamp set of Karyn’s the twins were able to make their very own flowers. It is a great set – petals and centres for flowers. I stamped each boy out 5 petals and one centre which they coloured their own way and then cut them out and assembled with a pipe-cleaner stem. I figure I will do up some white card-stock with multiples of each and then let the boys go nuts. So far the first two are earmarked for their god-mommies but they have grand plans of giving flowers to a whole bunch of aunties for Easter.

Finished Flowers

Today we had the whole family out to Michaels for the free family activity using the new Crayola product – a modelling clay that does not crumble. To get the tool to make the “dots” they used in the craft you have to buy a little kit for around 20.00 so we are debating skipping on the tool and just purchasing a nice sized tub of two or so colours for 27.00 later next month. Each of the kids – Trinity included – ended up with a neat Easter themed decoration. Now I just need to figure out a way to display them. I really need to invest in some terracotta pots and some florist’s foam. Maybe a trip to Dollarama this week is in order? I love these little craft events – it is like a 30 min crafting class with no fees and a little socializing thrown in. There is another one next Saturday that we are determined to make. It is always an adventure when you have all four kids involved!

Proud Craftors! (Zander right)

I have to admit an almost full day of being Trinity’s personal jungle gym I am ready for a nice long sleep… of course Miss T seems to have some sort of inherent knowledge of that and a little devil on her shoulder prompting her to wake up CONSTANTLY while I am home alone at night. Even her nap was shorter today. She is so independent now movement wise but if I go too far or she is no sure where I am she is NOT happy. So today was a busy busy day, with tomorrow being the Palm Sunday service… life is just go go go around here! And here it is almost 10 pm and I am exhausted!!!

Non-stop Energy!

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