Holiday Monday Without the Holiday

Day one of 3 kids instead of 4… feels… weird! One less little voice, one less hug, one less playmate for the others. Although I have to say, not having a 4 year old running around makes a little more time for me to put towards working with school stuff with the two 6 year olds. Back to adding numbers and today’s craft – making people using stamps.

Hard at work (Gavin green)

We finished up the camping lapbook before Emanuel left as well! That leaves the gardening one for me to start the assembly process. Sadly our peas keep flowering but NOT growing pods which has us at a standstill on our last drawing for the progress from seed to vegetable. I figure we can get all the rest assembled and then leave a space! That is about our last unfinished project (if you ignore the completed but not assembled Apple unit I plan on working on LATER) that is in my lap. Ken and the boys have a few others we want done before September and the official start of our new year.

Today it is holiday Monday in Canada but with Ken being self employed the only REAL difference is that no mail came today and any phone calls we needed to make had to wait. On the flip side of that though, we are free to go to the splash park on Tuesday or Wednesday since Ken can get more work done today. If the weather holds out and the kids are good that is.

The apple tree is really starting to produce, applesauce season has begun for the Reinsch-Johnson family. The raspberries are definitely NOT as prolific as they were last year but the crop is nothing to sneeze at. Something about raspberry picking and applesauce making makes me want to bake!

Which means I should either get baking, cleaning or resting… or some combination there of. I have been feeling less than perfect today – tighter belly, lower back pain… but all good so far.

Keeping Busy

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