Silly Nervous Mommy

I promise to blog more tomorrow but tonight I am nervous about the shots Echo and Emanuel are going to have tomorrow afternoon. I hate having to put them through it though I know it is for the best. Ken is going to take them and I am keeping the other 3 here at home. First off it is flu season and all 5 kids in the waiting room is just more chances of us getting sick AGAIN… second Ken is the designated holder anyway and I do the crying and third – I know Echo is a petite little pixie I don’t need a lecture from the nurse who does not know our family history and that ALL of our children and ourselves were thing like this through infancy. Ken deals with it easier than I do as I tend to take everything VERY personally. Silly me I am nervous about tomorrow’s weigh in even though she is finishing her twice a day cereal with gusto now! So tomorrow a better post – promise!!

Our little rebel asleep for the moment

2 thoughts on “Silly Nervous Mommy

  1. Honestly Lisa I think Echo looks fine and is growing like a weed *but a pretty weed*. Those charts are stupid and not good trust me on that one. They said the same thing about Kerriene. I wouldn’t worry about it at all

  2. Thank you Terri 🙂 Ken keeps reminding me that for there to be an AVERAGE there HAS TO be people who are bigger or smaller to have it work out. That doesn’t mean she isn’t healthy just that she isn’t average (well in that I DO agree… she is AMAZING!). She does keep getting TALLER lol… I think she is trying to compete with Trinity for being a lovely tall and thin girl to make up for mommy being short!

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