Mail Confusion

I swear this week my plans have been thwarted over and over again. Granted this HAS kept us in from the bitter cold, but it has also made my “to do list” even more extensive with even less time to complete it. And now, now the Post is in on it… we have not seen or heard a mail person in over 3 days which means there are cheques which SHOULD HAVE gotten here by now that have not. Ken asked Ted (who lives in the same city as us) and he too has had sporadic mail delivery. Frustrating as of course the 1st is an important payment date and the month is so short… One does depend on the mail… even now with so much gone to the internet.

It was odd… Ken phoned the main number, they got us a ticket to get a call back and all of a sudden this evening… VERY QUIETLY (as in we didn’t even notice and we had been watching) we got our mail and quite the stack!!! All the cheques, cards and such we expected to come, except my last eBay purchase, but as that is from Hong Kong I am trying to be patient.

Keeping busy with Trinity's old standing toy

So out came another foam kit and the boys made foam cars this time. Gavin took bits and pieces and made tiny cars that were really quite convincing!

So creative

I got one page done last night for Trinity’s book – another of our conservatory visits… it took me longer than usual as I had to make all the little bows. Ken made me a form from the instructions on the Easter bunny clip instructions but I still have to glue and all that and the ribbon I chose was a bit stiff when pulling the centre tight.

At the conservatory

Game night ended up tonight… we had two activities going on simultaneously. Zander, Mommy, Daddy and Trinity played Beetle Build-up (we are missing one little piece since the last time we played sadly).


Gavin and Emanuel used Daddy’s netbook for more Starfall site fun.


I am hoping to get a second game night going in March… or maybe a family craft night… if we ever make it out to the Reuse Centre. That is the plant tomorrow, but as this week has shown I am not doing so hot when it comes to plans! I have high hopes of us getting things done tomorrow though… before Chris and Chris have us out for dinner and the kids are left with Sean (and later Karyn). Even with being stuck at home this week has dashed on by!

Our pretty girl

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