Family Day Fun

I just realized that I had not linked the instructions for making the Lucky Stars, just pictures and the finished stars. So HERE are the instructions I use.

Today is a civic holiday here in Alberta – Family Day. Since we have had such a busy week and weekend and the weather is still so chilly I decided to keep the girls here at home and send the boys out. Trinity definitely needed her daily nap and Echo has rather poor circulation in her feet like Ken does.

Ken ran into the library to get the “Welcome Baby” package for Echo – it comes with her very own library card. There is lists of suggested books for her and of course a brand new board book!

Welcome Baby Booty

After running into the library they went to the grocery store for the beginning of our meal plan – quiche and Caesar salad.


And then FINALLY they made it over to the local hill for some sledding (after all it was ONLY -11 Celsius!). Even Ted got on the sled.

Ted on a sled (Zander standing)

But my favourite is a video of all 4 of my boys on one little sled going down the hill!

I am working on some intense backstitching on my long time unfinished Teresa Wentzler… I can show a detail picture but I want to save sharing a picture of the entire piece until it is finished!

So much stitching

After everyone was back home and Trinity up from her nap I settled the kids down to do a craft. A friend who was downsizing last year sent us some craft kits and books. The glue was no longer usable but the instructions and other bits were perfect. Hand art!

Crafting away (Gavin right)

Gavin's Octopus

We officially completed our Frog Lapbook today, putting in the last part – each of the boys’ hand printed sentence on something new that they learned about frogs. They are very proud of the lapbook, the bulk of which was found at this site. We have not got a new focus set up for tomorrow so it is looking like workbooks and talking about what to do next. Though I am REALLY leaning towards going back to our dinosaurs and starting up the lapbook. I have most of the bits printed out for that, though I have to reprint a few things once we have colour toner again (soon soon, just getting the store to talk to our board for a payment order).

Zander and Gavin and a large portion of the lapbook

Trinity asked for new barrettes so last night I made her up a set in bright green ribbon. They turned out very bright and pretty. I have a few ideas for Echo but have to pick up some Velcro.

Very green!

With Ted and Sean over for the day (and last night) it has been a wonderful long weekend, and one of our last with this ease of visiting with the guys. It is going to be hard for us to be over an hour away… especially with Sean’s car broken down and Ted without a car himself. I am sure we will manage but it will be a MAJOR change. (of course in return we will be closer to more of MY friends and family, so definitely a trade off)

So with Emanuel’s bed (formerly the twins’ bed) assembled in his room – to be rearranged tomorrow, and the kids a little over done from sledding I am ready for a quiet evening. Hopefully!

Trinity, Baby and the new clips

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