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Well Christmas is certainly more like 12 days around here. I am actually debating doing something special NEXT year for the 12 days of Christmas. Yesterday it was a visit from a friend we have known since our years at Augustana – Kathy. She came bearing toys AND empty Rubbermaid tubs. They had been holding her brother’s books until they finally set up their library. Now we can use them to put away all our extra stuff in a more organized manner.


Talk about spoiled kids though! Kathy was the one who gave us the large pink Rubbermaid container of Lego originally. Well, for the boys this year she gave each of them 2 different sets/containers of Lego. They were over the moon and instantly tearing open boxes to build their new sets… and of course perusing the little catalogues they include in ALL the boxes.

Present time (Zander left)

Trinity got the full out Princess treatment with Princess themed Disney play doh. She had lots of “helpers” almost immediately! She also got a nice oversized Princess colouring book and a set of crayons. So lots of crafty stuff for our little girl.

Princess of Play Doh

Playing with Aunty Kathy

I personally think the BEST present was for Baby Echo. A Leapfrog My Pals Violet. Not only is it our favourite Echo colour – purple – but programmable! It is able to say her name and we put in “her” favourite food (Baby food), colour (purple) and animal (cat). I was able to choose 5 daytime songs and 5 lullabies that it plays and already it is doing wonders with getting her to snooze nicely. Although no further than my chair in the living room, one of my new goals is to get her napping in the bedroom once in a while. After all she is almost 5 months old. Of course not TOO often as I do love my baby snuggle time.

Echo and her 3 favourite new toys

Magic of Violet

I finished one last Christmas project (with Ken’s help), I am not sure if I will leave the interior as is but we made the box sled off of the UK site. I am debating doing the cut up papers on the inside as well as putting the paper in and taping it down as Ken has does not have it flat against the cardboard, but I am VERY pleased.


Ken got stuck a little over an hour away at mom’s house waiting on the minor repairs that were agreed upon when we bought our new old van. I didn’t know until suppertime so it was a little frustrating. We are really in need of “everyday” groceries! And to top it off the kids were dying all day to see Daddy so I had a mini revolt on my hands!

Certainly does make me appreciate Ken’s working from home. I like having him here to share the schooling, disciplining AND all the joyous moments. Rather lonely just me and the 5 kids.

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