So the zoo was… chilly and for some reason the drop in program was not going on. BUT one of the zoo keepers was nice enough to bring out an armadillo for us to touch and learn about! And she let us know that she had to turn the lights on in the nocturnal area long enough to put it back and waited until we could get there so we could see the critters in there with the lights on for a couple minutes. The kids felt that that was even MORE fun than seeing frogs (after all we have one at home – which they of course alerted the zoo keeper to… actually Frogger has been nice enough to shed his skin the past couple days which has illustrated another of the things we learned about frogs).

Meeting the armadillo - this is the only breed that closes itself entirely into a ball!

Three-Banded Armadillo

We stopped by the lemurs (as per our usual pattern). Where the red chested lemur was nice enough to sit right up at the glass and have a peek at everyone. We also go an amazing picture of one of the little monkeys (don’t ask me which one it was). It sat there and watched the kids forever!

Too darn cute!

The Arctic foxes were out in their white coats confusing the kids who expected them to be in their summer colours. There is going to be a new polar display next winter that is supposed to be state of the art. We are planning on coming back into the city for that one upon its completion.

Arctic Fox

It was chilly and we were definitely not there overly long but it was worth it with our passes. I want to heave over to the conservatory early in March and back to the zoo at least two more times before we have our leisure passes expire. I think we have done a good job of using them, though we have not been swimming. I want to head back to mom’s and go with her to the pool there. It is rather kid friendly.

Zander, Gavin, Emanuel and Trinity

Echo asleep

Mommy and Trinity

So yesterday was a rather quiet day for us, lots of cleaning and Ken working on projects with upcoming deadlines. I started making the lucky stars for Anna for her first birthday. I have a jar left over from the set I bought for Trinity’s first birthday to fill for now. (I got them at IKEA, I think they are spice jars) I am not sure if I have enough papers for both girls BUT I have alerted Ken to the fact that all I need is around 2-3 dollars to order more so if he has a credit card with little or no on it to pass it my way.

Beginning stars

I did get another barrette done. This one is the Easter Bunny and the instructions can be found here. My bunny is a bit thinner than the example but cute all the same. I am going to tweak it some once I get some more white grosgrain ribbon. All I have is a more satin type and it does not hold form as nicely as the grosgrain. Tons of steps on this one and I used fabric glue for the eyes (we will see how that holds). But the result is CUTE.

Bunny Clip

For the first time ever the boys are ALL asking for winter to be over. And these are the kids that were asking for snow in JULY! I think we are all a little weary of the cold and the ice. I know I would love to be able to  get out the door without having to figure in about 15 min to make sure everyone is bundled up, boots on the correct feet and blankets in hand if needed,

I am a bit worn out myself after today’s zoo experience in the cold and then Ken being gone for the rest of the afternoon helping Nathan and Ada to move to their new apartment (they didn’t move everything but have another week to do that yet). The kids were wired for sound when the three little ones were not asleep. Thank goodness it is QUIET in the house at night. Now if only all the carseats and the two middle seats from the van WEREN’T in the middle of my livingroom… grr.

Dinner tonight - with spices from Ted (his dad brought here from Ethiopia) talk about delicious.

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