Back into the Swing of Spring

The weather has FINALLY turned back in our favour, something that is a huge relief to both Ken and myself. Close quarters after the freedom of the sunny weather is hard to take with 4 very active children.

The ground is almost dried out so tomorrow looks good for maybe a mini picnic if nothing else. After all we are about out of ALL our produce already and have a busy Wednesday in store for us which is our usual shopping day. I figure some fruits and veggies, a knife, plates, napkins, dip and drinks and we are set for an hour or more of fun before naps and Ken gets down to work for the day.

Today we made a trip out to Babies R Us to do some scoping out of things for Baby #5. I only actually bought a container of Lansinoh lanolin cream for breastfeeding and some children’s sunscreen for Trinity’s sensitive skin. There are so many things I WANT for the baby… but NEEDs are not always the same.

Babies R Us purchases

We managed to also make it to Walmart where we FINALLY were able to get some nice (and super affordable) booster seats for the twins. After waiting for months for a backorder that never came, Ken got his deposit back and purchased two different ones for the price of ONE of the ones we originally looked at. Apple juice was on sale (4 for 5.00 plus deposit), and so were my prentatal vitamins so it really was a lucrative trip! Top it off with ANOTHER Baby #5 purchase – the VERY necessary soft blanket for coming home. Trinity’s was blue, this one is a lovely white/off white and as Emanuel said – very “softy,” and under 15.00!

Baby blanket

Karyn stopped by on her way home from visiting her parents in Saskatchewan and we took the chance to head to The Mall for crepes (mmm), a little shopping (ie. Body Shop face wash for me) and of course a quick stop off at Michaels and in my weak moment I purchased a package of blue shades of 8 1/2X11 cardstock.

I do love blue

After Karyn left Ken headed out to empty out the pool so we can move it to mow our now well watered (thank you rain) lawn and refill for hours of water induced fun. Still no new water toys in the house but I am keeping an eye peeled!

Supervisor Trinity

I got a rather LARGE amount of scrapbooking done last night (coupled with a phone call from one of Ken’s cousins in the states! I love talking to her!), I am pretty much two pages away from having all our CURRENT activities scrapbooked for Trinity’s book. (Just don’t ask me about the Minnesota batch from 2009… that is a bit of a headache with the needing to weed out excess pictures and events) My goal is to complete her book and then get started on the ultra sounds (after June) and pregnancy favourites before Baby #5 meets the family in person.

1st Slurpee

Mother's Day 2010

Local Zoo

Como Zoo 2009

So back to ordering MORE pictures… there IS a deal at Superstore – 10 cents a print (4×6) IF you order 100 or more… sadly¬† my focus is scrapbooking and not the way far behind photo albums that are hiding in our bedroom… the goal is to work on those with the next sale.

We also managed to get in some quality art time today and all 3 boys drew pictures for the southern branch of the Reinsch family to be mailed later this week. The year of events envelope now! Oops!

Art by the boys

We do have the week SORT of planned out – tomorrow is going to be a mini picnic – by that I mean, veggies and fruits and the kids outside LOTS to wear them out and maybe cut down on the nasty behaviour. Wednesday is my dr’s appointment, then we are heading straight to my mom’s for some gardening, hopefully splash park enjoyment and of course restful visiting with Grandma, Mike and Harley. Thursday I am HOPING to get out with friends and then a quick peek at a couple animals at the zoo leaving Friday our at home day. And then the weekend and the great unknown ending May and leading us in to SUPER busy June! BUT the sunshine is back and with it the smiles on our faces!

Start the day off fresh (Gavin left)

... and then wear them out!

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  1. Thanks!! Right now the pool is leaning against the play set to await a mowed lawn and refilling lol. The kids LOVE it!

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