Picnics, Gardening and Pregnancy

So no splash park yesterday – there is a computer issue with the one in town near my mom’s place and if they DID run it right now it would cost them thousands a day in water costs! (apparently it is something to do with the sensors and timers that is wrong and there is ONE person in the province whose job it is to deal with that!) We made up for it in spades though with GARDENING WITH GRANDMA! AKA… make a mess with dirt and water and end up with (hopefully) little plants for later!

Gardening with Grandma Anna (Zander left)

Even Trinity got in on the fun (especially Trinity maybe!) taking ownership of a shovel and some of the pots that marigolds came in… she moved dirt from one place to another and was quite content grinding a nice layer of dirt into her previously clean clothing.

Watering the new plants with Grandma Anna

Of course HARLEY was included by the fun thanks to a leash and the handy railing which kept her in the front yard and a part of the action. I love watching how Trinity just deals with her, she squeaks at her if Harley attempts to steal her toys and is not the least bit concerned about getting up close and playful. Just how I wanted these two to interact.

Harley in the sunshine

After gardening was sprinkler fun. The lack of a spash park was a minor upset due to Grandma’s luck out shopping – she found THREE pairs of swim shoes (they will be broken in here at home for a while and then taken out to the cabin for fun in the lake). Apparently that was an acceptable replacement – new shoes that are SUPPOSED to get wet. The cabin is over by a lake that is pebble and rock bottomed and we don’t want to ruin the sandals they got for Easter if we can avoid it.

Running in the sprinkler (Zander front)

Of course we also had to have supper at Grandma and Mike’s which meant firing up the bbq for hotdogs. I am not sure who has more fun bbqing – the kids or Mike. Trinity absolutely loves the attention she gets when Mike is in the backyard.

Enjoying the BBQing (Gavin left)

A surprise set of visitors stopped by after supper – a friend of mom’s (Tammy) and her two daughters (Charlotte and Veronica). So we all had a nice visit until Ken was able to wrap up what he was working on in the basement on his netbook and we could head home (much later than I thought I would – we left around 10 pm when I thought we would be leaving before 9!). We made it home in one piece, garden in tow and put the kids right to bed and myself soon after!

Charlotte and Gavin colouring

I did do some shopping in town as well… sadly no diaper pail (they were sold out at the local baby goods store), but I found a little Canadian top for Trinity, picked up our planting supplies and meandered around Liquidation world. I was really hoping to get in some more baby supply shopping but it was not to be!

My dr’s appointment yesterday morning went pretty well… my weight is up again this time to 129lbs right one schedule for once, bloodpressure a “good low” and my stomach measuring right. I was given my paperwork for my glucose test with an added check into iron levels (I am still wondering if the PREVIOUS cupping… I mean BLOODWORK was two vials due to a check on my iron that no one thought to mention to me…), right now I am 27+ weeks so next week for that. My regular doctor was on a week’s vacation so I saw one of his partners and her intern. Basically she reinforced that the placenta SHOULD move, things are ok and not to worry. Though I am now to schedule my appointments every 2 weeks apart. Seems like the time has just zipped by! What was doubly frustrating was the fact that TWO of the doctor’s were on holiday for the week so two others were picking up the slack. So the doctor I saw was seeing double her normal number of patients in the same amount of time… my 9:45 appointment had us in well after 10 after waiting in a waiting room that has NO toys since the virus last year… not so fun!

Pregnant in the shade

Today was a bit on the cool side but due to Ada being due in around 2 weeks we decided to meet at a park and have a little picnic anyway! After all time IS running out before she and baby will be getting to know each other and the heat here… We all got a taste of her mother’s cooking in the form of what the boys call duckings (dumplings) and some chicken. Talk about delicious, and of course we brought banana bread – Nathan’s favourite.

Ada's Mom and Trinity

I am hoping we can get in at least one more get together in more favourable weather BEFORE god-baby #3 comes (that’s right my little family will officially swell to 8 kids when we have our baby… 3 god-children to call our own as well!). I have to admit I feel VERY honoured to have had 3 sets of parents consider us for god-parents. Anthony, Isabella and Baby Perrin the 1st all have a very special place in our hearts!

I have to admit I am feeling a lot more exhausted then I thought I would today… after a day of gardening and running after kids, then today more of the same (the running party)… I am about ready for a rest. Without my newest batch of pictures I have no excuse but to work on the cross stitch for the June wedding… which is probably a GOOD thing. I am trying to map out the next week or so with a balance of fun and rest… so I think we will have a couple of trips out courtesy of our Leisure pass… I have my bloodwork on Tuesday (ick), another doctor’s appointment the week AFTER that, a Michaels free craft on the 5th and of course a trip to the mountains with Karyn to schedule… Was it really ME who thought THIS summer would be a quiet one??

Note the SHAVED face!!

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