36+ Weeks and No Baby Yet

Doctor’s appointment accomplished and to day – no baby… which is good, mom is not off work until tonight and the weekend is open for us to enjoy… BUT next week – we check the situation once again. On another positive note – up to 128.6 lbs (whew), bloodpressure fine, measuring ok, baby heartrate at 136. Time is ticking down!Oh and strep came back NEGATIVE so no IV – yay!

After all the rain we have had lately the mosquitoes are out full force, in fact all 4 kids have bites! When we went the splash park we couldn’t get the bug spray on them fast enough and today they are out even WORSE! So I spent my early afternoon convincing the twins on the merits of playing the nice and cool basement. Even running out to pick the raspberries I had to throw on some bug spray and rush through it. Applesauce will have to wait until later as I am not going to brave those bugs again today!

Red block castle (Gavin)

Tomorrow looks like another inside day. We have to stick around the house for an appointment with a utility (gotta love those LONG spanning – we will be by, be home sort of things), but Ken has a play test with Bioware in the late afternoon the lucky man. So I am still trying to sneak in another trip to the local conservatory before Thursday –  to take pictures and smell the flowers of course.

I just can’t get over the heat – +30 cel today, the fans are really NOT working and the kids still have energy to spare! We did finally get rain in the evening but still a whole day of heat… bleck.

We made a run to The Mall… final baby shopping. It is a tradition for this family that each of our babies is born owning their very own build a bear. And since the twins’ birth they have been made by the next oldest child… the twins made Emanuel’s, Emanuel Trinity’s and now Trinity Baby #5’s. The teddy of choice – a puppy!

"washing" the puppy!

That leaves the soother holder and the baby book. I feel positively READY! Well, except for the fact our room is not sorted for baby… so close though!!!

Reading up on the alphabet

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