Day 1 of Another Busy Week

Seems to be the theme of this summer… start off thinking a week will be semi relaxing and then… BOOK IT TO THE HILT! Monday looked nice and simple – the twins off to their yearly check up with Ken… BUT 3 hours later and they were FINALLY home, basically writing off our day school wise. Apparently our specialist had an intern who did the assessments first and THEN had a chat with our doctor who in turn ran the assessments herself. Thankfully the boys are healthy and happy and there are only a few things to work on with Zander to improve his concentration. The concern is based on the fact that he DID have an a-typical seizure back when he was just over 2 yrs old that may have set him back a bit behind Gavin. BUT both we and the doctor do not think he needs a label or anything, just work with him. I am VERY blessed, this doctor is on board with our homeschooling and willing to support our decisions. Definitely a gem!

So my day centred around the youngest two of our family. Both not in the best of moods but we managed. Lots of cartoons and car toys and snacks. I was not feeling my best so I got up the guts and tested my OWN blood sugar… by MYSELF!! 4.0 so it was not high, I am wondering if I just feel my best at the 5.0 area (normal is 4-6).

Miss Trinity

With the lack of school time our plan of the boys and Ken camping in the backyard TONIGHT has been changed to tomorrow. This is combined with the lapbook I found online so we will work on that beforehand. Thankfully this isn’t knocking anything else I need done out of the running. BUT it does mean my quiet boy free night is postponed a day.

I have been taking guesses on the date, gender and weight of Baby #5… it has been fun hearing what everyone ELSE thinks we are going to have and when. The closest to the correct answer will receive a prize (not sure what that will be yet but we are brainstorming!). So if I have not gotten your guess… well I should get it soon!! hint hint!

So life keeps on going and changing and causing scheduling headaches but I managed to check my blood sugar levels on my own so I feel accomplished!

Always making sure we have time to water our plants!

4 thoughts on “Day 1 of Another Busy Week

  1. Woohoo! :highfive: on checking your sugars! You’ll ace any challenges from here on out.
    Your sugars are great!

    When does the school year end in ALberta? Or does it vary? We’re done here in BC.

  2. Thanks Debra!

    Well I know in our area kids are still in school until Friday… We are doing our units through the summer this year just to keep in practice, but fun stuff like our camping unit, and then later maybe something to do with hiking…

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