Zoo at Last!

Finally the weather has co-operated… definitely NOT the warmest day to date BUT nice enough to head out to the zoo and visit with a few choice animals… after we stood in line for an extremely long period of time. For some reason there is NOT a line for pass holders, but one line was a group and the other someone BUYING a pass (not a quick process)…

First of course was the hated glucose test combined with iron. The kids and Ken spent the hour I sat in the clinic out in the van with an unsecured internet connection Ken was able to do some work and the rest of the family took full advantage of breakfast and a movie. (apples and cereal) Lucky ducks as I had to sit in the waiting room for the hour without leaving – I brought my sewing (which I really wish I could share but not until AFTER it is given) and was able to keep rather busy. Here’s hoping my careful eating the day and night before has kept me from LAST time’s mistake and a longer (2 hour) retake.

Our zoo trip was actually quite exciting, we visited the elephant of course!


Then the zebras, who were very obliging by NOT being in the far part of the pasture.


We figured out why the ring tailed lemurs are so out of sight – they are just preparing the external exhibit where they seem to spend a lot of their time in nice weather so hopefully the next trip to the zoo will have a clear viewing of what has become one of the family’s favourite animals.

The big excitement was a whole new animal – the arctic fox. Not only was the fox running around BUT there were babies! So my intention is to choose that animal as our next focus animal. After all BABIES! Even Ken got a little excited about them.

Arctic fox and a baby

Our afternoon was spent working on the last of our zebra and elephant activities for our posters which will be put together tomorrow. I found a few more mini books to print out and complete as well. I am hopeful that tomorrow we will be able to finish up the posters completely and hang them in the hallway.

We managed to get Trinity to accept having a ponytail in her hair for the whole day! That is definitely a victory, though she was NOT willing to sit still long enough for me to part it or braid it. At least for the most part her hair was out of her face, a definite start!


We threw everyone outside while dinner was in the making to run off some of the excessive energy. It is amazing how once the sun is back out and shining they just amp up and go go go. Thankfully with the sun finally appearing we can bring back out the outside craft box and other fun gym themed activities. Now if I could just get a decent night’s sleep and a relaxing day – in a row – that would make me a much more content pregnant woman.

In the sunshine at last (Zander)

I am definitely finding that lately the hormones are raging a bit more than normal, little things seem HUGE… life seems out of control at times when I am more than sure it is not. I have found that anxiety is much easier for me to fall into over other emotions at times which does bother me. Don’t get me wrong, I am spending a lot of time happy and excited and content but there have been a few moments in the past few days that have felt a little bit too much. Thankfully Ken is generally willing to listen to me babble, give hugs when needed and remind me that HE is in better control of many of these things than I am! Having faith in each other can be a challenge but is absolutely worth while.

Second trip to the zoo (Gavin left)

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