Saturday in the Sun

A sunny and less bug filled day has been a welcome change for our family! I still need to get to a pharmacy and get a Benedryl pen for Trinity and Emanuel’s bug bites but we managed to go out and about a bit today without coming home dotted in bug bites!

We started our morning with a trip to Michaels for the free family activity. We got there a little after 10 but the facilitator was not yet ready. So a bit of browsing and corralling squiggly kids later and we were ready to create. This session – making books using cardstock and  coloured paper and yarn. All 4 kids made their own book though Trinity had her daddy do most of the work. Emanuel is determined to give HIS to Grandma tomorrow when she comes to pick him up for an extended one on one visit! Talk about an excited little boy, and I have not even told him that she plans on heading further out to my brother’s so they can visit with my sister-in-law Holly and nephew Jimmie!

Finished books

Even with the session taking longer than we expected I was determined to get us all out to the conservatory one last time before the baby comes. With us not knowing when Emanuel will be back (before or after baby) it was our best chance. They had a new feature pyramid and the kids got in another session of drawing time.

Emanuel and his art

There were lovely statues all over the place in the pyramids.

One of the statues

The feature pyramid was the Octopus Garden. Less flowers than the previous but the kids thought it AMAZING. Fish, a treasure chest, a sleeping mermaid… so much to see.


As a treat for the adults more than anything, my youngest cousin Veronika (mom’s side) and her fiancée Adam came by for a late afternoon visit. She is 12 years younger than me so it is really wonderful that we are of an age to connect and really get to know each other. When we move next spring the hope is that being closer to them will allow us for more visiting time.

After our guests left the kids showed interest in doing some school stuff so I got out a preK- K workbook I had around for Emanuel who took to it right away!

Emanuel and his workbook

Zander and Gavin have shown interest in addition so we are working on some worksheets off a website I hunted down called The Math Lesson. Nothing fancy just super simple adding but it is going well! I figure if they show interest it is easy enough to print something off and let them go at it!

Hard at work (Zander red)

Trinity made the final move to her own room tonight. She was rather excited up until Ken put her IN the crib in the new room. Then not so much. Our room feels HUGE now and needs some rearranging tomorrow before we set up our nursery corner. Makes it all the more real when we do all of this. Real and imminent. My grandma (dad’s side) gave us a call tonight which was nice… we hadn’t talked in a while and got a chance to catch up. Now I just need to get together all the baby stuff and get sorted out… and maybe get in a decent night’s sleep?

Emanuel, Gavin and Zander

Trinity and Mommy

Our whole family (Gavin blue)

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