Sunday Rainy Grumps

So I missed a day of blogging for the first time in a while! But with good reason… for the first time in a long time I had BOTH my Grewer cousins over for a meal and gaming. Cousin David (who lives in the city not too far from us) and his older brother (though still younger than me) Cousin Robert. I actually spent quite a bit of my childhood visiting with these two and was glad to get the chance to relive some of our favourite moments… and catch up on some of the family news. After all Cousin Robert lives near his mother (Aunty Becky) who is one of the two sisters and knows EVERYTHING about EVERYONE. We got in some lovely gossip, almost a whole game of Talisman (Cousin Robert had roller derby boot-camp in the morning and a bit of a curfew to get into his temporary domicile.) as well as a lovely meal. (This is the Reinsch side of the family)

Clockwise - Ted, Cousin Robert, Ken and Cousin David

I got in a few minutes to add that final picture on the Great Grammy Birthday page so that one is now put away.

Great Grammy's Birthday

With Saturday following Friday in the gusty and wet weather we made up for it by taking the whole family out for a bit of shopping and along the way collecting Ted to join us. Superstore to hunt for pool toys with no luck, and pick up the necessary photos so I can continue my quest to catch up Trinity’s scrapbook. Coupon in hand Ken and I ran into Michaels where we grabbed 3 1.50 craft kits (the wooden ones with markers) and some adhesive (only with a coupon it is so expensive!) and a piece of scrapbooking paper to use for one of the printed out sets of pictures.

Working on their colouring craft (Zander left)

Now I am aching to get out to Babies R Us and see if I can find some of the baby products on my “to buy” list since Superstore did not produce the prices or products I wanted. It is hard to be patient when I have had to wait so long to buy things for this newest addition.

I can finally post the picture of the cross stitch we did up for Cousin David today as well! This is based on a character that came into play with Cousin David’s character while the guys were playing D&D – Bitey the un-dead dragon! It was fun to recreate something out of their imagination!


Speaking of patterns and stitching – I managed to get started on the long awaited June wedding sampler. I can’t show much what I can show is…. brown… though there will be some red and some gold and some… stuff! I am really hoping I can get the picture in my mind transposed onto the ecru aida cloth. This is a wedding sampler I want to put a lot of heart into.

Only picture until AFTER it is received!

Early to bed for the kids tonight, the bad weather coupled with a “testing the limits phase” left ALL of us with a sour taste in our mouths. So tonight  I will take advantage of the relative quiet to get letters traced for colouring for our animal posters, some scrapbooking accomplished, stitching progressed and all around cleaning attempted. I am banking on tomorrow being a much more productive day as well as hopefully SUNNY and WARM!

Hooded sweaters are common around here right now Brrr

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