Sick Kids, Dog Bites and Other Random Things

The weather is creeping to above zero BUT the kids are experiencing varying levels of sickness. The worst this time round is surprisingly Trinity who spent most of her night last night on the couch with a sippy of water and Kai Lan on the tv. She couldn’t lay flat as as soon as she did she would start to wheeze. Poor girl, lots of hot baths with vapour bath in it and time with Mommy and Daddy.

Watching Kai Lan under the watchful eye of Fat Sheep

The other three have faired much better. Emanuel was absolutely exhausted at my mom’s on Sunday and now seems back to normal. Gavin has a lingering cough (which is a norm for him  for some bizarre reason) and Zander felt a little ill by Sunday evening but was fine the next day. Thankfully Ken and myself are both feeling relatively ok and Echo is just a little fussy (ok that is the most frustrating of all almost but still).

Emanuel and Fat Sheep watching tv together

We spent some time on Spring themed worksheets. A little frustrating as everyone is a little sick of being in the house and dealing with being quiet so the ones napping can nap. At least we are getting some sunlight in the house and they are spending some time working TOGETHER on a few of their more difficult math sheets. You can certainly tell they are getting over illness – the whining, arguing and stubborn behaviour is drastically increased.

For some reason lately they just want to work on the floor... maybe it is because the best windows in the house are in the living room!

Thankfully ONE of our kids was in a marvellous mood for a nice portion of the afternoon, surprisingly it was ECHO! So Echo, Fat Sheep and Petite Sheepette had a bit of a photo shoot.

Echo and Sheep Posse

Pensive Sheep pose?

And then she spent some time in her sit and play. I couldn’t resist a little video. I may share that another day.

It was early to bed for the kids with our trip to the den Otter’s for a playdate cancelled and Mommy and Daddy’s patience at an end. BUT tomorrow I hope to have the kids more motivated and at least in a better mood. Ken is hoping to get out to the bottle depot around work and other chores so that we are squared away to go to The Mall on Friday. There are Fat Sheep pictures to take, shirts for the girls to purchase and we definitely need to look into new jeans for Ken!!

There is a bit of a story to that, back on Friday night Ken and Ted had to head out to Karyn’s car (in the dark) to take out all the boxes she collected at work for us (she has a hatchback so there were TONS). On one of the multiple trips out to the car Ken and Ted came across two little girls walking dogs on leashes. They stood off to the side and Ken said “hi doggies” whereupon the little one of the two growled and jumped at him. Ken tried to jump back but it still tore  through his jeans and just caught his skin!! ACK apparently the dog has only recently become a bit viscous… only since they got the other bigger dog! Which makes two little girls walking them at night alone seem a little… wrong. Well after they got all the boxes in Ken disinfected his shin and we took in the damage… the jeans are kaput (they were wearing out anyway) and Ken is reduced to wearing khakis. Poor man (should I tell him I think he looks cute in them? Cuz he does!). So yup – even simple things like getting boxes out of a car can get exciting around here!

Oh – if you are interested in another viewpoint of today’s sick day you can read Fat Sheep’s version HERE. She was a great help on a sad kid day!

The rest of my evening is pretty well booked – I HAVE TO get this cross stitch done TONIGHT. I have plans for the last two days of the month to ensure my gift to my sister and her husband to be gets out ON TIME! So time to get busy.

Trinity's Hang Out over the past two days!

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  1. Trinity is so beautiful! you should put her in commercials – look at that golden hair and adorable face!!!

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