Mosquitoes and Heat

Mosquitoes mosquitoes mosquitoes… those horrible little bugs are EVERYWHERE… you step out the door and are basically eaten alive right now. So it has been an exercise in patience with the kids indoors… Trinity and Emanuel end up with swelling where they get bites so it is just not worth sending them out to come back in looking like accident victims.

Colouring (Gavin)

Dressing Dolly (Zander)

Add to that my memory card for my camera loosing its silly little plastic lock tab thus LOCKING the thing permanently… well Ken was able to find a way online to make it work – using tape! But I am NOT trusting tape to ensure I can take pictures of the baby when it gets here. So Ken had to run out later today to get a new one… we checked for sales and a new 8GB is not bad, but still…

Our utility came at a REASONABLE time! 2 in the afternoon no less! My faith is restored in kind work men, this older gentleman was from Poland no less! Apparently he has a granddaughter around the same age as our Trinity who woke up from her nap in time to watch him work.

I could certainly do with a little less heat and some sort of spray or something that WORKS on the mosquitoes. A little more sewing, some scrapbooking (still mocking up for Emanuel), a bit more tidying and a lot more melting in the heat. What a day! Lucky Ken got to go off to Bioware and play a new game… wander an electronic store to get a new memory card for the camera AND hang out with Ted… bah!

Chris and Chris stopped by so I did get a run out to Michaels where – of course – they were out of my adhesive refills, so I had to settle for glue dots (grrr). So at least I can get the rest of the pages done for Emanuel that I have listed… well for his ages 3-4… which leaves me going through my notes for 2-3… but it feels good to know that I may just have TWO of the kids up to date!

Now if only the mosquitoes would take a hike!

Little Lady!

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