Christmas Countdown

Well yesterday went rather well. Poor Ted was willing to sit in the house while Ken and I took the girls and shopped. We went to Education Station and used a nice chunk of the funding we had left from this term to get a lovely pile of educational toys and goodies to give the boys as presents. Trinity got to sit and play at their toy area with Echo looking on. I won’t spill the beans on what we got BUT there was a couple REALLY exciting items (and some math workbooks they will start tomorrow morning). We had to leave our purchases there so that the store could confirm our purchase order with Wisdom today, but luckily Ken was able to head back over and collect it this afternoon.

Michaels was a quick run in to get some Christmas themed cardstock for the lapbooks the kids started this morning. We read ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas and the twins coloured their Sugar-plum Match Up cards. Emanuel’s are all done and laminated already! I just have to do the assembly on his lapbook and he and Trinity will share it!

We made it to Chapters (another run in) coupon in hand to pick up a gift, and then we took the girls into Toys R Us to pick up something for Echo. Then off to Walmart. Here was the big treat for Trinity – a Happy Meal! It came with a Hello Kitty watch and everything. I tried their green apple dipping sauce… it was… interesting. We found all 5 kids pj’s for around 10.00 a piece. They were a couple more dollars each at Superstore which would not matter for one or 2 kids… but 5… deals are crucial in bulk!


This got us home before 10 pm to a house of little boys all tucked away in bed. We watched a couple episodes of Dr. Who before Ken drove Ted home and that was about it for our evening. Yesterday during the day the boys made their first advent project off of the UK site… ornaments for the tree. #1 is Christmas balls, today’s was Christmas stars, but they won’t be laminated until the morning.

First day of Advent (Zander left)

We finished up some worksheets and the twins worked on one of the day 2 printable activities – colour by numbers. Even Emanuel was giving it a go. They were making some art piecesĀ  to send to my dad down south, I want to have their package sent out ASAP. I figure if I at least have art by the twins in there we are good to go.

We put Echo in the cradle for the first time today… she is just too fussy from her cold to be held and the rest of the house still continue making noise around her. I doubt it will stick but right now it is the best for her until she fights off this cold. She is still eating well and everything just fussy and phlegm filled.

Tonight I spent some time wrapping presents, working on crafts and cleaning. The goal is to get most everything organized by the end of the weekend as dependant on whether or not we have a vehicle (yes Ken called this morning, no there was no answer). Life gets complicated fast without a vehicle!

OH Trinity saw the hand and foot angels the boys made last year and was VERY put out that she was not there so we made her one too! And then Emanuel wanted one done of his stuffed bear… very neat!

Emanuel and his bear angel

Trinity Angel

And before bed the boys decorated their little tree! So we are definitely feeling festive!

Little tree all decorated (Gavin right)

Oh, not to be forgotten – we wrote our Santa letters yesterday.

Trinity and Mommy writing to Santa

Seriously though, check outĀ  the UK site I have linked above… we are having a blast with our Advent activities!!!

Miss Echo

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