Meatballs, Sofa Beds and Glasses

Zander had his yearly eye appointment today with mixed results. Apparently his vision is perfect, he is progressing nicely, BUT his near vision has his eye over working. When he looks at things close up his eyes think he needs to work harder at focusing than he actually does, so the solution is glasses. But not normal ones, bifocals, and they have to have the line so he can learn where the sweet spot is. This may explain some of Zander’s difficulties with his schooling if he is seeing things out of focus when we are doing close work.

Zander with his eyes dilated

While Zander and Ken were gone we spent our morning first with crafts – paper lanterns based on the instructions we found on Enchanted Learning. Gavin cut his own slits into his folder paper like a pro!

Gavin cutting his lantern

Some of the completed lanterns

We made 7 in total this morning using some construction paper the kids had in a drawer… I am pretty sure many more will be made in the next week before we head to the celebration at the downtown mall. Zander still needs to make one himself. With his eyes dilated it was all we could do to get him to take it easy and wear sunglasses to try and let his eyes rest as they returned to normal. He is VERY excited about getting glasses, we shall see how actually WEARING them goes!

We made our pilgrimage to the Meatball store (aka IKEA) today. Mainly to see if the specific sofa beds we want to purchase for the twins were in stock (they are but too big to bring home with all the kids in the vehicle and on sale!) but also to get ourselves some meatballs. They have this great deal from time to time with a plate of 15 meatballs and mashed potatoes and gravy all for 2.99 instead of the usual 5.99. So we were able to feed all 6 of us (15 meatballs a piece), get 3 pieces of garlic toast to share and two refillable drinks (Pepsi for Ken and I and the Swedish berry juice for the kids) all for under 25.00! Not a bite was wasted and Echo was a sweety about sitting in my lap and keeping watch. I had someone come up and ask me how old she was and when I said 5 months asked how premature she was born! He had a baby born 10 weeks premature at 3 lbs (just like our twins) and said we must enjoy the extra baby time. Which of course we do!!

Our mini baby

I got a few ideas for little gifts for the kids for Easter but no idea for Emanuel yet. Ken and I will have to take Echo (and potentially Trinity depending who watches the rest) and do some shopping right away here.

I spent some time this morning – like an hour actually – cleaning up Trinity’s room… she tends to let her little bits get all over the place and I wanted to move EVERYTHING to sweep and shake out her rug. There were dollies to put away, hair things to put back on the shelf and all her clothes in her dresser to sort out the small pieces. All I have left is her closet… but with our room a bit of a mess I didn’t want to sort out her nice dresses and have to put them on the floor.


That leaves Emanuel’s room to sort through – something I am not looking forward to and once Ken heads back to get the new sofa beds some rearranging of the furniture. The twins are so excited about having their own sleeping spaces…

So with new glasses to sort out, birthday presents to buy and projects to finish I feel like I am all over the place. The hope is that by the end of the weekend all the little projects I was waiting on supplies for will be done and the house just that much more tidy. With the new beds I have put my foot down and said that I expect their room to be clean. That will make it much easier for us to get into the closet in their room and thin out the garbage. Wish us luck! 7 people have amassed a ton of stuff it seems.

Note the unimpressed Trinity in the background!

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