Advent Service

It is funny how once you get tired and are feeling ill things get HUGE quickly. Here we are with the somewhat good news that the new transmission is in the van and turning over and all I could focus on last night was that there was a gear issue. So a torrential downpour of tears later and some late night snuggles and a chat with Ken and I am back to being optimistic. Our mechanic is very honest and would have told us if it was hopeless… our vehicle is a 2006 so still VERY new in the grand scheme… I think it is just a bit wearing that today I once again had to send half of my family off to something I really wanted to go to as well. But, as Ken says – he always works things out for our family. I am just VERY put out that a van he has worked so hard for is being an issue (remember our previous van/bank issue?). Ken just really deserves a break in my mind, especially in regards to our van. In fact, he is STILL trying to work all this out with the Bank, we are not giving up but have seen no forward motion with that either.

All dressed up! (Zander left)

With the boys all gone to church Trinity and I spent our morning watching tv… I think we are both somewhat sick still. Echo decided to stay in bed for the morning – after all I was up later than we usually are, so it was still her bedtime. I am so glad that we do have a reliable camera so that Ken CAN record the events I am missing out on. And it gives the added bonus of allowing me to share these events with everyone else. After all a large portion of our friends and family do not live within easy visiting distance.

And then there was the post Advent song doughnut/cookie that Ken and the boys brought home for EVERYONE! This more than made up for Trinity staying home in her mind! After all her doughnut had SPRINKLES!!!!

Yum! (Gavin red)

So life is rather humdrum here with our at home status… I had a long nap this afternoon and spent a lovely morning with Miss Trinity. Tomorrow is my follow up for having Echo (finally) with the wonderful assistance of Nathan as our adult body in the home to sit with the boys. Please keep a positive thought for us as we await news of the van, have to make a trip to the south end and plan out the rest of our Christmas shopping… nothing ever seems to be simple!

Poor little Trinity with her cold

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