Fun at the Park

With sun returning but the weather still a wee bit on the cool side we amended our picnic plans to include a trip to H&W for fruits and veggies, and then a stop over at a park we had found through a homeschooling community weekly parkdate last summer. This one is a combined splashpark pad AND play area with two sets of play equipment – one for little guys and another for bigger. Carrots and broccoli with veggie dip, apple juice and of course our weekly fruit snack treat.

Snack and a bit of work (Zander)

What I like about this park is that the sand is not so thick as the one more local to us AND the older child area much more challenging than many of the other parks we frequent. Even Ken had a blast climbing on everything – though mainly chasing after Trinity who has shown nearly NO fear on the equipment.

Monkey Trinity


It amazes me how that almost 2 hours out and about feels like nearly 4 to me right now. Though the little two easily passed out for their naptime which freed me up some more time to stitch. My goal is to complete this larger piece in record time to give me the freedom to find the perfect frame and mat to finish it off… now if I can actually pull that off is a whole other thing.

I am having a bit of a battle with Zander and the concept of TAKINGĀ  YOUR TIME… we have had to redo a couple of worksheets due to his rushing everything to get done and making a mess of it. I love creativity and I love it when they want to learn but to rush to be first done is not working for us. It is funny how the personality figures in, Gavin is a definite slow worker and Emanuel hit or miss but Zander is consistently rush rush rush.

So June is nearly here as is the laundry list of June events: my birthday, our 9th anniversary, Father’s Day, my step-mom’s birthday, our god-daughter’s birthday, Yoyo and Jon’s wedding (I am REALLY excited about that one!), summer programs with the library, an ultra sound, doctor’s appointments for the boys… the list goes on and on. I was alerted today that there seems to be a mechanical problem at the splash park near my mom so our plans are being shifted… but gardening WILL go on!

Ready and waiting for fun! (yelling CHEEEESSSEEE of course - Zander left)

So on that note time to get off the computer to sew and take some more maternity photos!

Earlier today!

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